Buffett’s 2-Step Stock Market Strategy: Know When to Buy A Stock, Become a Millionaire, Get The Highest Returns

by: Danial Jiwani (0)

Warning: Buffett's 2-Step Stock Market Strategy is perfect for beginners who want to discover Warren Buffett’s long-term strategy.

Warren Buffett is one of the best investors of all time. But what is his strategy?
Buffett's 2-Step Stock Market Strategy breaks down Buffett’s 2-step strategy and compiles his best investing principles so that you can replicate his strategy when you invest in stocks.

Buffett's 2-Step Stock Market Strategy will teach you when Buffett buys and sells, what he looks for when researching a stock, and the biggest mistakes that beginners make when trying to replicate his strategy.

Danial Jiwani (the author) has seen some people lose over $100,000 in a stock because they did not properly understand Warren Buffett’s strategy. This is the last thing Danial Jiwani wants to see happen to you. So,
Buffett's 2-Step Stock Market Strategy will explain a proven investing strategy so that you know how to make money in stocks.

Danial Jiwani has taught over 2,000 readers how to make money in the stock market. They have found his advice helpful and insightful because they learned when to exactly buy a stock. Now, Danial Jiwani wants to share everything that he knows about stock market investing with his ultimate beginner’s guide to the stock market.

Plus, you will learn...
-Danial Jiwani’s email address to ask him any questions -Warren Buffett’s formula and 9-Step process to literally calculate the perfect price to buy a stock -How long Buffett aims to hold a stock -How Buffett uses financial statements when investing -How to correctly “buy low and sell high” like Warren Buffett -The most important financial ratios to identity safe stocks -How to properly diversify a portfolio like Warren Buffett -The types of stocks and industries which are too risky -How to minimize risk and maximize reward the Buffett way -The mindset and investing psychology needed to be successful -How to find winning stocks, explained for beginners and dummies -How to use your investing 101 skills to outperform the most investors -How to be an intelligent investor, picking high-return investments -The easiest and safest way to grow your wealth in the stock market -A strategy that has worked in 2019 and will continue to in 2020 and beyond

Praise For Buffett's 2-Step Stock Market Strategy

After reading this book, and really understanding what it meant and how to apply its teachings, I can say with confidence that this book has pushed me in the right direction in terms of knowing when to buy a stock, and when to sell.” - Amazon Review

I was very impressed by the author and always have loved his content. I will be a long time supporter of Danial and would recommend this book to anyone trying to get into stocks and Investing!” - Amazon Review

The Reviews

This book was well detailed and gave me insight on formulas that i was unaware of to look for in a profitable stock. Great for beginners. Enjoyed.

This book addresses discount cash flow better than most other books. Straight forward, no nonsense.

I’m sure I will enjoy the reading of my new book! Buffets 2 step Stock market Strategy

You're not buying this book for the number of pages. You paid for the ideas, and it's worth it. It gave me a totally new, but not newly invented, perspective in investing. Let me explain. In investing, we often examine P/E, EBIT, etc. but those should be mostly ignored. What's new here is to examine the company's ability to generate CASH. Very practical and unlike P/E, it's always true. This idea is not newly invented; it's just not as widely used in investing. In fact, I use this method when I operate my business and/or look to buy business (or even equipment!). For instance, I'd ask myself what my return would be for spending such and such $$$ buying a rental house, a hotel or even a commercial vehicle. From expense directly to cash in my pocket within a time frame. Then, why not asking the same questions in investing? Just that alone, it changed the way I buy stocks. I don't chase after high-fly stocks any more. I'm investing on quality companies that actually generate cash, with optional re-investing for future growth. You got the idea! And there are tons of those companies out there to profit from.Thank you for writing this. A short, concise, and thorough book on the topic.

The book came in quickly and was well wrapped in protective sealing bubble envelope. Warren Buffet is well known as a man with lots of investments. That's what made me want to read the book, to see what his strategies were and maybe a bio of how, when and where he started. It wasn't all that I hoped for. Maybe it's a generational thing, but the info in the book seemed dated. His strategy seems dated to. I think what worked for him was the economy he invested in was a different time then now. I have since ordered investing books by other authors and can see that different times call for different strategies.

I am new to the stock market - and am taking a finance class in college for my BAS. I already have some investments that are doing well. I would say that are too safe. I bought this book because everyone talks about Warren Buffet and his money.The 2 step process the author describes is legit. He lengthens the steps out clearly so he answers your questions before you think about it. I really like the author's style and tone. I would like any class that he is teaching.That said, the book is not a get-rich quick book. I wasn't looking for that. I know some readers will think that you just "buy this stock" and overnight you will be rich. But that is not the case. The author shows you how to be prepared and make good decisions.I passed my book along to my colleague who is also new to the stock market.

this book gives the ultimate standpoints of trading and understanding the stocks market, for beginners I highly recommend this book as a start off

I thought the text was very easy to understand, but overall the book did not seem very professional. I found various typos as I was reading and it seemed like the book was a bit lacking in details. The author even states that he wrote the book after just reading other investing books and watching youtube videos. In addition to this, it was written by someone who is 17, so in my opinion if you were are looking for investing advice it is best to learn from someone that has had decades of proven success in the financial markets. If you really want to lean Buffett's style of investing checkout Ben Graham's books.I will say that the information was straight and to the point, making it an easy read for beginner. I was also very impressed that this book was written by someone who was only 17.

I read to feed not to finish and this book is so clear and concise and written in a way anyone can understand!

The pages of this book keep falling out.

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Buffett’s 2-Step Stock Market Strategy: Know When to Buy A Stock, Become a Millionaire, Get The Highest Returns
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