Sandra Boynton's My Family Calendar 17-Month 2022-2023 Family Wall Calendar

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The #1 national bestselling family wall calendar's roomy vertical-format offers ample space to note up to 6 family members' schedules and view them easily—a revolutionary format made famous by Boynton, and beloved for 25 bestselling years.

Featuring the well-known and widely-adored characters and cleverness of cartoonist and children’s author Sandra Boynton, this hardworking calendar devotes a vertical column to each family member for keeping track of appointments, school events, lessons, haircuts—you name it. The calendar also includes a drop-down storage pocket, and 300+ stickers to make organizing fun for the whole family.
  Features include:
  • 12" x 12" size (12" x 24" open)
  • Printed on FSC certified paper with soy-based ink
  • 17-months: August 2022–December 2023
  • Space for 6 family members’ activities
  • Official major world holidays and observances
  • Year-at-a-glance for 2022, 2023, and 2024
  • 300+ stickers
  • Handy drop-down storage pocket––perfect for coupons, notes, and stray $100 bills

The Reviews

We have purchased the "mom" calendar ever since it first came out (10 years?) - love this calendar. Love the stickers! Miss the cute pics in the numbers, but otherwise - still love!

We had a friend gave us one of these calendars what our kids were little. They are now adults and I still buy this calendar every single year. Matter fact I can’t wait until August when I knows it’s going to come out. It is a great way to keep track of all of our individual appointments and work schedules and to be able to see where everyone is at a glance. Even though both of our children are older we’re not giving up this calendar.

I've been purchasing this calendar for over a year... and this year's calendar has some notable differences that I don't like. First, instead of the pre-filled "Mom" in the first column, it now says, "Me." I get that they want to be more inclusive, but I wish they'd just left it blank. The day of the week to the left no longer has cute pictures, is smaller, and now there's another column for an additional person. This is all fine, I guess. My biggest complaint, though, is that the weekends used to have a band of a darker color, typically yellow. This made it much easier for my brain to see the weekends at a glance. Now, they are just slightly darker than the surrounding days. Why this change? The other changes are somewhat valid, I guess, but this change is visually just not for me. At a big increase in price this year, too, I'm not sure if I'll keep buying this calendar next year. I'm probably at the point where a much cheaper calendar in the kitchen will do the job.

I’ve been using this calendar for at least 10 years. While it’s still a useful calendar, I really don’t like the new changes. I liked the date to the left and the day of the week fully written out. I miss the cute little drawings. I can see the change is to make more space for a 6th column but it’s lost so much charm.In my pic, last year’s calendar is on the left and new style is on the right.

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They sound great for the price

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Waste of money. My husbands lasted for not even a month. The tinsel lead continues to break. He’s had to repair it multiple times. Going to go with a different brand next time.

Love,love,love my hippo calendar It’s perfect and makes me smile

I’m so sad that after 25 years of purchasing this calendar and documenting all of my family‘s memories, I’ll be moving on to a different calendar. The new date format, the weekends not being highlighted, and mom being replaced with me, instead of just leaving it blank, is why I won’t be purchasing again this year.

The best family organizing calendar! Easy for me to process tasks without being overwhelming to look at. Took a month to be delivered but worth every moment of waiting.

I’ve been using this calendar for at least 10 years. While it’s still a useful calendar, I really don’t like the new changes. I liked the date to the left and the day of the week fully written out. I miss the cute little drawings. I can see the change is to make more space for a 6th column but it’s lost so much charm.In my pic, last year’s calendar is on the left and new style is on the right.

Just opened my new 2023 Boyton calendar. Wow! I never thought Sandra Boynton artwork/layout could be boring, but this year's calendar is just that.The many random Boynton characters scattered amongst the dates: gone.The dates along the side: gone.The weekend color contrast: gone.The long-recognizable day-of-the-week font: gone (and replaced with clinical, all caps font and abbreviated days of the week).Mom: gone (but in the interest of inclusiveness, that's OK).Supplemental stickers: not as good as in the past.It used to be that looking at my calendar over breakfast made me smile. Now it makes me sad. Much less fun and utility and the ultimate insult... a higher price.

As a mom of 4 children, I have used this calendar for close to 10 years now! I look forward to purchasing the new one every August. This year I was soooo excited to see an extra column added! We are a family of 6 and now this calendar is even more amazing for us! I also love that little tweaks were made so the calendar fits ALL family dynamics. No longer a MOM calendar but a FAMILY calendar!Thank you for making my day! (It’s the little things!)

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I have been using the Mom Family Planning Calendar for many many years. I enjoyed the whimsy and fun drawings that are included on each month. Unfortunately this year I ordered and discovered that the calendar has changed. I did notice the name change and I should have investigated further before purchase. Instead of five columns there are now six and the fun illustrations are gone. I am returning the calendar and finding a different planning calendar for 2022-23

I have been buying this calendar for YEARS and as a single father LOVE that she finally changed MOM to ME. Thank you, but I HATE that she moved the numbered days of the month and combined them with the days of the week. The old way was far easier to check off each day. I know it freed up some more space but not worth it. I usually transfer the rest off the years notes to the new calendar every August but this time I will wait for the end of the year. Still love the product and will still buy every August.

Lots of changes, and not much positive to say about them regrettably. I logically understand that some of them came about from the addition of the extra column, some though leave me baffled as to why they changed them when they weren't an issue before.I do like the Me column, that's a nice new addition!I very much dislike the change between the old style and new style of the dates on the calendar though. The numbers on the left in their own column, white with the popped color background, made it a great deal easier to read across a room.The abbreviation of the days aren't too bad, my kiddos take a minute longer now to read it though, to make sure they're looking at the right date and day.The highlighted weekends on the old calendar are nicer, as again, helps define days of the week. The new one, the "highlighted" weekend might as well not exist since it's so pale.All the fun side illustrations are gone! My kiddos always look for the silly pictures on the side of the days and giggle about them. I understand they tried to clear up space for the extra column, it's sad they completely removed them from the new one though.As shown in one of the pictures, I also got one sticker sheet printed backwards, so it's unusable since the shiny, sticky side is the one left when you peel off a cutout sticker. Major bummer, as that's the one that gets used the most for our schedules! I have been unable to reach anyone about a replacement sheet, and I don't want to return a perfectly usable calendar for the off chance I get a corrected sticker sheet.Overall, I won't be buying this calendar again if they stay exactly same next year, I'll use it this school year though as we're used to this current format. Disappointed the fun and useful features that made me love this calendar over others were removed.

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This is the cutest baby girl outfit. I love the ruffle and the color.It is very sweet.

This product is adorable! They fit as expected and the fabric is super soft. It wears well and allows room for the active toddler to move around comfortably while looking super cute all at the same time!

Bought this cute outfit for a friend. It’s really soft and cute. My only negative is that the bow does not have elastic in it. You just have to tie it in a bow. Great buy! Great price.

Outfit is super cute and soft material but it runs very large and the buttons seem to be placed awkwardly. Didn't get to use for our intended purpose of a bring home baby outfit.

Love the layout and columns for everyone! I have the family and dinner plans, I love the additional column in the ‘22 edition. Keeps our lives sorted! And fun stickers

This is a downgrade from the previous version of this calendar, which was "Mom's Family Calendar." The pages are much more bland looking with less artwork. The font and coloring changes make it harder to see at a glance which are weekend days and what the date is. The margins are bigger on this calendar, meaning they could have used more space on the calendar itself. The only positive change is that there are now 6 columns instead of 5. After using the Mom's Family Calendar for years, all other changes to the calendar format are less user friendly and definitely not up to the standards I expect from a Sandra Boynton calendar.

I have been getting this same calendar for about 10 years. It’s great for busy kid schedules and to know when older kids are working. The new 2022-2023 schedule has an extra column that we use for our dogs. 🐶😀 Wish it had more Bday stickers.

I have been using this calendar yearly for as long as I can remember. Keep everyone in the family schedule in one place !

I've been using Sandra Boynton's "Mom's Family Calendar" for 20 years and was upset that it was being discontinued. So, to find it has actually morphed to the more current and inclusive "My FAMILY Calendar" is a welcome happy surprise!This calendar's format makes it easy to see what all family members' schedules /appointments /plans are for the month. A huge help in staying organized! ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐

I schedule for five disabled adults and myself and my wife and one employee. This is perfect since each disabled male has a rectangle to record appointments for each day. Sixth space is for the three staff.I have used this calendar with digital calendars for over 20 years.

Paper is no longer shiny so no smearing of ink. Extra row, now 6 rows. We have used this calendar for many years and really like the vertical set up—much more practical than a grid style calendar.

I have been using this brand of calendar for several years. It allows me to look for appointments by date or by person. It allows each family member to just look at what they have scheduled very easily!

I really like the mom calendar. I have been buying it for years. This year I bought it and was surprised by two changes I didn't expected.1. The first category is called Me instead of Mom. Which threw me off, so I had to go through the entire calendar replace the word "me" with mom.2. An extra column was added which means there is now less space for the 5 column. Not a fan, busy families need more space per column.Those are my only two issues otherwise. That said I under why the changes were made, just not as happy with it as before.

I have been using this calendar for many years. I love the set up and it works perfectly for our family.

I’ve gotten a few of these family calendars over the years, but never got a chance to write a review. We keep them by the door and they are so helpful. The stickers are fun and the calendar is very good for keeping track of things. I 100% recommend.

Love this, and buy it every year. Plenty of room to write on it, and we use permanent markers.

I have bought this Calendar for many, many years. This year they shortened the days of the week to abbreviations so that there is one more space or people. So there is 6 columns not instead of the standard 5. I really like the extra space, I can now have a "Pets" column.I did like the whole word for the days of the week, maybe next year they can just make the days of the week column font smaller and keep the 6 "people" columns.

I purchase this calendar every year. Works great for my family.

Second year I’ve purchased this Boynton calendar. So fun!

Most people don't like the new changes but I do. I like the extra space and the slight reduction is cutsy. One thing I do think is silly is changing "mom" to "me." My whole family is using it so it shouldn't be in first person. If you want to be inclusive it should have just been left blank.

Annual purchase! Favorite all time calendar for my family of 5. Everyone has a column with plenty of room to write activities and events. Comes with cute stickers! This might just be my 8th year with this calendar!

I’ve been using this calendar for a couple years now, and it’s my absolute favorite family calendar. I love the vertical format with columns for up to 6 family members. We only have 5 family members currently, so I titled the 6th column “family” and use for things that involve the whole family instead of writing it in each of our individual columns. Sandra Boynton writes & illustrates many children’s books, and each month features some of the delightful animal characters she’s created. It features a pocket in the back to tuck a few papers and things and a set of fun stickers to use on the calendar if you wish.I only have two complaints. The first very “minor” complaint is more calendar-related stickers and less animal stickers, especially more “check up” “dentist” “half day” etc … stickers. They get used up pretty fast with a family of five, with different school and work schedules.And the second complaint is to reinforce the holes for hanging the calendar up. It’s not so bad later on, but in the first few months the calendar is too heavy and starts to rip the holes. I was able to easily fix it by putting hole reinforcer stickers on both sides of the hole on each month (like you use to reinforce holes for papers in three-ring binders). It works great, but I don’t like having to do it every year for something I pay for that’s meant to hang on walls, and can’t do that without ripping.Other than those two things, I love everything about this calendar and plan to continue using it for many years!

Fun and practical

Love this calendar… Buy it every year to keep track of my family coming and goings, including my dog! It is different this year… As other people mentioned, and I do not like the changes, but I still bought it because it’s the easiest way to keep track of what’s going on

I order this cute calendar every year! (Comes with a bunch of stickers for your kids, too.)

Helps keep everyone organized and on time! Except me.. I’ll be late for my own funeral.. but at least I’m late on the right day!

Always love her family calendars! So much space to add what we need to as a busy family with a business

Get these every year. Works for the four of us and the two dogs!

This layout helps my brain visualize the various schedules of all my family.

Like a lot of people in the reviews, I miss the old format. And I understand that the new format may work better for some people, but it does not for us.I would also really like to know who’s decision it was to make a vertical calendar to hang on the wall, but not include a perforation for hanging it up.

I love this calendar. I’ve bought one every year since my son was little. He’s now 23! It keeps all the family's actives all in one place. I would highly recommend it for a busy family.

I like this calendar. I used to buy the old version (“Mom’s Family calendar”.)This version has six columns instead of five. I like the five column better since we have five people in our family and now the spaces are a little smaller. But I suppose I could use the sixth column as miscellaneous or something.

The neck area is a bit strange. I loved the color

I wish it was a little more stretchy, long, or more true to size, though it still fits ok. When I wear it I feel super cute and receive a lot of compliments. I wish this also came in black!

I have purchased this calendar for YEARS and I love it! I am cool with the change to 6 columns (though it didn't matter for our family of 5 and I'd rather have wider columns). What I can't believe, is that this hanging calendar no longer has a hole at the top for me to hang it. UGH! They also seem to have provided fewer sticker pages with this version.

Once I found this calendar I buy them every year. It's easier for me to see the whole month and there's lots of room to make notes and add phone numbers for appointments.

This calendar has enough space to add all kinds of info besides appointments for myself & husband. I put Birthdays & anniversary’s for my whole family & friends on it too. Have been using these calendars for several years and love them.

Excited that they added another column this year (so 6 columns now)!Yes, the boxes are a little smaller, but it's worth it.I don't like that they eliminated most of the cartoon drawings down the sides, however.It's not very Sandra Boyton-ish now. So a win for the extra column, not so much of a win for the lack of artwork. The functionality is A+ though and I wonder how I ever managed before!

This is my 3rd calendar they really help me stay organized

For years I got Sandra's Boynton's MOM's Calendar. This has transitioned into this Family Calendar. It helps me organize my busy family of 5. It is only a slight exaggeration to say that I couldn't live without this calendar.

I love this product and get it every year. However it is missing a way to hang it up. I didn't buy this for a diy punching holes project.

I purchase this hanging calendar every year for the last 5-6 years. I like how I can easily see scheduling conflicts. I use it faithfully so that my family knows who is doing what, when. I also enjoy using the stickers! The stickers are a good selection and they are fun images just like the calendar. Good purchase.

I've been purchasing this calendar for years and it's perfect for the entire family even pets. Everybody has a section and there's enough space for each day to leave a decent sized note. If it is an appointment at a certain place or a reminder for meds, surgeries or whatever else I have to remember.

I love the characters and the format. Unfortunately, 1/2 of the stickers were printed backwards and aren’t sticky. It’s too bad as the stickers are all of the fun

So glad they brought this calendar back. My whole family loves this calendar. Like that they added another column for names and events.

I love this calendar! Every family member has their own column and we use our extra column to keep track of upcoming bills.

We have an electronic family calendar, but I’ve bought this for years and still enjoy the visual grounding it provides. And… love love love Boynton.

We get the same calendar every year and we love it. The stickers are so nice and add a ton of fun. Great to plan dinners, trips, sports and more.

My daughter requests one of these every year as part of her Christmas presents. She finds it invaluable in keeping her busy family, including 2 teenagers, aware of all up-coming events and appointments.

My wife and I have been using these calendars for years. It really helps to keep us organized so we both know who is doing what and when. We also make sure to enter what we put on the calendar into our iPhones. That way if we are away from the house and we need to make an appointment we know what date and time works for us.

Love this calendar. Have been buying it for myself for years and years. Arrived well packaged and very quickly after ordering it.

I have been using the “Mom” version of this calendar for years now. I purchased this version for my SO to use at his home. His boys (11 and 12) love having their own columns to write their activities in. They have three extra columns, one they use for birthdays, one for Parenting Time (easy for dad to have a visual of how many days he has had his boys) and the last one is used as a miscellaneous column.I wasn’t sure how receptive a house of boys was going to be to start using a calendar; I am happy to to report it was a HUGE success. They are hooked and will be purchasing another when the time comes.

I love this calendar for our household. It hangs in the kitchen so everyone can know what’s happening for the month for each family member. I do wish the stickers were updated.

I literally buy this every year. Any parent needs this. In a digital age, a paper calendar is still a necessity when managing more than yourself. Highly recommend. Plus, Boynton’s illustrations are always adorable

I've been buying this for years and THIS is the best design so far they added an additional column and stopped putting animation in the way of the columns ...Easy to use Esthetically pleasing to look at and use ... I don't use the stickers and other stuff it comes with like I did when my kids were small but every year they improve it and this year by far......BEST Calendar to date KEEP UP THE great Improvements every year keep it up

I grew up with this on the fridge. I still buy it for my mom every year, she LOVES it.

I have bought the Sandra Boynton family calendar for many, many years and I will continue buying it every year. There simply is no other calendar that allows me to fit every family member's schedules, appointments, activities, and special occasions, along with birthdays, anniversaries, etc. on one page each month.And just when I thought it couldn't possibly be a better fit for our family, they IMPROVED it by adding another column this year, for a total of six!The calendar also comes with an abundance of fun stickers and a storage pocket at the bottom, which is a good place to store receipts, coupons, or - as suggested on the pocket - "stray $100 bills". Since I rarely have stray money laying around, I use it to hold pens instead.

All mothers should have this calendar. I get one for my wife each year for Christmas. It easily keeps our for children’s activities in order. Each child gets a column and you fill it with their weekly activities such as sports, after school activists and Dr appointments.I don’t know what we would do without it.Bryan highly recommends it.10 out of 10 don’t by the others they don’t work as good.

We’ve used this calendar year and year. It’s the best

Best organizer for busy families. Even though I have all my work stuff electronic I maintain this calendar for the family

I have bought this calendar for 8 years. I love the columns that keep me straight. I love each person in my house has their own row. No mix-ups in schedules.

I’ve been buying these calendars for years and this one doesn’t disappoint. There are a few changes in the calendar, which I don’t mind.On each month you can list your family members, but this calendar lists ‘me’ in the first column. I find this appropriate because I would write that anyway. Ha ha! It’s a perfect calendar for a busy family.

My wife maintains this calendar and it is very helpful

Sandra Boynton's My Family Calendar 17-Month 2022-2023 Family Wall Calendar
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