Selling Fine Art Photography: How To Market Your Fine Art Photography Online To Create A Consistent Flow Of Excited Art Buyers Who Love What You Do

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Are you a fine art photographer? If so, you've no doubt found that selling fine art photography online is much harder than you first imagined.While the Internet looks like the perfect place to sell photography, most photographers have a tough time making more than a few sales; certainly not enough to make a living from their camera.The truly frustrating part is, you know you're good at what you do, and you have a strong body of work, beautifully presented through an attractive website that makes it easy for people to view and buy prints of your photographs.As far as you know, you've done everything right. People tell you they love your work, but most of the time it stops there.Your website, and your amazing images, sit there with the tantalizing promise of making sales, but nothing happens.If that sounds like your situation, this book is for you. In "Selling Fine Art Photography" I show you exactly why sales are so bad for most fine art photographers, and what you need to do instead to market and sell more of your work and actually grow your business.This book was written for photographers of all levels who want to create a consistent flow of excited art buyers who love what they do. It's for people like you who want to grow and build an audience of loyal customers instead of wasting time wondering where the next sale is coming from.As a photography marketing coach, I've helped hundreds of professional photographers over the last 10 years. The tips and strategies in this book are distilled from thousands of hours of hands-on experience, brought together in one convenient place for the first time.If you're tired of watching the same old "normal" marketing and sales strategies fail day after day, you'll be thrilled to discover an entirely new, but simple, way to reach more of your ideal customers and turn them into buyers.As you go through the simple steps I share in this book, you'll discover:* Who you truly are as a photographic artist...* Who your customers are...* The real reasons people buy from you...* The most effective ways to market yourself...* How to make meaningful connections with interested prospects...* How to turn website visitors into valuable leads...* How to build relationships and trust with your ideal buyers...* And a whole lot more...If you follow what you learn in this book, you'll focus less on struggling to "get your name out there", and more on creating your amazing fine art photographs for people to enjoy for a lifetime.Here's what one fine art photographer had to say about this book:"Selling Fine Art Photography is an invaluable resource for those, like me, who are passionate about the art but unsure of the principles and procedures of marketing and selling their work. This book condenses what was, for me, a tedious several months of research into a readable, practical and surprisingly counterintuitive plan to further one's career. Had I come across this information earlier I could have saved myself a lot of frustration, tedium and dead ends. This book contains a wealth of invaluable information on a usually opaque subject and renders everything in a clear, concise fashion..." (Jim Lipschutz - Jupiter, Florida)

The Reviews

The positive first: This book does give some food for thought and a useful mindset on how to market photography. The basic idea is to focus on the journey of the photographer, bringing customers along, rather than only showing images and price tags. For this, three stars.The negative is that this book, like so many creative business books, is really a very long sales pitch for the author's coaching services. Lots of filler and emotional stuff, going in circles, promises of telling me things soon, to keep me reading, which not really materializes. Also, half of the book is really basic email marketing knowledge.

This book is great! It gives you the why first, which I think you need to understand, then specific hows. I have learned so much and have lots of ideas to start implementing. I bought the actual book and underlined a ton and made all kinds of notes in the margins. Read the whole thing and plan on reading it again. Definitely a mist buy!

For years I've been struggling to put together my marketing system. This book could have saved me hundreds of dollars and hundreds of futile hours. I had been stumped on selling my fine art photography because it was so different to how I was accustomed to selling my other photographic services, like assignments and stock photos. This book is brilliant in every way. It is insightful, helpful, and has given me a whole new perspective. Merrick has covered every angle with plain language and has devised a step-by-step system with very easily implementable actions. In fact, what I've done is taken the chapter outline of this book and I am using it as the template for my new marketing plan.

I consumed this book in just a few hours over two sittings. I got it new and now it sits full of highlighter yellow, sticky notes, hand written notes and dog-eared pages.It doesn't seem that there's really all that much "new" information in there (or perhaps not so new to me as I've been researching the topic) but Nigel has a refined writing style that makes the information really CLICK!I'm going to initiate all of the programs/procedures he recommends and am looking forward to seeing how this "long game" plays out.If you're interested in selling your photography as "fine art" this is an excellent place to start! easy 5 stars.

I wish I had bought this earlier because it contains alot of information that I've had to teach myself over the past year. Although, I've gotten some good tips that will be trying. Worth the purchase if you are setting up an online shop.

Mr. Merrick's coaching approach to marketing fine art images is conversational and persuasive. Step by step, and with no gimmickry, he presents a convincing and cohesive argument for photographers to rethink how they likely go about trying to sell their art online, and why excellent images may not be enough. Without promising overnight success, the author shows what to do and how, and why it works. An enjoyable and useful read, with no fluff. Well worth the modest price. Good job!

Based on my first read-through, this looks like an excellent plan to accomplish exactly what the title promises. (I will be happy to update this review with more specifics in a year or so.)

I I am a complete novice to the fine art photography business, but Nigel's book gives me a sense of direction so at least I know how to get started. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to find information on how to start a fine art photography business. It's well-organized, and easy to read.

Selling Fine Art Photography: How To Market Your Fine Art Photography Online To Create A Consistent Flow Of Excited Art Buyers Who Love What You Do
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