Financial Statements (Quick Study Business)

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Essential coverage of financial statement preparation and the reading of those statements including examples and various forms of business, whether governmental, nonprofit or even personal. For students of business in or out of school, this precise targeted coverage ensures easy access to the tool that is the backbone of any successful business.

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The guides are a great concept, just need the lettering to be a bit larger. Pretty tough to read at a quick glance. Otherwise I like them.

Everything in one place. It's laminated and a great reference you will use for a very long time.


I bought this (along with a few other Quick Study charts) for my freshman college son who is studying business and accounting. He was incredibly pleased and happy with this chart and told me it was going to be immensely helpful to him in his studies.


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Expedient. Received in excellent condition, as well. Thank you.

The Kids loved it

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Financial Statements (Quick Study Business)
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