Art in the Making: Artists and their Materials from the Studio to Crowdsourcing

by: Glenn Adamson (0)

The first book to address the significance of the materials and methods used to make contemporary artworks

Today, artists are able to create using multiple methods of production—from painting to digital technologies to crowdsourcing—some of which would have been unheard of just a few decades ago. Yet, even as our means of making art become more extraordinary and diverse, they are almost never addressed in their specificity. While critics and viewers tend to focus on the finished products we see in museums and galleries, authors Glenn Adamson and Julia Bryan-Wilson argue that the materials and processes behind the scenes used to make artworks are also vital to current considerations of authorship and to understanding the economic and social contexts from which art emerges.

This wide-ranging exploration of different methods and media in art since the 1950s includes nine chapters that focus on individual processes of making: Painting, Woodworking, Building, Performing, Tooling Up, Cashing In, Fabricating, Digitizing, and Crowdsourcing. Detailed examples are interwoven with the discussion, including visuals that reveal the intricacies of techniques and materials. Artists featured include Ai Weiwei, Alice Aycock, Isa Genzken, Los Carpinteros, Paul Pfeiffer, Doris Salcedo, Santiago Sierra, and Rachel Whiteread.  

The Reviews

so many people think contemporary art is either overwhelming, intimidating, or total BS--but this book might change your mind. It gives you a way to think about it through the actual processes of how the art is made. Perfect for art students, contemporary art fans, or not-yet fans.

Art in the Making: Artists and their Materials from the Studio to Crowdsourcing
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