Delivering Massive Value

by: Matthew Jarvis (0)

If all the practice consultants and marketing experts have such great ideas to share, why aren't they using them to run their own successful practices? Finally, a book that offers not just ideas but proven strategies for transforming any financial practice into a highly effective value-delivering machine. Practicing financial advisor Matthew Jarvis uses these exact strategies to run his own wildly successful investment firm. Delivering Massive Value outlines a system you can actually replicate to increase your business's efficiency, attract more A-level clients, and build the practice of your dreams. You'll find:

  • Client scripts your team can use today
  • The trials and tribulations of Jarvis' rise to success
  • Simple but powerful ways to consistently offer your clients more value (while taking more vacations)
  • Everything the "investment gurus" won't tell you about what really works
  • Running a top-class investment practice doesn't mean playing the stock market, it means working with a winning system.

Say goodbye to underwhelming accounts, after-hours appointments, and endless frustration-with Delivering Massive Value, you'll learn a reliable system that will help you deliver more value to your clients than you ever thought possible.

The Reviews

This book is the definitive guide with a proven system to transform your practice and delivering massive value! The curtains are pulled back and Matthew provides a relatable and realistic method for everything you need: from what to do, what to say, how to do it, and most importantly why you do it. I love the overarching message of extreme ownership and responsibility by putting the client at the center to always do your best for them to quell their fears so they feel confident about the future.

I've run my firm for 6 years and read as much as I could about this profession for 8 years. I'm one of those people who over analyzes the opportunity before taking it. When I heard Jarvis the 2nd time on the podcast I didn't care about the 2 free chapters he was offering -I just went ahead and bought the book. And I read it in a couple weeks.This is the best practice management book I have read on how to become a GREAT financial planner. Every time I read something we were already doing, I smiled. But there are things we are not doing that I highlighted. Not everything was for me but so much I'd it was. How can you DELIVER on your promise to be a COMPREHENSIVE financial planner (investments, tax, estate planning, risk management and more)? Read this book, highlight what you are not doing, copy and paste your highlights to a Word document and prioritize what you will implement first with your business partner.That's what's next for me.

Matt is one of the finest financial advisor coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has the unique ability to make complex topics extremely simple. The systems taught in this book are what Matt used to build his practice and continues to use today. As he likes to say “This is not theory”. Each chapter is packed with real scripts, letters, and documents used with his clients today that can have an immediate positive impact on your business.If you want to build the practice of your dreams but don’t know how, this is your roadmap. Read this book if you want to spend more time with you family, earn more income, and deliver the highest quality services that your clients deserve.

I am typically a person who does not complete many of the business books I start because for the most part they are a waste of time and words. That is not the case with “Delivering Massive Value”. Matthew has hit the ball out of the park with this book. I have highlighted more text and bookmarked more pages in the past week reading this book than I ever have. Starting with chapter 1 on Knowing Whom to Trust I found actionable steps in nearly every chapter that will help me Deliver Massive Value to my clients. There are several absolute nuggets of gold in these pages that will transform my career and the financial future for my clients. I have just two complaints for Matthew, #1 I wish he would have written this guide several years ago and #2 I want to find a way to keep it away from my competitors. Seriously though, if you are a financial advisor you MUST read this book.

Once again Matthew Jarvis does not disappoint. If you haven't listened to his Kitces Podcast episodes, and his Perfect RIA podcast - please do. The ideas he talks through are critical to taking your business and your life to new levels. Following his advice, I've cut my hours in half in the last few years, delegated email and improved my client experience while doubling my revenue and my profits. His system works. This year I attended one of his masterminds, and a simple exercise gave me over 100 hours back I was spending on a project that was no longer serving me. What is 100 hours worth?? This is a must read.

Everything he says in this book is a gem. Now off to implementation!One of my favorite sayings of Matthew is learn from those who do, not from those who teach. Such a valuable insight in that phrase right there.

Crikey! Do these guys add value! Placing the client 1st, listening instead of launching a pitch... The 1 page financial plan, guardrails and war chest worth the book price.

The author clearly operates out of the abundance mindset in sharing not just tips or generic advice you can find in any other book, but instead opens up the inner workings of his own successful RIA. I couldn’t put this book down and finished in a couple days and it ran my highlighter dry. Now I got to get to work implementing these ideas in my firm.

Delivering Massive Value
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