How to Draw Fashion Flats: A practical guide to fashion technical drawing (pencil and marker techniques) (Fashion Croquis Books)

by: Irina V Ivanova (0)

Draw fashion flats with easiness, accuracy and confidence using this one of a kind book.
"How to draw fashion flats" is a comprehensive, practical guide to technical apparel drawing. The book focuses on pencil and marker techniques with rulers and French curves.
This expert, hands-on, guide make essential basic concepts of fashion flats easy to understand. Text in the book is concise and to-the-point. More than 700 hand-drawn visuals are in the book to illustrate every step, every term, and every concept. It is a unique book, created by professionals for professionals. Book saves time and makes the complexity of technical drawing easy to comprehend.
Who should use this book?
  • Independent fashion designer or small business professional. Be more efficient by making the process of creating and correcting flats easier and more reliable.
  • Professionals in the field of fashion design, apparel technical design and garment product development. Draw accurate flats with this book.
  • Fashion merchandising professionals. Use the book as a reference for garment elements terms and a glossary of garment types.
  • Students who study fashion design, patternmaking, and fashion merchandising. With this book, a student’s project can rich a level of professional competency.What is in the book?
    • Step-by-step guides on how to draw pants, t-shirts, jackets, swimwear, and skirts.
    • Do's and don'ts, the right and wrong examples (visuals with captions)
    • Visual galleries of garment details.
    • Main fashion apparel terms illustrated.
    • Drawing tips from the expert.
    • Figure templates for drawing flats. Use the figure templates to draw your flats. Women, men, children (4 different age groups) as well as a plus size women and big and tall man figures.
    • The Gallery of completed projects. Learn the main steps of development flats from sketches. Gallery shows fashion illustrations with matching flats and work sketches. Who created this book?
      Irina V. Ivanova is a fashion designer and professional visual artist. Irina is the author of the "Children's wear fashion illustration resource book".
      With this book, you can draw accurate fashion flats, fast and with confidence.

The Reviews

This book is Amazing! Worth the money 1000 percent if are a fashion design student or designer that needs to know how to do technical flats by hand STEP by STEP. I purchased this book because we started learning how to draw flats in my Fashion Illustration 2 class, but After the lecture, having never done technical flats, I couldn't remember every single step from the lecture, but desperately need to master this skill for my career, so O research all over the internet for books on how to draw technical flats, but most of them seemed pretty vague on how to do them it was usually just a bunch of pictures of technical flats but not how to get from point A to Z, but I came to Amazon and found this Gem, it goas STEP by STEP ! And includes figure technical flats template s to copy, This book is a great companion to my class I don't feel lost anymore and look forward to getting alot of great use of this book!!

This book does have the look inside feature so I would encourage all to check it out.Introduction/Preparation:I feel this section was excellent. Concise with no unnecessary information given and the illustrations clearly help to relay the information given.Basic Requirements for technical drawing:T-shirts,Pants,Dresses,Skirts:In this section Ivanova shows you drawing but goes very little into the finer details. For example she shows crew collars with serging, but no information on how to complete the serge illustration. She also shows zippers with sliders but do not show how to draw the zipper slider.Jackets,Vests, and Shirts:Swimwear:I would have liked to see how to draw swimwear like thongs front and back without the body template or solely as a flat.Figure Templates for fashion technical drawings:These are the templates you trace over to complete your flat.Gallery of Projects:IndexBook SummaryAbout the authorPro's:I think she does an amazing job of helping you understand flats and their purpose. I really like the fact that what to do and what not to do is clearly illustrated. The book really points out all of the technical aspects of drawing clothing and I enjoyed this.Cons:I was under the impression that the book would show how to make a croquis. What this book does is having you trace the croquis given and add the flats.The introduction shows what materials to use but I don't think the book does a good job of showing there usage throughout.Details were shows but not explained how to draw much like the zipper sliders and serging. You have decorative pockets and buttonholes with no clear way to illustrate them.All in all I am happy to have purchased the book but the "how to draw" information on the details need to be expounded upon. Is this a must have? If you are new to creating flats. Yes! Keep in mind this is not really a how to draw book. I think those with some drawing knowledge will get the most from this book.

This book is little more than a basic book on figure drawing. I am so sorry to have purchased it. I was looking for a book on fashion illustration styles in the 20th century. Don't waste your money.

If you are a Fashion Designer that truly wants to know how to make a precise and most professional technical flat for both adults and children, you would definitely want to purchase this book! I thought I knew how to draw technical flats until I purchased this book for a class I was taking in school. It took me to a whole different world of understanding the correct way to draw flats. I love how she makes it almost like a technical flats book for dummies. There are step by step instructions for any type of garment you could think of. I highly recommend her children's book also. They are both beyond ones expectations. The price doesn't even seem fit for the amount of details you get out of her books. A.E.

so this was not step by step enough for me. I’m a beginner. the basic shape of the garment is step by step, but the details and variations are not step by step. they’re just there as ideas basically.I’ll likely return this.

This book was a great resource to use while I was in Fashion school. If I didn't know how to add a specific detail to a flat I was able to use the book to guide me if my teacher wasn't available. The book also shows different ways to draw things which I thought was very helpful. All of Mrs. Ivanova's books have been very useful during my time in school and I am looking forward to any new ones she might publish! I have to give this book credit for helping me achieve good grades in my classes where technical drawings were needed!

This helped my daughter learn some stuff about sewing !

Daughter Needed it for school, great book on the subject, she has added it to her library

How to Draw Fashion Flats: A practical guide to fashion technical drawing (pencil and marker techniques) (Fashion Croquis Books)
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