Career Magic: How to Stay on Track to Achieve a Stellar Career

by: Lee Cockerell (0)

From a dusty farm to becoming the senior operations executive for the Walt Disney World Resort, Lee Cockerell’s career journey demonstrates how anyone can have a successful career—no matter the obstacles! 

Within Career Magic, readers will find Lee Cockerell’s story, colored with the lessons he learned during his magical and successful career with Hilton, Marriott and Disney. Lee’s focus on self-education, experience and exposure to the world teaches how motivated individuals can achieve their dreams, with or without a college degree. 

Lee believes that it’s never too late to get started. Throughout Career Magic, he outlines management and leadership lessons from the best customer service organizations in the world. His approach explains how to overcome career obstacles and avoid future setbacks by embracing the power of self-reliance and risk-taking. 

The Reviews

Lee Cockerell had a long career with three great companies; Hilton, Marriott, and Disney. Career Magic chronicles his career through the ups and downs. Lee has been through all of the disappointments and delights that we have in our career. Now retired, Lee looks back and pulls lessons from his working years that we can all learn from.

Inspiring! Reading this book I feel like Lee Cockerell is my own Mentor. He shares his journey and how he achieved every million dollar experience. Today I am changing careers and this book fits perfectly. It is inspiring, fun and enriching. Read and discover how a country boy from Oklahona became the Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World® Resort.

Again, Lee shares great wisdom and practicality. His deep desire to make people better through the sharing of his experiences, expertise, passion, and gifts comes through again. Read this book, apply the principles, and your career and personal life will soar! I am a doctor, a medical director, physician coach, and speaker for a large healthcare system. I am also a hardcore student on how do continually improve yourself and Lee is a master teacher. His insight has changed my life. I give this book, and his previous ones, my highest recommendation. Read and be blessed!

After reading all of Mr. Cockerell's book, I have to say that this is another great addition to my leadership library. A rollercoaster of career up and downs, but overall a great journey into what one man and his family experienced over the span of a successful and very memorable career. Every week I keep hearing the plugs on the weekly podcast "Creating Disney Magic," but finally made the appointment in my planner to order the book. Glad I did, and you will be too.

There were so many grammatical errors that I could not read past page 50. There is a lack of editing and care with the book. It feels like it was rushed into publication. If this book had been edited more carefully and more information was added to make the timeline of Lee's career coherent I would have loved to read it.

Always a good read with this author

Great book of stories and experiences from a gentleman who truly knows from a life running one of the world's biggest companies for several years! Highly recommended for anyone trying to be a better manager, employee, CEO, etc...

Great book...Helped me get into focus all of the obstacles in a career and how to handle them. Recommend especially for young people.

Career Magic: How to Stay on Track to Achieve a Stellar Career
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