The Education Of A Comics Artist

by: Michael Dooley (0)

Featuring essays by, and interviews with, more than sixty professionals, educators, and critics, the book provides an in-depth view of the art, business, and history of comics art.

Readers will learn about a wide variety of genres, from editorial cartoons, political comics, and comic strips to graphic novels, superhero sagas, and alternative comics. Other featured topics include:
  • The role of comic art in related fields such as animation, design, and illustration
  • Lesson plans by top teachers
  • Essays on how to thrive and grow as a creative comic artist.
  • And much more!

Contributors include: Jessica Abel, Ho Che Anderson, Tony Auth, Bart Beaty, Monte Beauchamp, Colin Berry, Nicholas Blechman, Peter Blegvad, Steve Brodner, Paul Buhle, Kim Deitch, Will Eisner, Robert Fiore, Rick Geary, Bill Griffith, R.C. Harvey, David Heatley, Todd Hignite, Nicole Hollander, Dan James, Chip Kidd, Paul Krassner, Tim Kreider, Rich Kreiner, Joe Kubert, Peter Kuper, Heidi MacDonald, David Mack, Stan Mack, Matt Madden, Bob Mankoff, Barbara McClintock, Scott McCloud, Dave McKean, Rick Meyerowitz, Dan Nadel, Mark Newgarden, Dennis O'Neil, Gary Panter, Joel Priddy, Bill Randall, David Rees, Eric Reynolds, Leonard Rifas, Trina Robbins, Roger Sabin, David Sandlin, Ben Sargent, Marjane Satrapi, Arlen Schumer, Bill Sienkiewicz, Elwood Smith, Art Spiegelman, Tom Spurgeon, Mark Alan Stamaty,Ted Stearn, Jim Steranko, Barron Storey, James Sturm, Ward Sutton, Gunnar Swanson, Teal Triggs, Robert Williams, Chris Ware, and Craig Yoe.

The Reviews

A set of really interesting and well written essays/interviews with comics creators/historians/experts. It covers nearly every aspect of the comics industry with some very insightful ideas about how comics are made, how they work, and what is right and wrong with the industry. Worth buying for any enthusiast. Trust me.

This book is arranged in the following sections:Magazine cartoons -- Editorial cartoons -- Political cartoons -- Comic strips -- Kids' and teens' comics -- Action/adventure comics -- Alternative comics -- Graphic novels -- Miscellany -- Comics in art and illustration -- The business of comics -- The creation of comics -- Teaching comics -- Lesson plans.Each section contains maybe 10 interviews or essays by different authors, averaging about 3-4 pages in length. If you're already a serious comics artist, this is a handy book to pick up and flip to almost any section to read an intriguing or inspiring piece about the industry.Personally, I was looking for a comprehensive history/analysis of comics, so this wasn't too useful for me because each essay is really too short to contain a detailed, focused analysis. Also the subjects and writing style can vary widely between authors so there's not much continuity. I would recommend this as a gift to a comics artist, or something to read for personal pleasure. However I would not particularly recommend it for research, and I didn't find it very helpful in designing a curriculum to teach comics.

The Education of a Comics Artist, a collection of short essays and interviews edited by Michael Dooley and Steven Heller, offers a fascinating look into the methods and motivations of some of the top practitioners of visual storytelling. The book presents an amazing lineup of contributors--Jim Steranko, David Mack, Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Marjane Satrapi, Kim Deitch and many more legends in the field--weighing in on disciplines ranging from editorial cartoons to comic strips, Archie Andrews to alt comics.Every section is insightful, with creators reflecting on the influences and insights that inform their work. Some articles are accompanied by black-and-white illustrations, but text is the main focus, with artists elaborating on the creative process that results in ink on paper.Later portions of the book examine the conceptual framework that surrounds visual storytelling, with articles and interviews on teaching, understanding and--oh yeah--making money from comics. The thoughts on display are diverse, lively and occasionally contradictory, making for a rewarding view into how comics of all types are created.

This book is one of my two favorite books on comics. I'm content to check most books out of the library, to save space in my house, but this is one that I had to buy. I carry this book around with me, and I read it any old way I like. There are countless treasures between the covers, and you don't have to read it in linear style to find them. Like anyone else, I need to be inspired and motivated, and this book really does it for me. I'm years away from fully plumbing all the depths. Many sincere thanks to Michael Dooley for producing such a fine and significant book!

While there are many books out there that can show an aspiring comic artist how to write and draw comics The Education of a Comic Artist gives one the inspiration to keep going especially when you're a lone aspirant as myself. It's truly encouraging and humbly honest about the craft and I often turn to it when I find myself questioning whether or not my desire to create my own comics is worthwhile.

The Education Of A Comics Artist
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