All Artists Aren't Starving: A Guide to the Business of Art and Selling Your Paintings, Written by a Successful Working Artist

by: Adeline Halvorson (0)

How to end your financial and emotional struggle as an artist once and for all…

Do you call yourself a starving artist?

Do you experience a feast or famine cycle?

Do you see craft shows as just a “win and lose” avenue? Sometimes you can make a sale, but other times you can’t...

You may be earning enough from your day job but want to take the leap and be a full-time artist... but you have no idea how to make an art business profitable.

You may wonder how to effectively market your work. Your creative pieces may have received decent appreciation from other people — but you’ve only made a few sales.

And the sales aren’t consistent...

So, you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep paying the bills if you decide to go all-in on your passion. You may have asked yourself the following questions:

“Will I get another buyer next time?”

“Where can I find them?”

“How can I convince someone to buy?

These fears may have paralized you from expanding your limits.

But your heart is fully into art. You can’t help but imagine yourself leaving your stressful job and just enjoy creating artwork while making a living from it.

You may be anxious about how you can put your masterpiece in front of your potential buyers and make your art business your stable source of income.

But according to Anaïs Nin, a French-Cuban-American writer, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

The saying that you will suffer if you’re an artist is not a universal truth.

You only need the right strategies to make your creative pursuit fruitful — I and other artists have nailed it. Remember, it’s in our blood.

You, gifted soul, rise up and shine. Take heed of these practical steps and allow your talent to flourish and be financially rewarding.

In All Artists Aren’t Starving, you will discover:

  • How to make money from your paintings without pressuring yourself to conform and do commissions
  • The selling approach where you have all kinds of creative freedom
  • The 3-step action to successfully market yourself and your work
  • Why you need to have a mailing list for your art business — and how to make your emails interesting to keep your potential customers
  • How to stay motivated when you don’t feel like creating an art piece
  • How to sell your art without stressing about the sales process
  • 10 things you must do if you’re serious about your art business
  • How to be on top of your game (being an artist isn’t just about art and marketing)
  • What habit you need to stop… or you may just lose your bright future as an artist!
  • The ultimate artist’s guide to valuing your work so you can price your paintings well

    And much more.

    You don’t have to be an extrovert to sell your art face to face.

    You also don’t have to sound like a pushy salesman to capitalize on emails to persuade your prospects to buy from you.

    Stop the suffering — it’s time to finally become the successful artist you’ve always dreamed of.

    If you want to pursue your passion for art and consistently make money from it, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

The Reviews

She has lots of tips, ideas, and experience of what it takes to be an artist. They may not fit everyone, but probably fit better than you would think.

A common sense guide to selling your paintings. Many tips and guides included. A great book if you are thinking of making your art a business.

I very much enjoyed Ms. Halvorsen's book on all of the aspects of being a successful artist. She covered all of the areas of issues that arise from trying to be successful with an art business. It was easy to read and understand and written in a manor that kept me turning the pages! Well done!

All Artists Aren't Starving: A Guide to the Business of Art and Selling Your Paintings, Written by a Successful Working Artist
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