3-2-1-Done: Three simple strategies to get your to-do list done!

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Is your To-Do list overwhelming?

If so, you're probably making one of three very common mistakes that we used to make too. But don't worry, we've got you.

In this book -- based on our popular, virtual workshop -- we'll teach you three
easy, actionable strategies that are based in brain science that will have you slaying your To-Do list in no time and help you feel calmer, save time, and accomplish your goals! #PutOnYourOxygenMaskFirst #PrioritizeYou

So what are you waiting for?
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Alegre and Natascha are moms-entrepreneurs-educators on a mission to help other moms, dads, and caregivers learn to prioritize themselves, save time, and accomplish their goals using the power of planning. Learn more about them at BYWDreams.com


What do our students say?

"BYWD has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. The beauty of it is that even when life throws you curve balls, it is so easy to course correct and get back on track. Alegre & Natascha have taken a concept that has eluded me my whole life and broken it down into really simple, doable steps that just make sense. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to be more intentional with their life and their dreams." ~Michelle L.

"The natural skeptic in me wasn't sure what to expect from BYWD. It exceeded my expectations. When you follow the process and do the homework,
it's nothing short of life changing. I've been empowered with invaluable tools and will absolutely take it again!" ~Julie L.

""Clarity" is the best word to describe what I gained through taking the Beyond Your Wildest Dreams seminar. Learning how to better identify and classify my goals, how to adopt measurable steps to reach those goals, and how to keep my goals and my values aligned has helped me rethink how I plan for the future. But the most concrete benefit I've experienced is shifting from "calendaring" to "planning." BYWD's guidance on how to make the most out of using a planner has helped me gain better clarity and control over my days, weeks and months. I recommend the course to anyone who needs practical guidance in goal-setting/achieving and in planning/scheduling." ~Sarah B.

"Alegre and Natascha are engaging and fun instructors and are willing to help every step of the way. It really helped me turn my vision for the future into actionable steps I can take right now, and for that I am so very grateful! Thank you, BYWD!" ~Sarah M.

"I wish I had taken this training in my 20s! This is such a powerful seminar on planning. I could methodically align my values with my goals for the next 20 years. You'll learn the secrets and tools of a great planner. Even if you think you are good at planning. This master seminar will take you to the next level!" ~Luz S.

The Reviews

Read this to build great habits and get things done. Using methods backed by brain science, the authors guide you through a simple 3-step process to change your current chaos using your personal strengths in order to become more focused and productive in your life. They also underscore the idea that you don't have to be perfect (because there is no such thing, let's be real) in checking off everything on that to-do list. Very helpful indeed.

3-2-1-Done: Three simple strategies to get your to-do list done!
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