KDP - How To Self - Publish Your Book On Amazon - The Beginner's Guide: The key elements for Independent (Indie) author success (Financial Freedom Beginners Guides)

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Do you want to publish a book on Amazon that reaches more readers and sells?

Do you like writing but the thought of publishing scares you?

If you don’t know much about publishing, don’t worry. We are going to start at the beginning.
There are several Key elements to successful publishing:

  • Your Commitment – There’s an old saying “when your book is 90% written you are only half way there.”

  • Identifying your genre – Knowing your market helps to target to that market.

  • A Launch schedule – putting all the elements in the right order can save you a lot of stress.

  • The book content  – Your reader will respect quality content.  

  • The book cover – It turns out that readers do judge a book by its cover.

  • The book title – Matching the title with the cover is one of your main book marketing tools.

  • The Amazon book description – This is part of your sales funnel and a chance to help sell your book.

  • Your media pack – As an indie author you need to be ready to market your book and yourself.

  • Amazon reviews – Seen by some as the Holy Grail, these can make or break your book sales.

  • Amazon Book Ads – Targeted marketing to readers can give you a great return on your investment.

  • Other book formats – Once you have your content why stop at Kindle books?

Grab this book now and let’s get started on your publishing journey.  

The Reviews

This book was recommended to me by a friend. While much of the advice within these pages seems obvious, I guarantee that many new authors do not even know these topics exist, since there is SOOOO much to learn about self-publishing. It takes as long to learn the ins and outs of publishing as it does to write a great book! Typos aside (learn to love your comma rules), there is value in a book like this for the charts alone. The author was incredibly thorough in not just telling us how to allocate money, time, and so on, but he SHOWS you how. My budget fluctuates, and the allocation charts are more for those with steady incomes. I have had a strict writing routine for twenty years, so the exercises are for those who need help in this area. The author tells the reader about different software programs to make writing easier. My response? Writing is NEVER easy. It can take months or years to complete a first draft, no matter what you use, whether a new computer or a tablet. But some may find that by implementing software like dictation can help if you like to talk to text. (I do not, even for note-taking. I have to feel my hands on the keys, personal preference!) I give this book 5 stars because it really can be a valuable tool for those writing a book for the first time. The takeaway for many will be this: "I thought all I had to do was write the Great American Novel and everyone will buy it!" And that is a good thing, to tell writers the hard truth. You can not become a singer without a solid regimen. You cannot become an Olympian without sacrifice. You cannot become a parent without trials and tribulations. But you can become a writer if you have talent, diligence, a strict writing routine, a little courage, and the knowledge that marketing is the only reason anyone will ever see your book. This is a great jumping off point. Read it, and then get back to writing your book!

This book is heaving with information. It's an excellent step-by-step guide to publishing a book on Amazon Kindle. What I quickly learned from the author before starting my own fiction book is, if you're self-publishing, you need to be considering how to market and publish your book from the very beginning. Makes sense...if you write a book and don't know how to publish it when it's finished who's going to read it? What I also learned is that this book breaks down every step in the process of creating a book (or digital product - spoiler alert!), including setting timelines and cost implications, formatting for KDP, how to design your book cover and title, how to upload to Amazon KDP, and how to market your book through Amazon. And that's me picking some of the info mentioned in this book. With exercises at the end of each chapter, this book practically holds your hand throughout. And with Ged's experience in publishing on Amazon Kindle (check out his author page...he's published a few!), he has created this book to remove the trial and error of Amazon KDP publishing that would cost you and I, a lot of time and money learning ourselves, from scratch. I'm currently halfway through writing my book, but more importantly, I'm building my email list and gearing towards my launch date. Trust me the information in this book is invaluable, and without it, I would have probably given up by now. And it's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a course!!

This book provided great insight to some of the less-intuitive tips for self publishing.

This book puts all the searches to rest. If you really want to know how to publish in KDP from start to finish, this is great. I didn't particularly care for some of the wordiness, but this is just me. I did love how the author goes beyond publishing and talks about marketing, which is sometimes harder than writing the book! Overall, highly recommend.

I found so many useful and enlightening subjects on KDP, I am sorry I did not have this information with my first book! This was easy to read and understand with the detailed layout of each subject. As an introvert, I find that sales and marketing is my biggest challenge. The information and suggestions in this book are invaluable to me at this time with a second book going out in January, 2019. I highly recommend, especially for those just starting out with a first publication, to read this book now and save yourself precious time and guess-work.

I’ve been working on my own book for years but never got close to publishing.I guess it just seemed too difficult to take it to the next level.This book simplifies the process of publishing on amazon.So much detail, who knew you could have a whole chapter on the book title or the book cover.I’m going to use this as my guide book and aim to publish by Christmas.

GED Cusack did a great job of explaining everything involved in publishing a self-help book. I’m sure some will be intimidated on everything they should know but I found it to be very educational and I look forward to implementing many of his ideas.Sharon Brevik

Not in the details that I like. Needed more 1,2,3 steps. Now, it did help a little because I am not all that good in setting up a book.

KDP - How To Self - Publish Your Book On Amazon - The Beginner's Guide: The key elements for Independent (Indie) author success (Financial Freedom Beginners Guides)
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