A Time to Lead: Mastering Your Self . . . So You Can Master Your World

by: Craig Dowden (0)

Based on cutting-edge academic research, insights from his extensive executive coaching practice, and lessons he has learned from over seventy-five interviews conducted with top CEOs, bestselling authors, and TED speakers, A Time to Lead by Craig Dowden provides an inspiring and practical roadmap to maximizing your potential to be the leader the world needs you to be.

To successfully naviagate the current and future terrain of leadership, we must be able to successfully lead ourselves. This is the fundamental premise of 
A Time to Lead: Mastering Your Self . . . So You Can Master Your World. Written by bestselling ForbesBooks author Craig Dowden (PhD) with Masterclasses in each chapter by legendary CEO Alan Mulally, A Time to Lead makes the case that the best leaders possess an advanced understanding of the inner workings of their minds and their hearts.

In this groundbreaking book, Craig highlights the importance of our mindset and our emotions as fundamental building blocks for our success. 
A Time to Lead sheds light on the scientific secrets of resilience as well as how we can discover and leverage our strengths. It provides insights into how we can receive feedback well and navigate difficult conversations. Craig closes with the importance and challenges of authentic leadership and outlines key reflection questions, which enable us to bring our best selves to every situation.

Based on cutting-edge academic research, insights from Craig’s extensive executive coaching practice, and lessons he has learned from over seventy-five interviews conducted with top CEOs, bestselling authors, and TED speakers, 
A Time to Lead provides an inspiring and practical roadmap to maximize your potential to be the leader the world needs you to be.

Being a leader has never been easy. Today the responsibility is even more daunting. 
A Time to Lead shows you the way.

The Reviews

Craig is a powerful thinker, speaker, and writer. His thoughts on leadership are novel, and he does a great job backing up his claims with real evidence. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to advance their leadership skills in their life and career.

The author combines science and practical ideas you can implement to become a more effective leader. Having added insight at the end of each chapter by former Ford CEO Alan Mulally is an added bonus.

A lot of valuable insight and inspiration! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is or aspires to be in leadership!

I really appreciate how evidenced based the book was. Normally these books are almost a waste of time because it's someone regurgitating their thoughts - but Craig actually laid out evidence and facts. Love the masterclass from Alan the former CEO of Ford.

Really enjoyed this read! If you're struggling to achieve the things you've always wanted to achieve, pick up this book and read it in it's entirety. You won't regret it!

This is a great read for any leader! Highy recommended!

“A Time to Lead” is definitely a must have book for those who are students of leadership like me. Craig covered the core elements of leadership that every leaders in this VUCA world needs. Resilience, mastering a difficult conversation, managing emotion and so many facets were tackled in an articulated manner backed up with actual leadership stories. Loved it and must be in your book shelf.

Dr. Dowden packs so many tips well informed by research and life experience into this guide for professionals at all ages. From mastering your mindset and emotions, to a meaningful comparison of fixed and growth mindsets, to insightful guidance in reframing mindsets, A Time To Lead is a guide to read cover to cover AND constantly refer back to. The book is so eye opening because it shows just how big of a difference a small shift in mindset can make, whether it is in growth, receiving feedback, acting from strengths, and so much more. I am excited to have the book and constantly refer back to it. The book is a guide for my professional life, and implementing these mindset changes even if small will make a HUGE difference in my personal life as well. It is an invaluable resource!

Craig Dowden’s informative new book demonstrates how to move beyond buzzwords to understand and operationalize terminology that’s become over-familiar.This clearly-written handbook includes references to interviews, case studies of his consulting/coaching clients, and social science citations to bolster his key points. An exceptional addition is a chapter-by-chapter CEO Masterclass with Alan Mulally, the highly-respected former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Ford Motor Company. This is a terrific resource for established and aspiring leaders in multiple sectors of society.

So many leadership books spend far too much space in theory and not enough in practical application. This book is a great blend of the two. Craig’s obsession with balancing academic research and the human experience really comes through. The additional layer of Mulally’s Masterclass is the cherry on top. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to grow as a leader.

I truly enjoyed Craig's fact-based guide on leadership, he clearly has found a way forward for leaders to follow during this especially challenging time. His tactful approach to leadership is inspiring and hopeful.

Super readable leadership book with great insights that resonate for leaders at all levels!

Thoughtful and provocative read on leadership. Especially impressive is Dowden's "Science of Mindset". The mindset of the CEO/Owner and top management determines the success of the business enterprise. A great guide for current and future business leaders.

I've had the pleasure of hearing Craig speak, and he embodies his message of leading from your authentic self. His scientific approach to the 'fuzzy' side of leadership is much needed in a world where most feel as if they cannot bring their true selves to work. I encourage you to follow Craig. He will provide you with the tools and encouragement you need to pursue your passions.

Craig masterfully puts the science behind the importance of compassionate leadership and positive culture.For anyone wondering if soft skills are still important- this will help you understand why they aren’t just important, they are critical to any successful business. He puts the psychology behind his explanations in a way anyone could follow.An absolute must for every leader’s library!

A Time to Lead: Mastering Your Self . . . So You Can Master Your World
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