The Home of Infinite Possibilities

by: Gary M Douglas (0)

The magnanimous universe is your true home.

  • Are you aware that infinite possibilities show up when you allow yourself to be in the natural flow of the magnanimous universe and to have the ease of that?
  • Are you willing to receive what you desire?
  • What is the power of committing to your own life?
  • What would happen if you became the leader of your own reality?
  • How do you honor yourself and your commitments?
  • What are you capable of that you are not acknowledging?

The universe would like to contribute far more to you than you are willing to receive.

The Reviews

I’ve read most of the Access books and this one is great for people new to Access and people who have been around longer! Definitely choosing to commit to more of my life now! Hdigab?

This book goes on my " forever shelf". Every time I read it, it changes my world. More precisely I change. It opens up such spaces I didn't know they existed.

Good book. I have enjoyed Gary Douglas’s material and the tools of access consciousness. If you are looking to create a different possibility, this is a great read.

Another brilliant conversation with the founders of Access Consciousness! This book challenges and inspires you to finally choose you. How does it get any better than that?

Thee book will challenge you. Keep reading your life and living might just change.

Lots of great questions and fun from the founder of Access Consciousness.

Liked everything

The Home of Infinite Possibilities
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