Cryptograms Puzzle Books for Adults: 400 Large Print Cryptoquotes / Cryptoquips Puzzles

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This Large Print Cryptogram Puzzle Book for Adults is a fun way for teens, adults, or seniors to sharpen their minds and test their logic skills. Including 400 Cryptoquotes from various sources including celebrities, historic characters, and books.


Additional Features:

  • Suitable for¬†most Levels: Medium to Hard Challenge
  • Plenty of Puzzles: 400 Cryptoquote / Cryptoquip puzzles
  • Detailed instructions on how to solve the puzzles plus some tips
  • Perfectly Sized¬†- 7" x 10"¬†
  • Large Print¬†- 5 well-spaced Puzzles per page
  • Solutions and Hints¬†can be Found at the Back of the Book
  • Premium Matte Color Cover

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The Reviews

I wish the grams were longer than 1 or 2 sentences otherwise I'm happy because I can't find any cryptogram books around here.

This is great exercise for the brain.

My friend loved the puzzles in this book. I'm glad I purchased it for her.

Ordered for my mom who loves puzzles. The large print is extra helpful. Huge book of puzzles with a variety of themes.

Good level of challenge, easy to read, and interesting quotes.

My grandma is 93 and cant see very well but this large print is great for her to still do her favorite puzzles game.

Heads up on the errors I found....Hints #197 should be J=L (not E)Hints #371 should be C=H (not A)Other than those two errors I honestly didn't mind that the puzzles were in alphabetical order. I didn't find any crude quotes (as one customer stated). In my opinion, this is supposed to help with keeping your mind sharp, so have fun! Life is too short to.

These are a little harder than the cryptoquotes that are always in the newspaper but they're fun

I'm on the #24th cryptogram in the book. It appears that they've alphabetized the quotes by the first word of the quote, so you have a pretty good idea of what the first word is just by where the quote is located in the book. They should have mixed them up.

I've been having so much fun. Crosswords are fun, but cryptograms are so much better! Keep them coming!

I enjoy the puzzles and challenge

The subject is awesome.

Love the book.

Cryptograms Puzzle Books for Adults: 400 Large Print Cryptoquotes / Cryptoquips Puzzles
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