How to Love Teaching Again: Work Smarter, Beat Burnout, and Watch Your Students Thrive

by: Jamie Sears (0)

A heartfelt, hands-on guide to setting boundaries, increasing productivity, and finding fulfillment for teachers who know that their classrooms won’t thrive unless they do.

Over time, teachers internalize myths about their success that cause them to fall out of love with teaching.
  “I’ll never be one of the 'perfect' teachers’” “My self-worth is defined by my students’ test scores” “The only way to get it all done is to work on weekends”  
How to Love Teaching Again kicks these myths to the curb and replaces them with practical tips to defeat burnout, overcome perfectionism, and restore the joy of teaching.
  As the CEO of Not So Wimpy Teacher, one of the most popular teaching resource brands on the internet, Jamie Sears has spent years designing tools and inventing strategies that restore the joys of teaching. This book offers simple step-by-step strategies that have helped thousands of teachers around the country transform their relationship with work, including:

  • Reinventing small groups and centers so that they’re easier to manage—and so you don’t feel like you’re spread thin
  • A foolproof productivity system just for teachers, including a life-saving method for batching lesson plans
  • Scripts for establishing boundaries that will drastically reduce the time you spend lesson planning, responding to emails, and planning extracurriculars 

Our education environment is often stacked against teachers—from insufficient funding and mandatory meetings to red tape and standardized testing. Drawing on real-life struggles from the teachers who have used Sears' strategies to overcome burnout and make the most of their time, How To Love Teaching Again will give you specific steps to stop drowning in to-dos and do the work that inspires you.
How to Love Teaching Again: Work Smarter, Beat Burnout, and Watch Your Students Thrive
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