Love Your Home Again: Organize Your Space and Uncover the Home of Your Dreams

by: Ann Lightfoot (0)

A Compassionate and Practical Guide to Reimagining the Home of Your Dreams

Love Your Home Again, Ann Lightfoot and Kate Pawlowski—organizing experts and the mother-daughter duo behind Done & Done Home—ask questions that take into account who you are and how you actually live to help resolve the issues behind the excess and create lasting solutions to keep your home running smoothly. Sharing their tried-and-true systems of decluttering, organizing, and maintaining, along with real client stories, Lightfoot and Pawlowski teach you how to manage your home with their signature "good humor and refreshing lack of dogma" (the New York Times). Inside you'll find:
  • Gentle guidance on things like handling sentimental items, embracing quality over quantity, and cutting down on waste
  • Helpful tips for making your daily life easier, from meal-prepping to creating routines
  • Organization methods for every room, small space strategies, and so much more
You'll be amazed at the time, money, and energy you'll save—all better spent enjoying your space. Get ready to love your home again.

The Home Edit, Beautifully Organized, Simply Living Well, and Real Life Organizing

RISING STAR AUTHORS: Ann and Kate are celebrities in the organization world. They are frequently asked to comment on home organizing, staging, and decluttering topics, with recent clips in
Women's Day, the New York Times, People, Apartment Therapy, Bravo, CNN, and more. Their celebrity clients include Jenna Fischer, Christina Anstead, and many Real Housewives.

FOR FANS OF HGTV: For readers who are obsessed with home makeover shows, this is the book for you. HGTV fans will be delighted to learn that they can design their own dream home through the power of organizing.

A DIY PROJECT FOR EVERYONE AT HOME, WHICH IS . . . EVERYONE: This book is for the countless people working from their dining room table by day and watching home makeover shows at night.
Love Your Home Again will show how you can rethink your own space, working with what you have.

Perfect for:
  • New homeowners
  • Parents who want to declutter, boomers who want to downsize and/or stage a space
  • HGTV fans who could watch home makeover shows for hours
  • Young adults and millennials who love organizing

The Reviews

This book is a package of inspiration. The mother-daughter team has worked wonders in helping people manage their homes and now they are sharing their knowledge in a book with helpful tips. “No home is beyond help.” The areas included are: the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, gathering spaces, children’s spaces, home office, laundry, garage and storage spaces.Everyone needs some good guidance to address the overflowing of extra things in food cupboards, drawers and clothes closets. Many of us have boxes and bags in storage that haven’t been touched in years. They talk about how we tend to buy too many things on sale when it’s not something we need. And then there’s Costco. Yes, this is addressed as well. It’s noted that one-third of Americans can’t fit their cars in garage spaces as it’s crowded with overflows.They discuss mostly how to sort and decide what to do with extra items. I could relate to how many mugs are seriously needed. Much is written to inspire homeowners to buy less and let go of all the items that aren’t being used. We can all use some serious suggestions on how to say goodbye in a thoughtful way to attachments. It is said that if one can reduce their belongings by at least ten percent, it will be easier to find things.The book is beautifully arranged with appealing photos. However, many people that need help downsizing are seniors that may have poor eyesight and the print in the book is small. Kindle can help if it is available or strong reader’s glasses may be advised.

It doesn’t take much extra stuff for a home to feel cluttered. According to professional home organizational experts Ann Lightfoot and Kate Pawlowski, reducing your stuff by only 10% can make a space feel more open and manageable. But they don’t want to stop at just reducing your stress by that 10%. They want to show you how to go through all your spaces, sort through everything you have, make decisions about how that stuff will best serve you, and create a new and usable space that will bring ease, beauty, and freedom to you and your family.This mother/daughter team created their own business as Done & Done Home to help people declutter and reorganize their homes, and now they have taken all their professional insights and published them as Love Your Home Again, so anyone can create a manageable home with some hard work and by asking themselves some difficult questions.The authors go through the home room by room, offering specific tips for each room. But the basics are the same, no matter where you are in your living space. First, they want you to ask yourself how you want to use the space. But no idealized lifestyles are allowed. They want you to match your home with how you really live. Then gather everything together, put like items together, sort through it to decide what you really use and what you can give up, and then put everything back in a way that will make it all most useful.They have key concepts that they start from. They believe in Owning Well, or buying the best quality item you can afford and then caring for it so it will last you a long time. They warn you that while decluttering, it will get worse before it gets better. And they get real about sunk costs, the money you’ve already spent on items and can’t get back. If you’ve spent a lot of money of cleaning products that you hate, then that is money you can’t get back. You can keep using the products that you hate, you can let them sit around forever, or you can just let them go, releasing yourself from having to use them and freeing up space for a new cleaning product that you love.But they are not asking you to get rid of everything you love. The things that you have kept because they have sentimental value they call “Save Forever,” and they have you collect those items from the various rooms as you are decluttering and creating a space for those beloved heirlooms and memories where they can be displayed and enjoyed instead of hidden in a drawer or the back of a closet.They start with the kitchen, the busiest and often most stressful room in a home. They walk you through each drawer, each cabinet, the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry, and they help you figure out what you use most and where best to store it. They help you clear out all those old spices and make the snacks easily accessible. They help you decide which of your small appliances need to be kept handy and which can be stored in a deep cabinet, or even donated to someone else who may need it more. They encourage you to use glass storage containers, so you can easily what pasta you have for dinner tonight and if you need to buy flour the next time you go grocery shopping. They help you make the space usable, so meal prep is easier and more enjoyable and cleanup is easier.From there, they take you to the bedroom, to help you create a restful space and get a handle on your closet clutter. They help you make the bathroom a space for self-care and stress-free mornings, helping you manage all those beauty products and helping you stay organized even in a very small space that is shared by many. They help you think through your Entry Space, your Gathering Spaces, your Children’s Spaces, and Home Office. They help you make peace with your Laundry, Linens, Cleaning, and Utility spaces and make the most of Storage Spaces like your attic, basement, and garage.Throughout, they help you make difficult decisions, to set you up for success by only keeping what you will use. They encourage smart storage solutions with clear labels. They make eco-friendly suggestions and include reminders on how to keep things uncluttered moving forward. And throughout, there are stories from some of their actual clients who have found success with the Done & Done Home methods, and there are beautiful, aspirational photos of well-managed home spaces to inspire creativity and functionality.I have been wanting to dig into my home and get it better organized for some time now. We combined two households into one and then bought more stuff. At first, we didn’t know what all we would use or how to make the space work well for us. But we’ve been here several years now, and I think I’ve got a handle on it. But I still need to do the work. As I was reading Love Your Home Again, I found a lot of good ideas and inspiration for creating spaces that will work for us and moving on from all the things that we don’t really use or need. I will be keeping these ideas in mind as I clean and clear, and I will definitely think of those beautiful photos as I create storage solutions that will work. I think this book could be a really good tool for those are ready to dig deep and make smart choices for decluttering and managing their homes. Like other popular decluttering books, it may not be for everyone. But it’s a good place to start, to get some ideas and get some momentum towards a cleaner, kinder, manageable life.Egalleys for Love Your Home Again were provided by Chronicle Prism through Edelweiss, with many thanks.

A practical and inspirational book detailing ways to organize and decorate every nook and cranny for a stress free, clutter controlled home. Very nicely photographed. I thank Netgalley and Chronicle Books for the opportunity to read and review this book.

These are the original organizers and they are simply the best. The book is full of clear, doable and effective ways to get and keep your house in order. In addition to the authors being two of the most helpful people on the planet, they are also the nicest. Thanks to them there is now an easy way to get their experience without hiring them. A gift

With LOVE YOUR HOME AGAIN, Ann Lightfoot and Kate Pawlowski offer clear, straightforward, and motivating guidance for living well in the home you have. Just when I thought I'd done a terrific joy of ferreting out the clutter and organizing my house, this book demonstrates a logical way of thinking about how my family and I live and what we truly need. Abashed, I realized quickly that I have a long way to go until I can entertain without panicking and use an office that serves me as well as enjoy the ease, the flow, and the grace of a home that functions with beauty. Smart, timely, and beautifully illustrated, this book is a tremendous asset and resource for anyone living in a house, apartment, anywhere they call home. I received an early copy of this book and these opinions are my own, unbiased thoughts.

I just received my book and I can’t put it down! I’ve laughed out loud several times and I’m so inspired to get my home organized! If your home stresses you out you should buy this book immediately!

Such a practical, helpful, and well written book! Easy to follow with useful quick tips in each section.

This book is exactly what I was missing in my life. Not only is it the perfect size, but it's exactly the amount of reading and stunning inspirational images I needed. I can't wait to delve into each chapter and give each space of my home some new love it deserves. This is going to make for sure a prime holiday gift for all my peeps. Who doesn't love an organized home with a beautiful coffee table book included? A true win!

Love Your Home Again: Organize Your Space and Uncover the Home of Your Dreams
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