The Artist's Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love

by: Jackie Battenfield (0)

A comprehensive guide for both emerging and mid-career artists to pursue a career in the visual arts.

Providing real-life examples, illustrations, and step-by-step exercises, Battenfield offers readily applicable advice on all aspects of the job. Along with tips on planning and assessment, she presents strategies for self-management, including marketing, online promotion, building professional relationships, grant writing, and portfolio development.

Each chapter ends with an insightful "Reality Check" interview, featuring advice and useful information from high-profile artists and professionals.

The result is an inspiring, experiential guide brimming with field-tested techniques that readers can easily apply to their own career.

The Reviews

Is this book informative? Yes. But after the beginning, which was uplifting, I felt horrible. I became, let’s say ill, and still am.I loath this book and I loath being an artist. Does it matter that your art is good? No. It’s not about the connection between the money and the artI despise this book. Sometimes it’s better to be in the dark. It’s funny, this book probably has all the right information.But after you read it you will never want to paint againTo the writer… it’s kind of like Cadmium yellow. It will take a year(?) before I pick up another brush because of this book and the factsFor me it is worse. I have autism(Aspergers ), bipolar, MS, Heavy IBS, dyslexia, …. There are few to no jobs for meThis book was depressing. Art is the only thing I know well that I can do without quitting. I am now stuck

This was required reading for a career prep class. It did have some valuable information about forging a career in the art world. However, a lot of self-help writing could have been edited out, as well as obsolete tech and stories of the author's personal life.

The subtitle, "How to make a living doing what you love", is accurate.Jackie Battenfield has done that herself, and has been teaching many of us about the kinds of persistence, creativity, energy, and focus that we need to develop cash flow around our art.Wish I could say that I've taken all of her advice -- but I've certainly taken it to heart! And as this book gets well used by my bedside, I'll expect that my web site ([..]) will be more inviting, my grant applications stronger, and my outreach to galleries and other sales channels more direct and more frequent.Enough said. If you love your art, and you want or need to make money from it, read this book! Buy one for yourself, your friends, your library, your community arts center.

Battenfield writes honestly and from her own life experience. And her experience is well-worth sharing!!! I relate to this book so much b/c I am a wife and mother as well as a committed artist. Any woman who is these things or any man who is married to a woman who is these things will understand this statement: Responding to the call of these three things is very difficult to do well! Not only did I gain LOTS of practical insight from this book, I felt moral support come thru the pages to say, "It is possible to love your family and be an artist." This book should be required reading for all mother-artists.

I haven't finished the book yet, but so far I am finding it to be very informative. Battenfield is a go-getter and this book will inspire you to be the same. While you may not use her specific tactics, her energy is contagious. This book will make you want to get out there and sell your art because now you'll know that it's do-able. I also like it because while Battenfield's energy is contagious, the book is written in a style in which she tells her story rather than sells you on her story. By that, I mean you don't get the feeling that she is in your face. She isn't hawking her own website, webinars, or other ways to get you to buy her knowledge. She is simply sharing her experience one artist to another. At least that it how the material I have currently read is presented. As I mentioned earlier, I haven't finished the book. I am taking it one step at a time.

I haven’t finished this book yet but it is written well and seems informative.

Jackie is a gifted artist and writer. She has years of gallery, grant writing, along with valueable artist Insights that will help you launch or furture your career to new heights. I plan to take a seminar from her within the next three years to help my passion for art to also become full time and get paid well for my art. You will learn a great deal from this gifted artist!

The book is thorough, and the author's style is engaging and informative.My one possibly negative comment is that I would have liked to see more about how the author integrated her creative work with the business of being an art business woman, but that's a minor criticism; it may have been the author's intent to avoid the issue of creativity.I would definitely recommend it for young artists and graduating students of art.

Hundreds of pages filled with small size fonts about everything you need to know about making it as an artist. Just make art and read this book.

I have been an artist since I was born, but was always told that was a hobby and not a real job. I worked in business my entire life, even starting my own business and then selling it to write full time. Now my kids are grown and I am painting and selling art again. I bought this book to learn more about the business side of art and how I could eventually make money with my art. I thought it was a very good book, it helped me learn what to do and what not to do in relation to artwork. I thought it was helpful, and full of good information for anyone who is new to selling art and wants to do it for a living.

This book was required for a class I was taking in college, but it really came in handy and gave me a lot of hope as a young artist looking for work. Anyone in art school should have a copy of this book! I'm surprised more art students didn't have a required class about Art Careers. A lot of the time we aren't taught what to do to protect ourselves as business-people and this book is so easy to read and has so many useful tips. Now that I have graduated school, I still referred to this book for help with writing invoices and keeping track of spending as well as reading about other artist's practices. This should be required for all art school seniors.

I checked this book out of the public library and after reading about a quarter of it I knew it was going to be something I would want to refer back to time and again and ordered it from Amazon.This has been one of the best purchases I've made in a long while.Battenfield does an excellent job in laying the ground work of her own life and career experience. Though you might be tempted, don't skip the intro!Chapter to chapter she covers subjects that I personally hadn't even thought of or had placed little value in until reading her explanation. I especially gained insight in "not putting all your eggs in one basket".No matter your art, you will come away with a wealth of information.Thank you Jackie Battenfield for writting this book.

This is the second book for a course being taken on developing a business for the artist. The Artist's Guide (TAG) (2009) is more current than Self-Promotion for the Creative Person (SPCP) and an easier and better read than it as well. The SPCP (2001) is sufficiently old to be outdated. The art world in this country is much different than it was eight years ago due to the prolificacy, capability and capacity of the computer. My business is designed to be internet mostly because the market is not local.

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The Artist's Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love
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