Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications

by: John J. Murphy (0)

John J. Murphy has updated his landmark bestseller Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets, to include all of the financial markets.

This outstanding reference has already taught thousands of traders the concepts of technical analysis and their application in the futures and stock markets. Covering the latest developments in computer technology, technical tools, and indicators, the second edition features new material on candlestick charting, intermarket relationships, stocks and stock rotation, plus state-of-the-art examples and figures. From how to read charts to understanding indicators and the crucial role technical analysis plays in investing, readers gain a thorough and accessible overview of the field of technical analysis, with a special emphasis on futures markets. Revised and expanded for the demands of today's financial world, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in tracking and analyzing market behavior.

The Quotes

The longer the period of time that prices trade in a support or resistance area, the more significant that area becomes.

The fundamentalist studies the cause of market movement, while the technician studies the effect.

The important point to remember here is that the breaking of the third line is the valid trend reversal signal.

The Reviews

Book came beautiful. I originally ordered technical analysis of stock trends by Edwards and magee because it was on the cheaper side (and some books I have read mentioned this book. Even murphy's book mentions it.) However, for beginners I think murphy's book is way better because the edition i recieved in Edwards book has very hard to see charts. The writting style is very old too and hard to follow. I didn't think that it would be a problem, but it ended up making me not want to read it to the end, which I didn't at first. Murphy's book is well written and explains things in an easy to understand manner. There will be no flipping pages being fustrated trying to interpret the words. I can see why this is considered the "Bible" of technical analysis. It is definitely the best book on the subject. I have also ordered technical analysis by Kirkpatrick. I still have yet to read it, but after skimming through it i think it's over rated for beginners. There were some reviews that mentioned this book, and the reason I looked Into it. It's looks like a very interesting book, and I like the writing style, however I don't think it should be the first book for traders. Murphy's book is the go to book. Every other book should be secondary in my opinion.

I purchased this because I felt my insights into technical analysis were still limited after reading a host of other finance and trading books. Now that I've finished reading this, I feel confident that I understand the subject and can, for the most part, explain it to others.Have no misconceptions - this is a thick book that deals with a lot of arguably dry subjects like retracement percentages, oscillation ranges, and specific price movements; you will find parts of it hard to get through, but I urge you to persevere! (I found it very manageable to read two full chapters a night after work (around 50 pages total), and I finished the book in about ten days.)I found almost all of the information useful, and ended up taking almost twenty pages of notes. (Compared to the typical 3-5 pages that I usually do on other trading books.) The section on Japanese candlesticks in particular was quite useful.I absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking to develop an understanding of technical analysis, or to someone who has one but wants to improve it.

This book covers a significant amount of vital areas of stock market technical analysis. The author has presented a wide range of topics such as dow theory, chart patterns, candle patterns, moving averages and various indicators, Elliot wave and cycle theory, relative strength, market breadth, and inter-market linkage. The author even managed to present the basic ideas of the trading system.Reading his book is similar to taking a university course in that the professor sketches an outline and briefly highlights the main points. Afterward, it is the students who will read the rest of the references. This book is just like that! If you only read this book and feel like you can identify the chart patterns or recognize Elliot waves, please think again! Many people nowadays use this book as the bible for technical analysis rather than studying the excellent references recommended by the author. Once they fail to identify the chart patterns or notice the noisy indicator signals, they claim that technical analysis is bullshit as some of the books here on the Amazon.IMHO, this book mainly provides a breadth rather than depth. John's book is a top-level highlight of the coming attractions. However, the author offers a comprehensive list of the reference materials from specific domain masters. Without studying the details from the domain masters, you are unlikely to succeed in the technical analysis.In addition to this book, I have also bought John's - The Visual Investor, as the book uses many new charting tools that seem to be a compliment and upgrade from this original 1999 version. In summary, both books are excellent that cover the enormous landscape of technical analysis. I highly recommend them.

Excellent. One of the best Technical Analysis books I've ever read. I started my career as a financial advisor by following the work of Alan Shaw and Louise Yamada. This book is almost like having Shaw and Yamada's notes on your bookshelf. This should be required reading for all Wirehouse trainees. Great as refresher course for the seasoned professional. Might be a little too egg headish for DYI investors.

I am working my way through the three levels of the CMT qualification, and after finishing level 2 study, pick up this text to go through in detail before the exam. It is the number 1 recommended book by some of the technicians which I have begun to follow. The book covers all the main aspects of technical analysis and is recommended as a "must-read" for good reason. Sections of this book are directly related to the CMT curriculum. I read the whole book cover-to-cover, twice. I need to know a little about many things for the exam, but know that I will be referring to some sections (like Trading Systems) many times in the future, and hopefully never going back to look at the section on others (point and figure, cycles). I don't know any individual investors who trade Futures markets, but for those of us who need to understand those markets, they are covered. The book is very well written and easy to follow. The best way to read it, is to take a chapter, then look at recent stock charts and try to apply the thoughts of the chapter to real-world current price action of assets.

John Murphy is so good at explaining the fundamentals of Technical Analysis and this book is a continuation of his mastery. This book should be one of the foundations to any trader's arsenal and I can't recommend it enough. It does peak your interest in reading the extensive referenced books and those will be on my list as well. Get this book, read it a few times, and then revisit it every few years; you won't go wrong.

I like how this was pretty much a text book but read like a field manual for trading and technical analysis, the book cover said it retails for 80 dollars but its much cheaper here, and I would say it was worth it. Also, a lot of the methods described in the book are well known, but gives you insight into the "why" it works- the book does show its age at times yet the technical methods given could really apply to all markets. I do wish it went a into explaining the order book and how that can relate back to TA, but many of the topics that I first thought were confusing and giving me mixed signals are now strong interpretations of the market. Good book and im going to look for others like it.

The book in it of itself is great. I only give it a 4 star for it’s physical quality. My product came with a slightly damaged spine, incorrectly cut pages, and groups of pages which seem to stick together. Although this does not effect true purpose of the book, of course, just me nitpicking.

This book clearly outlines every fundamental aspects you need to know about technical analysis, and it's applicable to any market. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to get into trading financial markets.

Very Very Very Nicely Organized and presented pre requisite to Technicaly Analysis.

It is entirely possible to spend more time reading trading books than doing any actual trading. This is one of the few books that will remain on my bookshelf and I highly recommend it FOR WHAT IT IS INTENDED - an excellent reference on technical analysis (TA).What I was looking for was something to provide clear, concise descriptions on various technical indicators across all types - trend analysis, price patterns, candles, oscillators, etc. And Murphy not only does this well, but his work provides enough information that I do not see the need for another book on TA on my bookshelf, even though I know that other very good books are available (e.g. Pring). But this one is enough for me. It is well organized and indexed so that I can rapidly look up something while I am setting up trades and get the basic info that I need.One surprise was how well written the book was and how much I enjoyed reading it. I expected a dry reference book but instead found an excellent and engaging read, perhaps with the exception of the chapter on point and figure which was not up to the rest of the book. (If you are completely new to TA, you might find it less entertaining, but in comparison to the dry tome that I expected when the monster-sized book arrived, Murphy is remarkable in his ability to convert most TA topics and examples into 'normal' English.) He also is not a proponent or zealot about any one indicator type, which I appreciate. He does a good job of describing each within the context of its value without trying to convert anyone to any specific indicator. As I do not believe in magic bullets in trading, I appreciate his straightforward approach.Let me also note what this book is NOT so that you do not buy it for the wrong reasons:a) As you should gather from the above, this is not a trading system. Murphy will not tell you which indicators to use most or in which combinations to produce the best results. He will provide insight into many indicators and classes of indicators but he is NOT trying to convince you to use any specific indicator in any specific way. So he doesn't try to convince you of WHAT to use, just helps you understand WHEN, WHY and HOW each indicator type is used by various traders.b) Also, this is NOT intended to be the complete, in depth statement on any of the topics covered. For example, his section on Candlestick formations is simple, clear and includes many examples, but it is undoubtedly not the same as picking up Nison's works on Candlesticks. Similarly, you can find many books dedicated to Elliot Waves, Fibonaccis and other topics. Murphy provides the basics, but do not expect as thorough an explanation or justification as a dedicated book would provide. Then again, expect a dedicated book to try and convince you why its particular system or method is so much better than any other, something that Murphey will not try to do to you!c) Finally, this book is NOT intended to convert people who do not accept TA into believers. Frankly, it is much easier to get most people to accept that `fundamental analysis' affects a stock's value and price, but it is harder for most to understand and accept that simply analyzing the stock's price and related indicators can predict future moves. Murphy's opening chapters include some simple basic background on TA, but verbal explanations have limited value in convincing a pure `fundamentalist' that properly used technical analysis works. The only way to break down this barrier, IMO, is simply to learn and use various indicators for a while to begin seeing how predictive they can be. Murphy does not try to convert - he simply provides a learning reference. From there, anyone using TA needs to practice to become proficient.So, in summary, I highly recommend buying this book for what it is intended to be - a reference book on technical analysis. It does this job excellently.

Extensive and perhaps dated in some areas but an excellent guide to all forms of trading

This is an excellent book for someone who knows their market basics, and perhaps a little technical analysis, and wants to move toward a more intermediate level in the subject. The book is extremely clear, well-written, and balanced in its coverage. In a field with much poor writing and extravagant claims it's almost a joy to read (if one is so inclined). It was easy to spend the better part of an evening getting through 100 or more pages without getting confused or bogged down, or feeling like it was hard work. I found most all of it very thought provoking.While the book basically focuses on trend-following techniques -- about which I have many reservations -- the book also covers numerous contrarian tools as a way to time an entry into the predominant trend during a shorter-term pause/pull-back/consolidation period. The emphasis is as much on charting techniques as on strictly numerical indicators, and Murphy is probably at his best in explaining how best to use this or that item in the toolbox to ones advantage and what its limitations are and what can go wrong. The overall tone is very solid and realistic. I especially liked his clear exposition of the important differences between the futures/commodities markets (where many of these techniques originated) and the stock market.I'm marking it down one tick for a couple of reasons. First, I would have liked more quantitative depth; qualitative discussions such as this can only take one so far toward actual applications. Second, there's virtually nothing here on options and their effects on the markets; the same could be said about computerized trading systems (some coverage but not nearly enough). Third, there were a couple of glaring ommisions: in talking about saucer bottoms he doesn't mention the well-known tea-cup-with-handle formation even though the handle shows clearly on the chart he uses to illustrate it; when talking about simple moving averages he neglects to mention the important "box-car" effect of big changes moving out the tail end of the averaging period; and while Wilder's RSI gets plenty of good coverage the recipe for it he gives is a bit misleading in that it only allows one to construct the first value, not any subsequent values. And, fourth, I think he gives period analysis and Elliott wave theory more attention than is deserved and never mentions the application of Fourier techniques in this arena; I could say much the same with regard to ideas based on Fibonacci numbers (perhaps I'm yet unconvinced in these areas). So the book could have been better in some places.For their historical significance I especially liked all the charts from the 1997-9 time period which show things in the glory days just before the top of the market bubble in 2000: Intel at $100 ($20 today), Bristol Meyers at $95 ($20-25 today), crude oil at $16, etc. [I was trading Micron (pg 127) actively during the period when it spiked to $60 ($12-13 recently) and remember those days well]. So the many charts used to illustrate various things were a bonus to me, though they remind me there was no mention of market manias and how to correctly read extremes and their subsequent breakdowns. Perhaps it would have been asking too much for a closing chapter prognosticating the future as he saw it then, though it would have been interesting had he thought to write such a chapter. This is still a very good book for what it is. 4+ stars.

Great introduction, or even advanced introduction compared to some other books, to a wide array of technical analysis thinking and tools. Great book to give the big picture of what’s available out there to use in your own trading strategy.

One of the higher quality books.

I think that it has too much information. It is definitely comprehensive.

Elegant book, with most of what you need to reach charts and trade in the market.

It’s just ripped while I was trying it

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The bible of TA, aust for every trader even if you don't believe it works because thousands do and they move the markets since algos predict those reactions and drive momentum. Not a bedside read or quick read, more like a resource where you always get back to nail the fundamentals of TA

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A widget would be good for quick access to key controls..BATTERY LIFE: 7/10.Technics actually publishes the battery life for each usage mode in the manual, unlike almost any other manufacturer. Kudos to Technics!However, the battery life is not that good. In my typical usage mode with LDAC and ANC, I will get about 4 hours or less before I stop for a recharge at below 10%. Fortunately, a few minutes in the case gives me another hour or so. The L3P is similarly poor for battery life. At 10%, you get a voice prompt to ‘charge the unit’. I hear that all too often!The battery capacity really should be better for the price..IS THE AZ60 WORTH $230?.I was skeptical of the AZ60 at over $200, having had not-so-satisfying experiences with the XM3, MTW2, XM4 (tried three of them!) and GBP. I was honestly expecting to return them.I was however blown away with the EAH-AZ60’s performance with those features I look for in an earbud - multi-hour wear, superb and realistic sound, strong ANC, clear call quality in noisy environments, comprehensive touch controls and an app for customization. None have done so well across the board.I actually think I’ve found my long-sought go-to TWS earbuds!.As for aesthetics, these don’t look particularly like $230 earbuds. The bud and charging case design are similar to many cheaper buds - boring. I did like the robust but bulky, classy XM3 case and the L3P styling. I personally don’t care about looks. I’m looking for performance, not style. Some may disagree though, especially at this premium price..I think these would be better positioned in the sub-$200 bracket, especially as they lack wireless charging and in-ear sensors for pausing music when removed, even though they have superb performance and fit. These missing features are a given at this price point in today’s market..That said, I’d buy these again if I lost mine. Considering this is only Technics’ second generation of TWS earbud, they’ve done a stellar job. I can’t wait for the third gen!.GO BUY THE TECHNICS EAH-AZ60!

I used these ear buds with an iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Pro 11” Gen 3, MacBook Pro (2020), and a Garmin Vivoactive 4 fitness watch.What I liked- Excellent sound quality for music and podcasts.- Speaker quality for phone calls is great - loud and clear (mic quality is another story, see “what I disliked”)- Multipoint connectivity was a breeze to setup and was reliable. I believe only two devices can be connected at a time, but if you ever need to connect a third, you can simply select your device from the Bluetooth list and the earbuds can figure it out. In other words, you aren’t required to manually disconnect the ear buds from one of the two connected devices in order to connect a third.- Interchangeable mono mode, that is, you can connect and listen with only one ear bud in, and it doesn’t matter which ear bud it is.- Subjective, but I liked the look/style of these.What I disliked- Ever present crackling static noise when ear bud was in my ear and not actively playing any media. Didn’t matter if a device was connected to the buds or not. I do not expect errant static noises on ear buds at this price range, but maybe the ones I got were faulty.- Control button is a touch sensor, not a physical button. This made non-intentional inputs to play/pause/mute very common when I only meant to adjust the ear bud, or remove it/put it in. Also, if you’re exercising on a cold day with gloves on, you can’t pause or change the song without taking your gloves off. You also can’t press the buttons through a hat like you can with a physical button.- Charging case does not have wireless charging.- Microphone and call quality is sub par. People on the other end of my calls reported lots of background noise, and wind noise when on walks outside.- Subjective, but I found the ear bud’s “voice” piercing and a little annoying. It would be nice if there was an option to disable the voice that says “BLUETOOTH CONNECTED”, or change the voice to an array of pleasant tones.- Ear buds work in mono bud mode, but if you add the second bud in partway through a listening session, that bud also announces “POWER ON… BLUETOOTH CONNECTED…BLUETOOTH CONNECTED”. I had it happen a couple of times where I didn’t extract both buds from the case at the exact same time, and had to hear 6 announcements (3 from each bud) that they turned on and connected to 2 devices.What I was “meh” about- Quality of active noise cancelation.- Quality of pass through/hear through/ambient sound.In conclusion, I’d recommend these if they were on sale for the music lover who may not have apple devices and won’t use them for exercise or phone calls.If you plan to use these when exercising or want a better phone call experience, go with the Jabra 7 Pros instead. They’re lighter, have a better call experience, have physical buttons, and are less expensive.If all your devices are a part of the apple ecosystem, consider shelling out some extra cash and getting the AirPod Pros Gen 2. Where these Technics are a step up from the ear buds offered at $40-$60, the AirPods are a step up from the Technics.(I’ve actively been testing these Technics, the Jabra Pro 7s, Jabra Elite Active 75ts, and the Apple AirPod Pro Gen 2s, hence my bonus recommendations that you can take or leave)

very helpful

Quickest and easiest countertop cleanup I've ever done. Fits perfectly on my stove. Glad I found it!

this is perfect. enough said

I was expecting the “magnets” to actually hold this down, however the magnets are so small, that there is no holding the shelf, or even any kind of magnetic pull. If you want something that will actually stay in place because of the magnets, skip this item. Not even sure why they are there if they have no strength….I’ll be returning this item..

This may just be the product for you if you have a small kitchen. This is a great place to put the salt, pepper, and other common spices so they are handy when you are cooking and not cluttering up the counter space.The silicone material insures that the shelf will stay in place and will help protect the spices from heat.Be aware that if the top of your stove tilts back, so will this shelf. On my stove I found that putting a tall bottle of olive oil on the shelf was a little unstable. It tilted back against the wall.Also check the dimensions of your stove. As you can see from the photo, in our my case, the shelf was a little deeper than the stove top.Overall, I like it as it keeps the spices convenient without taking up space on the counter top.Enjoy!

Since it's silicone, it's very flexible and fits perfect for my stove. Can put some seasoning bottles or maybe some rags for a quick grab if the pans are too hot to grab.

This is one of those simple-yet-elegant products - it doesn't overwhelm you visually, yet is a quality way of doing a bit extra with your kitchen space. It looks and works as advertised - sits on top of the stove's backpanel; is flexible to allow it to fit slightly different stove configuations; is magnetic so it stays in place on the metal backpanel; and lets you organize spices, small utensils (like can openers), or whatever you want ready to hand as you are cooking. The rubberized surface is a nice touch, as it keeps things from slipping and sliding around as you try to pick them up. It feels and looks like it should stand up to use - not cheap light plastic. Overall - an easy 5 stars. (It may seem a tad pricy; but probably a case of you get what you pay for....)

This silicone shelf works so much better for me than a stainless-steel one.- Fits like it was custom-made.- Strong magnets.- Soft, so it won't scratch the stove and bottles don't rattle or clatter.- Sits flush with the front of the instrument panel and covers the gap at the rear.I love the easy cleanup aspect. A lip around the outer edge will keep any liquid spills contained, and ridges inside the bottom will keep whatever's in the tray from getting too messy. The manufacturer notes the whole shelf is dishwasher safe. I haven't tried that yet, although my innate klutziness virtually guarantees I'll get an opportunity to do so in the future.I'd buy this product again.

I didn't know that I needed this till it arrived and I placed it on my stove. Game CHANGER! This was super easy to set upon my stove and you can feel the magnetic pull, it's not going anywhere. I love that it's rubberized and easy to clean. It almost looks like it came this way, meant to be. The bottom is raised slightly so spices or whatever you have up there won't slip or fall down. I would give this 100 stars, I love it so much!

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