Marketing the Arts: An Introduction

by: Anthony Rhine (0)

With limited budgets and resources, arts ventures are struggling to employ modern marketing methods to promote their events. Marketing the Arts introduces students, young professionals, and even seasoned veterans to new and refined marketing approaches—by drawing on marketing theory as it is used by huge multi-nationals, exploring such theories in the context of creative ventures generally, and the fine and performing arts specifically.

The book is designed for classroom use, but also appeals to practitioners looking to strengthen their understanding of marketing, as well as for individuals interested in selling their creations. The book addresses:

  • market research
  • marketing strategy
  • value creation
  • branding
  • customer acquisition
  • market distribution
  • pricing strategy
  • sustaining customers and value

Features include:

  • Discussion questions and classroom activities
  • Case studies of real life situations
  • Commentary by current professional practitioners
  • Companion website
Marketing the Arts: An Introduction
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