2023 Amy Knapp's Christian Family Organizer: The #1 National Bestseller! 17-Month Weekly Faith Mom Planner(Thru Dec 2023) (Amy Knapp's Plan Your Life Calendars)

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The #1 national bestselling family organizer to live your best life in faith!

A mom's life is a blessed life! This easy-to-use, 2023 Christian productivity planner for women is parenting tested and helps even the busiest of moms gain control of her active life, organize her family's schedule, and stay rooted in faith. Featuring Amy Knapp's bestselling purse size engagement calendar format with proven organization tools and tons of space for lists, schedules, and weekly planning, this 17-month inspiring planner is also the perfect women's devotional and includes Bible verses, uplifting spiritual quotes, and space to write weekly prayers and praise. Grow in grace with this mom agenda―a wonderful inspirational gift for Christian women or to keep for yourself!


  • Three planner sticker sheets with over 350 practical stickers and reminders for hardworking moms
  • 6" x 8" trim size with wire-o double spiral binding for easy, lay-flat writing
  • Environmentally responsible, FSC certified and smudge-free paper
  • Sturdy jacket for durability with internal storage pocket perfect for notes and receipts
  • Monthly and weekly calendar spreads with ample writing space for planning projects and tracking appointments, school trips, birthdays, and other important events
  • Weekly prayer prompts and Bible verses
  • Tear-off perforated grocery lists for easy weekly shopping, meal planning, and menus
  • Notes and goal-setting pages for both mom and the family
  • Fresh, new design with removable cover band
  • Find important phone, school, and emergency numbers quickly
  • Holidays, moon phases, and observances
  • Year at a glance

The Reviews

Great planner. I love the grocery lists and meal planning area. The monthly view and weekly views are also fantastic.There are a few flaws, though. The perforated grocery list area (where you can rip the list out for shopping) is not usable on the first week of every month. If you rip it out, you take a part of your monthly calendar out with it.Also the back of the planner has an advertisement for the planner PRINTED on it. You can't even take it off. So the back of my planner permanently has an advertisement for the planner ... that I already purchased. It really takes away from the design and I almost sent it back because of it.I also wish this planner came with some sort of place keeper. Like a ribbon or elastic band.Other than that, it's a beautiful planner that very practical and just the right size for a mom on the go.

There are several features that I love about this planner. The menu list, the grocery list, the Bible verse, areas/ spaces for notes, and the stickers all make for an easy to use and efficient planner. It is a good size that fits into my "Mom Bag". I have been using this planner for years, and look forward to purchasing it each summer. I am a single Mom to three, and find it is able to accommodate our needs well.The only thing I would improve about this planner is perhaps changing the material of the cover to plastic or vinyl. The paper cover tends to rip as we get close to the end of the year, but overall, it's a minor issue considering how many times it is opened and closed on a daily basis.

I love this planner. Everything I need to plan my month and weeks without being overly detailed. The stickers are kind of fun but I probably won’t keep up with using them. My favorite detail of this planner is the tear away shopping list and the space for writing out meals. I also love that it has scripture and a place to write prayers, that is the first thing that drew me to this planner.

I have used this planner for years. It’s my absolute favorite. It has everything I need in a weeks view and a month view also. I love the grocery list and menus. I don’t use them every week, but what I do, is write my list as I run out of things or make menus and keep a running list going.The one thing I have never liked is that it’s an 18 month planner. I never use all 18 months. I feel like it’s a waste of paper for the 6 months that I don’t use. I wish they would revise this. I also think the address / phone number pages are a waste...do people really use those anymore?? Maybe more pages with goals at the beginning of each month or something like that, would be a better use of the space. Also, some years I need more notes pages. Another great addition would be sturdy month tabs. I found some great ones on Amazon that I use (you can see them in the picture) for now.Thanks for always making a great planner otherwise. I will continue to buy it every year!!

Love this planner / calendar! It’s my 4th year getting an Amy Knapp planner now, I love them!

I have been using this calendar since 2012. I like being able to have my grocery lists, to do lists,meal plans and appointments all in the same place. It makes life so much easier for me. Plus I have a record of lists or meals from previous years that I can go back and check out. You won’t go wrong purchasing this calendar.

Inspires good organization!!

I don't lead a terribly busy life and I am not a great journal-er but I like to have a place to jot notes/thoughts/appointments/happenings. I was drawn to this because of the christian theme, with verses and a prayer list each week. I like the monthly calendar to throw in birthdays, etc. so we can review the month before diving into the weekly part. I generally only have one to two things happening in a day, like a playdate and dentist appointment (for example), but mostly just one thing (I told you we aren't busy). I like to keep record of things that did happen in the form of small notes (like a visitor, special thing, etc). So for me this serves as sort of a journal and day planner.

This planner is amazing!!!!! I love every bit of it! The spot for meal planning, grocery list that you can tear out. Plus the weekly layout and spot for to dos!! Love love and i have my share of different planners!

After using Happy style planner for two years I decided to return to the first one I was using - the Amy Knapp Christian planner. Four reasons for my decision were as follow:1. The weight of the larger planners are more than 2.12 pounds before stickers vs 14.1 oz of the Amy Knapp planner. I like to have my planner with me and my purse was just getting to heavy.2. The menu/grocery tabs: Because my planner is with me I do not tear out the sheets. This makes it possible for me to use the grocery/menus tabs facing the same week.3. The Happy style planners are fun but also very time consuming to decorate with stickers weekly; not to mention the expense. I do still use stickers, but more productive ones.4. I love the fact that there is already a section for my prayer list weekly.FYI; I for one enjoy the seventeen month lay out. I like to purchase my planner in August. I then can start filling in the actives for upcoming months and then just transfer with my new planner. I already have seven events for next year filled in, two after August of 2023.Adjustments on my part:1. My children are grown so I put computer log in sheets and house cleaning schedule over the phone numbers pages.2. I crochet a sleeve to put my planner in when carrying it in my purse. This just adds a little added protection for my peace of mind.3. I also monthly tabs - a must for me and am using a magnetic book mark for the current week.In short there is not planner out there that is going to meet all of my needs, so I just brought the closest one and then tweaked it to make it work. After trying some of the other ones out there, I see myself just using this one for a long time.

I have purchased this planner for years and love it! I need to be better organized and remember to look at my planner more often. I love the perforated grocery list/meal planning. My kids are pretty much grown so I don't really need the mom part of it. I do like goals and improvements page. I also like the Bible verses as well as a place to list my prayers and praises. It keeps me calm and happy. The only thing I wish is that the pages weren't so blue. I'd like to have more color - maybe even a variety of solids and patterns for every title. Other than that, this planner is the best and so functional!

I have purchased this planner for several years now. I like the features on the weekly pages including the menu column and the prayer & praise area. It helps keep me on track. I even use the stickers provided to make important things stand out. I mark the current month/week with a paperclip so I can easily find it. If you are needing something to help keep you and your family organized, this is the planner for you.

I really like this planner and bought on for a friend too. My only complaint is that it’s a little small. I’d prefer a 8 1/2 x 11 size. If you have more than a couple of kids and are involved in a lot of sports it would be a little difficult. I love that there is one week on one page though so you so r have to constantly flip pages. Just sits open on my island for all to see. I use with erasable pens.

I absolutely LOVE this planner. I have been using it since it was first available, I think since 1987 or 88? I won't use any other - I've looked at them, but always go back to this one. It has everything you need to keep your days, plans, activities, appointments, lists, events, shopping, projects, etc all in one convenient place and easy to take along everywhere I go. On two occasions I thought I had lost it and I was a basket case until I could have it in my possession again.I understand what other reviews are saying about the extra pages for the 17-month style, but what I have done is take the pages I don't need and cover them with copy paper. I can then use them as extra planning pages for projects, goals, party planning, extra lists (I'm a list maker) - anything you want, so they aren't a waste if you cover them and reuse them in other ways. I always need more space. And I also agree - including a set of monthly tabs would be terrific; I always have to buy some to put on the monthly calendar pages.I truly love that you have the Christian version with the Scriptures and space for prayers. I used the original one for many years and just added my prayers around the edges of each page. Last year I tried the one with more art, goal bubbles, space for reflections, etc, and it's nice and it did make me stop and think and reflect more, so that was a good thing. I guess I just like what I'm used to and find my planner becomes a journal of my life no matter what. I have saved them all and will take a look at them every once in a while to see how life has progressed and the difference from when I had kids at home and now while I'm retired. Like I said, it is THE BEST planner/journal I have ever used and will always use. Thank you for designing this and keeping it available. God bless your efforts, business and days ahead.

He had been part of her Secret Service detail since she was just a kid. She had driven him crazy with her entitledness! He had been glad when she moved to California for college and he “escaped”! But now he’s been called back to protect her. The President’s only child still had a Secret Service Detail, even though she was of age, at his insistence. So here Tanner is attempting to keep Kate Fremont safe with or without her compliance!But something’s different! She’s no longer a kid, but a beautiful young woman. She’s sad and vulnerable. What changed her? Or was he wrong about her all along?A beautiful story of two people who have known one another for a number of years. Only now that they’ve been thrown together again, they realize how much they don’t know each other!Mignon Mykel pulls at your heartstrings with this book.Beautifully done!

Who doesn’t love a good bodyguard romance? But this one just feels special 🥹 Tanner was Kates body guard 7 years ago and the whole time he just asssumed she was a bratty little rich girl. Little did he know she was really just a hurting young girl who was doing her best in the worst situation.Now 7 years alters Tanner is back on her detail and Kate isn’t the snobby little girl he thought he remembered, now she’s a grown woman who is trying her best to heal even when life keep throwing punches. And suddenly all Tanner wants to do is make her happy and keep her safe from both her past and present traumas🥺This book is beautiful and I fell so hard in love with these Kate and Tanner.There are some pretty heavy topics discussed (SA of a minor, anxiety,depression, use of date rape drugs) so just be gentle with yourself♥️

Mignon Mykel is back and I'm here to tell you that she has brought her A-game with Free Bird.Never one to shy away from the hard stuff, Mignon has brought us a new cast of characters to love and cheer for, including Kate, the strong heroine that every inner girl needs to look up to. A heroine that has overcome some dark things and found her way to her very own happy ending in the most unexpected ways.Free Bird is an absolute must read.

Definitely check trigger warnings for this one. It was beautifully written, even if it was heartbreakingly sad. I liked this story, but I wish it would have had more of a plot twist in the end. It felt like it was missing something.. almost like the ending was too good to be true.Overall, it was a good read

Tanner Henderson’s Secret Service day are numbered and he doesn’t need to be assigned to the first daughter for his last assignment, but when the President asks for him personally, he doesn’t have a choice but to hop on a plane and fly to San Diego to lead her detail.Kate Freemont has tried as hard as possible to disentangle herself from her family and, by extension, her protective detail since she turned 18, but moving to the other side of the country and evading agents hasn’t been enough.This book was unexpected in many ways and it really touched my heart. Kate appears to be a self-obsessive brat who only cares about herself and has publicly despised her father since her teen years, but she’s really a damaged young woman surviving the best she way she can. Tanner is a man with one mission in life, who’s well aware of not being liked by his charge since he met her six years prior, but when her safety relies solely on him, he will find out there’s more to Kate than what lies on the surface.Kate and Tanner’s story deals is deep and heartfelt, dealing with some sensitive topics that one doesn’t need to struggle with to understand and sympathize with. I enjoyed reading it and think other people who can deal with some triggers will too.4 stars

Plot ⭐️⭐️Spice 🌶️🌶️Dual 1st person POV - Kate & TannerTropes: age-gap (32 & 21), bodyguard/secret service agent, forced proximity, medium burnFree Bird by Mignon Mykel is the story between the President's daughter, Kate, and her assigned secret service agent, Tanner. After moving away to college, Tanner returns to her protection detail during the last month of her junior year. As they adjust to being in each others lives again, Kate and Tanner learn they have an attraction that they just can't deny. Since it's forbidden to be romantically involved with his charge, Tanner fights his attraction for as long as possible.The plot for this story revolves around Kate's medical issues, her childhood SA trauma, and finally being able to leave the White House behind for good. There wasn't really any overarching conflict that made this story distressful or otherwise deep. Kate never gets to confront her abusers and Tanner takes it upon himself to put a hit out on them. This is briefly discussed and comes out of seemingly nowhere and is not touched on again afterwards. The transition from bodyguard/charge to lovers felt kind of abrupt because the characters themselves didn't have much depth to them. Tanner never looked past Kate's "reckless" and "attention-seeking" teenage years and suddenly sees her in a new light now that she's an adult. We don't get to see much of Kate's personality other than her anxiety and careless decision making while at school as she tries to lose her protective detail. Tanner overhears her vibrator one night and throws out a comment about real men do it better and then soon after they share their first kiss. There just wasn't enough emotional groundwork laid for me to believe this chemistry. Kate never gets to stand up to her dad and has to play the part of respectable First Daughter. There were some great setups for some potentially emotionally charged scenes that just were wrapped up too easily and without any fallout.This book was also riddled with incorrect words (accept instead of except, boxes instead of boxers), typos, and punctuation errors. At first I thought this was a debut novel and therefore was going to be more forgiving, but after finishing and looking up the author, I see they've put out several books. If you're looking for something low stakes but with a little spice and some romance, you may enjoy this.

Practical and simple.

I have never had a planner before. Hard to believe, since I am the mother of eight children! I have just always used wall calendars and sticky notes! Most of my children are grown and out of the house, but I have two special needs teens and am constantly needing to chart their issues, health care, appts, etc. I just got this two weeks ago and it has already been a blessing! The price was the deciding factor for me. Yes, it was several months into it (6/2022 and I got it in 12/22…it goes up until 12/2023), but it was the perfect price point, represented my Christian values, and was pleasant to look at.

Have bee using Amy Knapp planners for several years. They are the best!!

My wife runs the home calendar and this planner is my go to when I need know what's going on. Easy to read line spacing on invisible days, month at a glance, to do lists...this planner has it all!Fourth year in a row I've gotten her one and sure there will be many more years purchased in the future!

Got my planner yesterday. It’s a nice little planner but it doesn’t have the month tabs which I need and it just has too many things going on. For example, menu, notes, stickers, grocery list. Just not for me. I do like the scriptures though.

Amy Knapp's Christian Family Organizer is exactly what I needed in order to keep track of my online Grad classes and their assignments. Also, if any events come up, I can put a sticker on the calendar as a reminder of what is going on that month. The organizer comes with two pages' worth of various event stickers!The organizer is well made, and gives you enough room for each day's events or in my case, class assignments that need to be completed. I love the Grocery list on each week's page, along with a Menu list, and room was made for Prayer and praise notes for the week. On top of each week's page, there is a Scripture verse to be read and encouraged by, as you start each new week.THIS year-2023-they made the Grocery/Menu section perforated, so you can easily tear it out of the organizer and take it with you to the store, or put it up on a corkboard or put a magnet to it in the kitchen, for everyone to see what the Menu is going to be for the family that week. I was pleased to be able to purchase it again for this year.

Love this organizer!! I used to buy Amy Knapp organizers many years ago, when my kids were younger. I always liked them but switched to a homeschool organizer during school years.. No longer needing the same organizer I was looking for a new one and came across this. I’m picky about my organizers and was pleasantly surprised that the quality was still up to par. I love that they still have the perforated grocery and menu lists, great layout, enjoy the praise and prayer section. The only negative would be that the months of the year are not already identified with tabs. I bought some off Amazon and put them on myself. Now the organizers perfect! Highly recommend!

Was hoping it was a bit bigger, but for the price it packs a lot in and is super helpful!

2023 Amy Knapp's Christian Family Organizer: The #1 National Bestseller! 17-Month Weekly Faith Mom Planner(Thru Dec 2023) (Amy Knapp's Plan Your Life Calendars)
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