The Profitable Artist: A Handbook for All Artists in the Performing, Literary, and Visual Arts (Second Edition)

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The Indispensable Roadmap Artists Need to Navigate Their Careers"The Profitable Artist's chapters address a spectrum of practical topics for working artists." —

While all art is unique, the challenges artists face are shared regardless of background, experience, and artistic medium. With decades of experience training and helping artists worldwide, the expert staff of the New York Foundation for the Arts—in conjunction with outside professionals—have compiled a “best practices” approach to planning and organizing an art career.

The Profitable Artist, Second Edition, NYFA has identified common problems, examined specialized areas of strategic planning, finance, marketing, law, and fundraising, and distilled these topics in such a way that readers can digest them and apply them to their own experience and practice.

This newly revised edition has made considerable updates to reflect changes in the legal and financial landscapes, the vast shift in the tools and culture of both social media and fundraising, and proven planning methodologies from the startup community. All of this continues to be presented in an accessible manner, which encourages artists to apply the information and techniques in a way that is true to their personal and artistic integrity.

This invaluable guide appeals to artists in all disciplines of the literary, media, performing, and visual arts—from recent art school graduates to established artists undertaking new arts businesses to artists seeking more from their careers at any stage.

The Reviews

Very basic. Most of the book covers basic business information like legal entities, income/expenses and investing. It’s probably more helpful to someone who has just graduated art school. If you’ve had any business classes or self-employment experience you’ve likely already learned this information. It didn’t offer much new.

Excellent update and informative quick read.

All artists should have this book. Insightful and what we should have learned in school but didn’t.

Make this an audible book. Some of us are too busy to sit down and read and some of us also retain info better through audible books.

The quote and sample picture are printed on the same piece of paper. I was expected the quote to be on nicer paper and separate from the sample picture below.

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Great gift. My parents absolutely love it. Thank you so much. Came perfect!!!

Great grandparents frame. This did come with some blemishes in it, but goo gone removed it really quickly. The new grandparents loved their frames!

High quality! A beautiful gift

I wish the grandparents heart statement had been permenant. Instead picture and wording are on flimsy paper. !!! !!! !!!

Very nice frame!

The Profitable Artist: A Handbook for All Artists in the Performing, Literary, and Visual Arts (Second Edition)
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