Law and Popular Culture: A Course Book (2nd Edition) (Politics, Media, and Popular Culture 8)

by: Michael Asimow (0)

Both law and popular culture pervade our lives. Popular culture constructs our perceptions of law and changes the way that players in the legal system behave. Now in its second edition, Law and Popular Culture: A Course Book explores the interface between two subjects of enormous importance to everyone – law and popular culture.
Each chapter takes a particular legally themed film or television show, such as
Philadelphia, Dead Man Walking, or Law and Order, treating it as both a cultural text and a legal text.
The new edition has been updated with new photos and includes greater emphasis on television than in the first edition because there are so many DVDs of older TV shows now available.
Law and Popular Culture is written in an accessible and engaging style, without theoretical jargon, and can serve as a basic text for undergraduates or graduate courses and be taught by anyone who enjoys pop culture and is interested in law. An instructor’s manual is available on request from the publisher and author.

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Law and Popular Culture is a hot topic these days; especially how law is depicted in popular culture and, in turn, how popular culture influences the ways that law is understood and practiced. Asimow's and Mader's "Law and Popular Culture: A Course Book Second Edition" is a superb text well-designed for undergraduate, law school, and graduate school courses on this complex subject. The book is effectively structured and clearly organized: each chapter provides deeply insightful exploration of a movie or television program illuminating various aspects of the intersections between law and popular culture. The text is highly engaging and draws selectively upon relevant interdisciplinary materials. And the writing and analysis are remarkably clear-headed and uniformly first-rate. Consequently, this book is more than simply a course text: it provides compelling reading for anyone interested in this fascinating subject matter. Highly recommended!

Needed the book for my law and film class and the book came quickly and is enjoyable to read

Reasonable price!

Law and Popular Culture: A Course Book (2nd Edition) (Politics, Media, and Popular Culture 8)
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