Starting out with Visual C#

by: Tony Gaddis (0)

For courses in introductory C# programming.


Motivate students with clear, down-to-earth explanations and familiar graphical elements

Starting Out With Visual C# is an ideal introductory Visual C# text for students with no prior programming experience. Students who are new to programming will appreciate the clear, down-to-earth explanations and the detailed walk-throughs that are provided by the hands-on tutorials. Gaddis’s hallmark, step-by-step instructions are supported by a GUI-based approach that motivates students as they learn to create GUI-based, event-driven, Visual C# applications. Topics are examined progressively in each chapter, with objects taught before classes. The 5th Edition adds an abundance of new material and improvements with updates for compatibility with Visual Studio 2017. Two new chapters include Chapter 13: Delegates and Lambda Expressions and Chapter 14: Language-Integrated Query (LINQ).

The Reviews

I purchased this book as a requirement for one of the online courses I’m taking this semester. The book seems to be very good for a beginner (which I am). It describes things clearly and the images that show what everything looks like are a great deal of help. However, I’ve encountered one issue with it. It doesn’t tell you what workloads you need to install to actually do the tutorials. The book uses the older Visual Studio 2017 in its tutorials whereas Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition is the only one easily available for free to non-students. It shouldn't matter as both are nearly identical. If you are a student, you can still access Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition with your student email and an Azure account. Now to the workloads. As a complete beginner to Visual C#, how am I supposed to know what is needed for installation before I can even do the tutorials? It seems to only be the NET desktop development workload so far which doesn’t take up a significant amount of storage space and is the first option. I still don’t understand how that was left out of the book in any of the first few chapters I’ve read so far, especially one with “Starting Out” in the title. No other complaints except that it’s extremely overpriced like any other textbook. Amazon was about 15% cheaper than my university’s bookstore.

Great book in conjunction with C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design. These 2 books together make an excellent combination for new programmers who are starting to learn C#.

Website exercises were out if sink with book. Returned book!

A very clean and well-made programming guide: A+++++ for clarity and immediately usable examples.


Perfect condition.

Starting out with Visual C#
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