Advertising For Skeptics

by: Bob Hoffman (0)

A bounty of heretical, unpopular, and aberrant thoughts about the ad industry. Bob Hoffman, author of Amazon #1 sellers ā€œBadMenā€ and ā€œLaughing@Advertisingā€ looks at advertisingā€™s ā€œdecade of delusionā€ and comes away a skeptic. What went wrong? Just about everything.

The Reviews

A smart, savvy and hilariously scathing denunciation of the advertising/marketing world from the legendary iconoclast and agency veteran. Read this, and you will NOT keep putting marketing folks on pedestals.Been following Bob's outstanding Ad Contrarian blog for years. As a marketing copywriter since 1994 (and an author of several books on writing/marketing myself), I winced here and there, but overwhelmingly, I was nodding throughout. AND, recalling those many moments over the years sitting in meetings listening to clients spout utter nonsense and wondering if it was just lil' inexperienced ole me who didn't get it. It wasn't. The emperor TRULY has no clothes. Bravo, Mr. Hoffman.

Cold water thrown in the face of advertising myths, all in fewer than 200 pages. In my thinking, that's a gift. I read Bob's book in a few hours over three days and came away nodding, and laughing, a lot. As a former ad creative with more than a quarter century in the biz, and two textbooks on creative briefs to my credit, I found Bob's insights spot on. He gives us truth in advertising in a way it was never intended. Anyone thinking about getting into marketing or advertising, and all veterans, should read this book.

I proudly took on Bob's request for more contrarians in our industry and in response, he continues to provide the ammunition necessary to keep me motivated! I absolutely love Bob's writing, speeches, etc. and continue to look forward to the day when I get to shake his hand!

Of course, if you are a "marketer," you might not like Bob's take on things. Bob is his usual curmudgeonly self -- on steroids. Always an enjoyable read ... and hits the nail on the head! Highly recommended!

Irreverent, insightful and entertaining. Bob Hoffman really gets it. A revealing read and worth every minute you spend with it

Best of all a very enjoyable read. Like all Hoffman books.

Opens the wriggly can of worms; and slimy whelks, for all the World to see... Then Bob boils the lot of them in boiling oil... enjoyed best with a side of Popcorn, great entertainment!No better, more genuine, honest and open commentary, with a severely heavy splash of humour thrown at my industry and profession to ever have been written previously with such an eye-opening expose of all the twisted crookedness and corruption! Go Bob! Love your Blog too, keeps me alive noting the radical changes that have happened over the last decades to what was once a fabulously inspirational, more trusted industry.

Advertising For Skeptics
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