Your Art Will Save Your Life

by: Beth Pickens (0)

A candid guidebook about art-making in the midst of oppressionā€”"a slim, necessary revelation" (Maggie Nelson,Ā The Argonauts).

Visiting the Andy Warhol Museum as a teenager, Beth Pickens realized that art was imperative for reflectingā€”and thus remakingā€”the world. As an adult, she has dedicated her life to arts nonprofits and consulting, helping marginalized artists traverse the world of MFAs, residences, and institutional funding.

Writing in the aftermath of the 2016 election, Pickens reminds emerging artists that their art is more important than ever. She gives advice on fostering creativity and sustaining an innovative practice as conversations about grants, public programming, and arts funding in schools grow ever-more heated. Part political manifesto, partĀ practical manual, this resourceĀ reminds us that art has always been a tool of resistance.

The Reviews

I heard about Beth after her interview on the Everything is Fine Podcast and am so, so grateful. As artists, we become mired in the intent and purpose and worthiness of our creations. Life and responsibilities beckon, creating art seems futile, self-indulgent, irresponsible. It is a struggle I face on a near-constant basis. I love Beth Picken's podcast and I love her books. She is in my corner and understands my journey--pulling for me, giving me foundation. Reading her words are a proactive practice in self-compassion.

Nice examples and good advice for working artists. It good for reading while waiting or in line because it's broken up into small stories

This book is a great introduction to anyone looking to get their creative life on the right path, and for anyone doubting their creative life in the current political climate. Itā€™s brief (I was able to read it in less than a day), but it is full of ideas on how to recondition your thoughts and practices.The author calls this her love note to artists, and it is just that. It is an encouraging read.

I read this slim little book in an hour or so, but I know I'll be returning to it again and again. It deals with a lot of the things that take up psychic space for artists, and discusses how to find your way back to your work. As a teacher and writer, I will be recommending this to many, many people.

I bought this book thinking it would inspire and help motivate me and maybe learn a bit, however... I was quickly turned off when the author quickly went into politics. I ended up skipping that whole chapter but it seemed like the author kept trying to add and keep politics related throughout the book. I read the whole thing because I try to keep an open mind and really wanted to enjoy it, I mean...after all, I did spend my hard earned money on it, but I couldn't get the bad taste out of my mouth. There must have been a few good sentences in the book that were thought provoking but overall, Id say the cute cover is the best thing about this book and there are other art books on here I'd recommend over this one.

This book really is amazing, I might even go so far as to say, it saved my life. I don't know if this counts as a self help book, but it has helped me more than anything to embrace art and find a more healthy attitude to approach art with. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Good for the artists in Trump era. For those who get depressed easily and feel lost. I like easy essays with challenging or ah-ha ideas. This book was easy and conciese, but didnā€™t give me much thoughts in depth. Instead of earning new knowledge, I felt like I was being convinced with what I already knew. But thank you for writing this book for the artists who are depressed especially in this era.

This book is both practical and inspiring! Excellent tips for how to manage financial and emotional aspects of creative life. I think this volume is a must read for everyone looking to have a consistent and productive career in the arts.

Quite an interesting book.

Your Art Will Save Your Life
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