Escape from a Video Game: The Endgame (Volume 3)

by: Dustin Brady (0)

One hundred villains will enter Grim Island, but only one will be crowned the Greatest Supervillain of All Time. Will it be you?

The latest battle royale video game from Bionosoft promises a crazy cast of villains, over-the-top superweapons, and non-stop action. But when you get sucked into the game, you discover that Grim Island is home to something far stranger than a few costumed baddies.

Young gamers control the action in this new interactive adventure from the bestselling author of
Trapped in a Video Game. They’ll use critical thinking skills to solve puzzles, explore hidden areas, and outsmart villains. Then, once they finish the main story, they’ll get a chance to unlock a whole new tale.

Fans of battle royale games like Fortnite will fall in love with the story’s frenetic pace and quirky humor, while parents will appreciate a book that can captivate the attention of their “I’d rather be gaming” kid.

The Reviews

Engaging novel!

It’s a struggle to get my 10 year old to read but this book caught his interest.Without giving too much away I HIGHLY recommend the author’s first books as a prequel to these. You won’t be disappointed.

This series really jump started my 7 year olds love for reading. He couldn’t put them down!

Escape from a Video Game: The Endgame (Volume 3)
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