How to Get Rich: One of the World's Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets

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Felix Dennis is an expert at proving people wrong. Starting as a college dropout with no family money, he created a publishing empire, founded Maxim magazine, made himself one of the richest people in the UK, and had a blast in the process.

How to Get Rich is different from any other book on the subject because Dennis isn't selling snake oil, investment tips, or motivational claptrap. He merely wants to help people embrace entrepreneurship, and to share lessons he learned the hard way. He reveals, for example, why a regular paycheck is like crack cocaine; why great ideas are vastly overrated; and why "ownership isn't the important thing, it's the only thing."

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the more you know the more you can get out of life and there are a lot of amazing things in here and some don't apply to everyone, but i think everyone could benefit from reading this book. i actually only started being interested in poetry because of this book. and you know what i'm writing my 2nd poetry book right now!

Now that Mr. Dennis has died, I'll add my review. He spends the first two-thirds of the book telling you why you probably do NOT really want to get rich. He's quite convincing, and he convinced me of what I already sensed: I don't care enough about the benefits of riches to pay the price to be wealthy. I already have all I need. But I read the rest of the book anyway, because he's an entertaining writer.He does tell you how to get rich, and warns you that it won't make you any happier or more content, but it will give you more choices. That's about it.The only question left is, If Felix Dennis had known he would die so early, would he have spent those decades chasing wealth, or simply followed his desire to travel and write poetry, on a more modest budget?

This is not your average self-help book. There's no magic-wind offered just practical nuggets of advice most people pay professional advisors for. It's a witty, engaging and inspiring tale of one man's rise to great wealth. The author challenges you to consider whether becoming very rich is worthwhile, all the while admitting it was his own raison d'etre. Lots of books talk about creating abundance and lots of people buy them and go to seminars. When it doesn't work they are told it is their own fault because they didn't have the right mind-set. Dennis tells you this is not a self-improvement book because you cannot be improved by reading a book, only by your actions! If you yearn to own a business or already do so, no matter how big or small, you will get a lot of out this book. If you are just curious, you will enjoy it too. Dennis also writes poetry, is planting a native English forest and active in philanthropy. I enjoyed his exuberance and found him less arrogant than some authors of similar works.

I tremendously enjoyed this book. The writing style is entertaining. Although the book focuses on what it takes to become rich, Dennis proves he has a deep understanding of the positive and negative aspects of making and living with millions of dollars.This book opened my eyes about the employee-owner relationship. I've been an employee most of my life, and I no longer wish to be mere "talent" that will be exploited by the owners. That's how much of my life has been so far ... what Dennis writes about accurately describes my experiences as an employee. And why be an employee? I'd rather be an owner.I ran my own semi-successful business for two years. Then I became an employee again, for 4 years. I'm going to give entrepreneurship another go.This book is about making money, about death, about what matters, about conquering fear.If you have no interest at all in becoming rich, this book still has value because of the life lessons it contains.This book is among my favorite business books. I recommend it. Here are my favorite business books:"How to Get Rich""Screw It, Just Do It" by Richard Branson."Anything You Want" by Derek Sivers"The E-Myth" by Michael Gerber

I am a college student that recently started pursuing my own business gigs. I read rich dad poor dad which although "very basic" gave me a foundation for developing the business mindset and knocked me out of the liberal spin which had been ingrained in me by my parents and college professors. After that I started to take more personal responsibility for my life and the discontentment of the situation I was in. I began working harder and eventually decided to quite 3 jobs (internships) and drop my college classes for the semester to pursue my own business. This was the first book I read at that time and boy was it one of the best decisions of my life. Felix Dennis gives a good account of the trials and tribulations of becoming rich and the sacrifices involved. One must truly know themselves before they can embark on this journey. Its rough, lonely, and takes dedication but if your up for it you'll know by the end of this book.

This is an awesome book. It isn't a step by step book to riches but more of a common sense guide. Sometimes a little preachy but I loved how it covers a great deal of in depth details. My husband read the book years ago and kept recommending it to me. I'm an entrepreneur but my business seems to move slowly. This book helps you figure out for yourself where your weaknesses are. Maybe a little tough to read if you feel like you already know everything, but essential read if you expect to be successful.

Straight to the point, brutal, and honest. A lot of other entrepreneur books I read come off as a rah-rah cheerleading experience but Felix Dennis gives it to you straight with actionable tips and helpful insight. MBA in book form.

Dennis is very honest about what wealth does and doesn't do. He gives thoughtful warnings and tips as well as writes in a very poetic form. Even if you're not interested in getting rich, it's still entertaining in its use of stories to illustrate points. Good read

This was a great book. It was on my list to read for a while.My biggest takeaway from this book was to hire talent smarter than you and delegate.Highly recommended!

Witty, entertaining, fun and full of honest advice on how to get rich.If you are looking for the get rich fad of the month, look elsewhere. This is one of the more honest, truthful books about obtaining (and keeping) wealth you will find. The information is presented in a lively, entertaining manner.However you will quickly find that Felix offers no shortcuts. Nor does he lead you to believe that it is easy to get rich or that anyone can in fact get rich. Actually on more than one occasion, he advises that getting rich is not all that it is cracked up to be. And before you make all the sacrifices you should do some real soul searching about the cost and the benefits.So what is the secret to getting rich? While there are no secrets, there are plenty of things you must do if you really want to get rich. The first is you must be "utterly determined". Most people will not get rich because they are not fully committed to getting rich.Felix defines rich a little different than most "get rich gurus". His definition is someone with a net worth greater than one hundred fifty million.The book is brutally honest about the value of ideas. Ideas are not important. Execution is "one thousand times more important than a great idea. The day to day follow through, doing the work, sticking with an idea long enough to make it work, these are the traits which can make anyone rich. However most people will not stick with an idea, they will not put in the effort. We have become addicted to "instant results". Expecting instant results is folly.We have become a nation of information gatherers. Most people are highly knowledgeable. But as Dennis quotes Emerson, "No matter how much faculty of idle seeing a man has, the step from knowing to doing is rarely taken." And therein lies the problem. We know but do not do. Getting rich is all about doing.The premise of the book is very valid. "Times change but people basically do not change." Therefore business models must change with the times. The bright shinny objects that we spend our money on will change, but the reasons, the emotional needs for spending the money do not change. If you wish to get rich, you must understand this basic concept. You cannot chase last years money maker. You need to be looking forward.The major reason that people do not do better, do not in fact get rich is fear. Not just fear of failure, but fear of the "embarrassment of failure". If you want to get rich, you must stare down all your fears. You will not banish them, but you must conquer them or they will surely conquer you.The most important line in the entire book, in fact the essence of the book is this: "Getting rich comes from an attitude of mind. It isn't going to happen if things drift on pretty much the way they are right now." If you truly want to achieve extraordinary wealth, you must adopt an attitude of mind that makes getting that wealth the most important thing in your life.But instead of letting a desire for wealth rule our life, we let fear rule our life. As long as fear rules our lives, we will be timid, we will hold back.You will get to know a lot about the man by reading this book. He freely admits to making many mistakes. But he also learned from them.There is so much wisdom about life and business in the book. It would be great if all entrepreneurs could read the book and thereby gain the wisdom. But I am afraid that each of us still needs to learn the hard way. It is like Michel de Montaigne said, "We can be knowledgeable with other men's knowledge, but we cannot be wise with other men's wisdom." There is much wisdom in the book. Perhaps by reading it, you will gain a short cut to wisdom about what is important in life.

How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis was recommended to me by an adviser that I trust. Since I grew up in my career in high tech at the same time as Mr. Dennis built his fortune I could relate to everything he explained about how his success with the first computer trade pubs and Maxim produced his rise to the ranks of the rich (and somewhat famous). This is a somewhat gritty tale told from a heavy British viewpoint but is nonetheless an accurate description of what's needed to become rich. I didn't say successful or happy, because these have nothing to do with getting rich as you will hear from Felix throughout.Sprinkled with heavy doses of his poetry to savor a point or illustrate required thinking and action, this book isn't an easy or particularly fun read, I found myself wondering if I really wanted to finish it at several points only because of the colloquialisms he spouts while telling his tale which may require stopping to figure out what he actually meant. But, other than that, he does a great job laying out the steps to becoming rich which may surprise the get rich self-help reader who follows this topic, voraciously reading every popular book on the subject.It may make you think again if that's your real goal - getting rich. Felix says that he can understand looking back why others chose different paths with raising a family, devoting themselves to a worthy cause or non-profit, because he himself really wonders if it was worth it...NOT! as it turns out, he's too used to his freedom and experiences of the finer things in life that money affords to change his fate now. He shares with you in the book what a real bummer or hassle that having money brings including a long list of needed advisers, financial advisers, tax advisers, supportive well wishers who seek hand-outs, charities, not to mention the minute details and fine print of the tax laws that you'll need to get extra very familiar with.Dennis cautions what not to do if you want/hope to be rich, and he provides plenty of real life examples of what he experienced to help provide you a solid understanding of what the path looks like once you are on it and just experienced a windfall. He surmises as do many other rich people like him, not surprisingly, that most of the path to riches is paved by those who ACT. He shares that's something that fewer than 2% of the population do for the things that they WANT...and he thinks that most of you won't act and won't get rich.That's why he feels that there's so much room for those who do and turn it to riches because (there is hardly any competition around anyone that's acting).There are lots of ways of becoming or being rich which he outlines in the book, but the most powerful points he feels are: to clear your mind, set your feet firmly with determinism to get rich, laugh at your fears that only hold you back and then simply ACT -- you have to act! Oh, there's more to it than that of course, but you'll have to read for yourself.I gave this a 4 star because it was a good tale of truth but it didn't say anything all that new or amazing. I liked the story because I could relate to the time period and to my own reactions to the experiences I personally had during that same time as I took my turn at becoming rich. It was accurate based on my experiences...every single thing he wrote. But the hardest part then becomes keeping it.

How to Get Rich: One of the World's Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets
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