Nobody Knows What They're Doing: The 10 Secrets All Artists Should Know

by: Lee Crutchley (2021)

Everything no one will tell you about being an artist

Nobody Knows What They’re Doing is an honest guide to the creative life for artists of all kinds. Lee Crutchley, author of How to Be Happy (Or At Least Less Sad), skips the platitudes, positive affirmations, and guarantees of success; he'll never ever tell you to just Do What You Love. Instead, Crutchley discusses the things nobody else is talking about―that, frankly, your work sucks (but that’s ok because everyone else's does too), that making bad art is worth it, and so much more.

In a world desperate for a glimpse of authenticity,
Nobody Knows What They’re Doing is a breath of fresh air that reveals the truths hiding between the lines of Instagram-friendly aphorisms and behind the words of the most inspirational TED talks. An honest look at the reality of creativity and the joy and difficulty of crafting good (and bad) art, this book belongs in the hands of every exhausted creative, every starry-eyed dreamer, and every artist who is trying to make their way in the world―and keep a roof over their head while they do it.

The Reviews

The media could not be loaded.  First discovered this in the library. Couldn't just read it. Had to assimilate its messages into my cells. I'm a creative. I have multiple art practices. Despite daily art practice and having published 19 books, I still need a boost from time to time. I need to remind myself of why I do what I do and not get hooked into societal narratives that have nothing to do with me.For those who have not engaged their creative ideas, who've not allowed them expression beyond the art, know that how to do that is NOT magic.Working artists know how to keep it real and break down the realities of making art. Books like this one is how I commune with other working artists as I have next to none in my daily analog circle of associates.

Thoroughly adequate book for folks who like to read this kind of thoroughly adequate book. I like the author. I like his truth, flexibility, and thought process. I like his mirth and joy too.

Chapter 9 is definitely the most impactful for me. This book is an extremely easy read, split apart with quotes, doodles, and quick life lessons. The biggest takeaway is to not be afraid and create art and continuing moving forward on your own journey. Chapter 9 is soothing for those with imposter syndrome and overall just a nice boost to stop being afraid of making mistakes. Cute read.

You creative types (and that means all of us) need to read this to get the real scoop on how to live fully and, yes, creatively. Best advice and anti-advice I've had. Further, and even better, it's fun to read and think about.

Totally waste of money. The author is just ranting nonsense. I can barely finish the book. I had to put it down and pick up another book that was positive.

Now, I usually am not a book reader but I found this book off Pinterest and I couldn't put it down. I finished the book in two days (but you can really finish it in one), and I love it. Definitely a good read. ^.^(Ig: flo_wizle)

Nobody Knows What They're Doing: The 10 Secrets All Artists Should Know
256 pages
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