The Accounting Game

by: Darrell Mullis (0)

A clear, easy-to-understand explanation of key financial accounting basics.

The world of accounting can be intimidating. Whether you're a manager, business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or taking a college course in accounting, you'll find yourself need to know the basics...but baffled by complicated accounting books. What if learning accounting could be as simple and fun as running a child's lemonade stand? It can.

The Accounting Game presents financial information in a format so simple and so unlike a common accounting textbook, you may forget you're learning skills that will help you get ahead! Using the world of a child's lemonade stand to teach the basics of managing your finances, this book makes a dry subject fun and understandable. As you run your stand, you'll begin to understand and apply financial terms and concepts like assets, liabilities, earnings, inventory and notes payable, plus:

  • Interactive format gives you hands-on experience
  • Color-coded charts and worksheets help you remember key terms
  • Step-by-step process takes you from novice to expert with ease
  • Fun story format speeds retention of essential concepts
  • Designed to apply what you learn to the real world

The revolutionary approach of The Accounting Game takes the difficult subjects of accounting and business finance and makes them something you can easily learn, understand, remember and use!

Praise for The Accounting Game:

"The game approach makes the subject matter most understandable. I highly recommend it to anyone frightened by either numbers or accountants."

―John Hernandis, Director of Corporate Communications, American Greetings

"Fantastic Learning Tool...Don't let this book title fool you. It is not an oversimplification of accounting and financial principles. It is, however, a serious and very effective examination of a very small but progressively complex business. There are not many books available on the market that make a complex and dry subject understandable and even fun. This book successfully does just that."

―Amazon Reviewer

The Reviews

Bought for my daughter who is learning accounting. Has been a real nice book, got through all of it. Learned some key concepts such as how to roll up the earnings from one week to the next from the balance sheet, learning that the net profit from the income statement always matches the earnings week to date on the balance sheet, etc.. I noticed on page 50 for total owners equity is has an already printed $15, when it should be an already printed $32. Also, on page 173 for Purchases (12+4+20+20+20+30) on the income statement I cannot find the number 4 for purchases anywhere on prior income statements. It appears to me that it should be the number 24 according to my math, not 4. It’s been maddening trying to find the $4 when it’s obviously not there. So, it must be another numerical error in the book. Even though it has a few numerical errors, it did a fine job with the basics. I’ll add it would have been helpful to have a mention of debits and credits, but overall a good book.

I did not pay enough attention in my Accounting courses for my Associate's degree. I got low B's in the class, and a lot of that was dumb luck. Now that I'm going for a Bachelor's, I figured I should work out how to do this stuff. This book is incredibly helpful. It helped me to understand a lot of the concepts that I struggled with in the dry Accounting college textbook. For example, capitalization versus expensing really confused me in school, but I finally understand the difference now and feel confident that I could go back and improve my grades in college.My only problem with it is the way it treats you as a reader. This book reads like they're talking to you like you're a kid running a lemonade stand. I understand that's the point, but I feel like they could ease off of the childish rhetoric a bit when they're asking questions.Otherwise, for me, this book was fantastic and incredibly helpful.

While this book does make understanding accounting very easy to understand, it is painstakingly annoying to read. I am using it to teach my 10th grader and when I pre-read it I want to cross half of it out. When the kid goes to the store to buy lemons I don’t need a page about dusting off his bike, not running into dogs, etc etc etc.

I have to guide and teach 2 of my family members ( my mother and my sister, we are in business together. I am 46 years old ) , in how to use accounting in order to make decisions about more than 5 different companies we own, or have interests in.My goal is to teach them, how to read financial statements and how to use that information, in order to be a proactive board member and business director. I often find it difficult to explain concepts to people who have no clue about the topic. What a task!!! So I bought 3 of these books. One for each of them and one for me.I have a formal education related to those topics. University degree in business management and a masters degree in general management and in finance. And this book is excelent. I have enjoyed reading the first chapter and doing the exercises. Today we will have our first sesion with them, in order to discuss the first chapter.This book turns something that should be "square and boring", into a very nice learnig process. And is very entertaining. The content is really good. For people who need to learn about the subjetc and how to apply it, it is very usefull. Even for me, you always learn new things.When you finish this book, I doubt you will be able to get a job as a full time accountant. But you will have a solid understanding of the basic accounting principles, and will be able to "read" the story that your business financial statements tell. To interpret them, and hopefully with some common sense, to be able to ask the right questions.As business owners, we "see" through the financial statements and ownership should come hand in hand with beeing able to interpret financial statements in order to direct a business. No matter the size. Even our own household.Excellent book!!! Congratutalions to the authors. You should have a spanish language version available, for people whose native language is not english. Perhaps in the future. Ahh and one more comment. This book , I do recommend that you purchase the print edition. That way you can do the exercises better. 100 points.

This book is a great accounting refresher or a guide for someone new to accounting. The examples make the topics interesting and relevant. We use this book for new employees at work and everyone loves it!

this book tells you about accounting at a 5-grade level and it's a nice sense the college textbooks are ever so confusing I would give this but a 9/10 for how simple it is to understand and do work problems as you read along the chapters would recommend.

Muy buen material

This text is the best introduction to accounting for the secondary school student. It requires hard study and you’ll have to read it several times and participate with the authors by completing the exercises. If you do so, you’ll be on your way to being a great accountant, especially if you start you’re own business using the lessons learned.

The Accounting Game
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