License to Draw: How to Monetize Your Art Through Licensing...and more!

by: Ronnie Walter (0)

Have you always wanted to see your art on products like coffee mugs, garden flags, fabric, and more?

In this quick read, Ronnie Walter, licensed artist (with over 1000 products licensed with her art), writer, and coach, brings a fresh new perspective on monetizing your creative pursuits, while reflecting on changes in the market and more ways to make money with your art.

License to Draw is a detailed handbook that includes how to figure out what kind of artist you are, how to develop the right presentation for the right clients and an in-depth look at the essentials of a good contract. Written in a friendly and readable style, you'll find inspiration, motivation and a step by step explanation of how to dive into art licensing.

This is for you if:
  • People constantly tell you how your art would be great on greeting cards (or mugs, t shirts, gift items, etc)!
  • You've heard about art licensing but are not sure where to start.
  • Contracts seem super confusing and you need a simple explanation to typical terms.
  • You don't want to have a warehouse full of products with your art on them—and not be able to sell them!
  • You want a friendly, supportive (and experienced) ally whose been down this same road—with a track record of success.
Written in a jargon-free style, Ronnie takes you step by step to evaulate if this is the right path to grow your art buisness.

The Reviews

This is a fabulous book. I love that it is easy to read. I'm an artist and I have dyslexia. I have also been licensing my art for many years. This book is not just for newbies it's also a great read for those of us who are already licensing our artwork. One thing that many artists don't realize is that each artist will have their own unique path in this industry. Ronnie in her witty funny story telling style shares her own experience of what brought her into this business. Many artists set out and look for a "formula" and a list of how to license art. Ronnie reminds us it doesn't really work that way. Ronnie gives us hope that we can succeed. She gives hope to the new artists and those trying to stay relevant in a challenging business. The back includes a wonderful glossary and resources that will be very helpful especially for those who are just getting started.

Ronnie Walter's book License to worth every penny & then some! In a world where there's a growing number of artists interested in learning how to get into licensing PLUS a growing crowd of teachers who want you to take a course in how to learn about licensing...this little book condenses it all into a handy guide to keep right next to your drawing table/desk/easel.Its a quick read & you can jump around to read what most pertains to your licensing journey at a given moment.And hop on over to YouTube and see her encouraging short video there too.

Love Ronnie's book, and she's even better on the phone! What I really liked about the book was how she prompts you to think about what type of artist you are in terms of art licensing. This is a really important question that needs an answer before you can take other steps. Reading this book has caused me to re-visit what it is that really gets me excited about making art, and finding my unique voice.

A good portion of this book is a detailed account of the author's life story. To be blunt, it's not really inspiring, remarkable or needed and should have been edited down to a page or two or just left out. It seems the author is attempting to emulate Erma Bombeck's style of humor and sarcasm in her writing - however it's poorly done and just becomes tiresome and annoying. There are small bits of useful information later in the book - but just not enough. It's lacking any real depth. Disappointing overall. My search for a well written book on the subject of art licensing continues.

Engaging personal account of licensing art. Good for understanding the journey and the personal aspects, not so good for nuts and bolts of how to do the mechanics. As an artist, I need both but don't expect both the personal process and the business process from the same source. This is good for the personal process.

This woman really knows what she's talking about! Ronnie's inspirational "can-do" life story evolves into a how-to manual that contains funny, entertaining, real-life examples on the road to a career in art licensing. If you're really interested in getting into the business or making a living from your art, this is the book you should read.

I laughed (lots) and cried (true) and was thoroughly entertained from thefirst page till last. A great presentation of Ronnie's story, how the licensing biz works,the ever positive mantra of "You can do this" as well as the reality that it is hard work.She also includes a lot of helpful resources and a licensing glossary in the back pages.

I truly enjoyed your story and the information was easy to follow and very helpful. I am a starting to build my collections now that I know how to do it. Thank you.

License to Draw: How to Monetize Your Art Through Licensing...and more!
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