Sandra Boynton's My Family Desk Planner 17-Month 2022-2023 Monthly/Weekly Organi

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For the conductor of your family’s schedules (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, pet wombat Scooter—whoever keeps the household train on track) this updated, classic planner by Sandra Boynton makes organizing fun. Insofar as possible.

The planner’s weekly spreads offer dedicated space for the main organizer’s daily agenda, and a separate column for the rest of the family. Each weekly spread also includes a quintessentially-Boynton illustration, plus extra space for notes. Monthly spreads are included at the front of the planner.
  As added bonuses, there are two pages of stickers to make planning fun for kids (and for Scooter!), plus perforated lists for shopping and to-do lists.
  Features include:
  • 6.375" x 8.25" size (13.75" x 8.25" open)
  • Concealed spiral binding
  • Sturdy softcover
  • Printed on FSC certified paper with soy-based ink
  • Calendar lies flat when open
  • 17-month planner: August 2022–December 2023
  • 2 pockets for storage
  • 2 sticker sheets
  • Monthly and weekly spreads
  • Generous grid space for notes, appointments, and reminders
  • Official major world holidays and observances
  • A family-fun holiday for each and every week (un-official but still real holidays!)
  • Extra pages for indecipherable doodles and more jottings
  • Eight sheets of perforated shopping lists and to-do lists

The Reviews

I've been waiting impatiently for this planner for a few months and the interior does not disappoint. There are a year at a glance, monthly, then weekly calendar sections with lovely Boynton cartoons throughout, notes on obscure holidays, and a robust section for to-do lists at the back. Front and back pockets are great. My only complaint is the cover is made of soft-ish card stock. I wish it were something more durable. However, I covered mine in clear packing tape to hold up to the wear and tear it will encounter in my purse and I am pleased with the result.

I like having a hard copy planner to see what is coming in life before it arrives. My child is an adult, but the 2 columns work well for work/live and the book is comfortably sized. I am on my 5 one get one every year

I order this planner every year. It helps me stay organized and makes me happy seeing Sandra’s artwork!

I've been using this brand and model planner for almost 3 years now. Can't imagine using anything different because this planner covers it all. I love the "Mom" column and Family column. It's so easily laid out and keep me very organized when it comes to planning. Love the stickers that comes with it too!

I've used this planner in the past, so I had to pre order one. the only thing negative I had to say is the wait for it to be delivered but it isn't their fault I ordered in the summer and the Calander doesn't start till August.

Use this daily, excellent for keeping track of important dates!

Sandra Boynton's cartoons just make me smile. What a great way to start each week. This is my third calendar and I just love them!

I can't picture the next year without having this calendar at hand and ready for notes. It's the perfect size and also includes lots and lots of goodies inside it too!

I have purchased one of these every year for the past 5 years. Its well organized, offers plenty of room to write my entries, and the art is so cute!

Boynton calendars have become a staple for this 80s mom of teens. I can keep track of myself and others while chuckling at the images. Fun stickers. Makes meetings and carpool manageable.

The pages are glossy, which makes it hard to erase pencil entries when plans have changed. Rather frustrating.

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I bought these as an experiment, and chose the color because it was the cheapest one. Glad I did! I get more compliments and questions about these shoes than any other pair I own. They are comfortable, breathable, and super lightweight.My only complaint is the sizing seems to be inconsistent. I usually wear a 10.5 but ordered these in an 11 as they run small. They fit great so I ordered another pair in a different color in the same size. They were so small I sent them back.

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It stopped the itching on insect bites!

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I love this desk calendar. I have got one for the past 6 years. It's convenient and has a section for my schedule and one for the rest of the family. It comes with cute stickers for appointments and lessons, etc. I keeps me organized.

Sandra Boynton's My Family Desk Planner 17-Month 2022-2023 Monthly/Weekly Organi
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