2023 She Believed She Could So She F*cking Did Planner: 17-Month Weekly Organizer for Women with Stickers to Get Shit Done (Thru December 2023) (Calendars & Gifts to Swear By)

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Design a life you love and get your sh*t together with this f*cking planner!

Take charge and become the organized b*tch you've always dreamed of being with this sweary 2023 organizer! Packed with hilarious motivation, bad*ss affirmations, and tons of sarcastic stickers (featuring phrases like "payday, b*tches," "another sh*tty meeting," and more), this purse-sized engagement calendar will help you keep track of all your important events, appointments, and goals. Get empowered as hell this year and keep for yourself, or give this planner as the perfect funny white elephant gift, holiday stocking stuffer, or inspirational gift for the woman who has everything else!


  • Four planner sticker sheets with over 350 empowering and practical swearing journal stickers for adults
  • 6" x 8" planner with durable hardcover and double spiral wire-o binding for easy, lay-flat writing
  • Elastic band closure
  • Environmentally responsible, FSC certified and smudge-free paper
  • Monthly and weekly calendar grids and goal planning pages with ample writing space 
  • Weekly sh*t to do sections plus bonus notes pages
  • Bold and beautiful floral designs
  • Holidays and observances
  • Year at a glance

Also available as a 12-month hanging art calendar: 2023 She Believed She Could So She F*cking Did Wall Calendar.

The Reviews

The media could not be loaded.  I started filling out my planner… only then did I notice half of October was missing…. The half with Halloween on it too. Paging through the planner a bit more I realized it is all kinds of out of order. Super disappointed.

Okay so if you choose to take off the sticker, here’s the tip on getting the unappealing residue off:Use an eraser!! Seriously, I am not kidding it works like a charm!I originally took the sticker off knowing the warning many mentioned in the reviews thinking I could wipe it off, and boy was I pissed when that just made it worse and worse. Something made me try an eraser, and not a small one, because that’s not going to cut it. Make sure when you’re erasing you put you some real work into it. I promise it works!Con: I already knew that the planner included 2020, but it’s still grinds my gears. I would like to move on and forget this year.

I was nervous to order a planner without seeing it in person but I wasn’t finding anything local I liked so I took a chance. And I’m so happy I did! I’m a little fussy about paper products- I like a nice thick paper where a pen doesn’t bleed though. I also didn’t want anything that felt “cheap”. This book was better then I hoped- the paper has a good feel and I can write with my sharpie pens with no bleeding! The planner feels well made and is holding up to the wear and tear of being in my bag all the time.

Perfect size - small enough for my purse but large enough to make notes in. Love the “inspirational sayings” on the inside

This is my 3rd one I've bought (plus an extra for a friend). This one's a little girly looking for my taste (yes, I'm a girl, I don't like flowery & pink, but I got it anyway) The first one I bought (Carpe Fu*king Diem) I wasn't sure it would be worth the price, but it looked funny so I got it. Last year I got "I came. I saw. I Fu*king Conquered". I'm sold. For life. Love the layout. Love the random comments about holidays that make me laugh. Love the stickers (wish there were more). This makes planning fun. I hope they come up with some new designs for next year.

I got this as a gift for my adult niece. It's really cute and we laughed a lot at all the things written on days of the month and little reminder thoughts it has. Very funny and cute!

This is an amazing planner for a sassy and sarcastic person like me, but mine did not come with any stickers:(

The stickers and monthly quotes are amazing .. By far my favorite one yet

A friend gave me this as a bday present an I loved it so I bought one for a gift to my daughter in law she loved it recommend

I love the whole planner. November is missing last page of the month lol but besides that it’s pretty darn cute

These planners are great. Just the little motivations inside are funny and remind me that I got this! There are plenty of stickers and I plan on continuing to buy these every year!

It's delivered on time and carefully wrapped. The design is super cute with my little's kitty name on it. The bow is high quality with a lid to protect abundant food. I, on behalf of my kitty, love this bowl.Ah - I bought a medium bowl since my cat is bigger and eats a lot but I would think a small size would fit her better though.

The bowl is well made, along with a cute design. I purchased a small one which was fit perfectly for my little Fattee. Never used the cap, but I think it would be convenient if I plan on traveling with my fury buddy. I really the idea to have a customized name on it.

The media could not be loaded.  Loved the product! I always wanted to get a customized bowl for my dog and loved how easy to make it with this one. The design came out really nice, high quality and fast delivery. We would highly recommend this and will buy as a gift for my friend and family.

I wanted to buy a customized bowl for my little nugget. The printing does not come off when washing. This bowl is the perfect size for her. Worth the money.

I have been using this planner for 2022. It is holding together well and I like the writings in it. They make me laugh. The only thing I would like to see differently is the elastic page hold on the other side of the book. Currently to holds all the future pages. If I want to see what's ahead on my schedule I have to undo the elastic to see upcoming pages. It would work better if it's on the past pages. I don't need to reference them as often. Just wanted to pass my two cents along for future prints.

Love this calendar! It makes me happy every time I use it! Only thing that would make it better would be if it had tabs to find the monthly pages. I add my own to make it easy and perfect! Thanks for making such a great calendar!

Will buy again love it!

I am a planner! So I’m in this every day, multiple times a dayThis has held up so nice and its so damn funny. I refuse to look ahead to much because I love the little commentsDef a great buy

Absolutely love this planner! For me, the swearing is so motivational. I think it’s a real planner for real people who (occasionally) enjoy the use of creative language 😊. Only thing missing is the tabs 😒.

Beautiful, well made.

Nice color and a consistent product. Exactly as I had hoped :-)

Love these planners normally, this would be my 4th year in a row. But This one delivered today with a scratch on the front. Nothing I can't deal with. Looks like it got cut by a box cutter before it was shipped.But all in all these are my favorite planners and I really hope they come out with some New designs for next year

Great little soapdish. Matches my shower tile perfectly.

Nice looking, sturdy but not a brick; still lightweight

Soap stays dry in dish, no mush. Dish looks good.

Perfect application

Nice neutral colors. Compliments my bath and kitchen. Perfect size.

Whenever I wash it or clean it, it smells like awful chemicals. So horrible. Buy something else.

It's attractive, practical, and will prompt you to purchase yet another one. Very satisfied.

very nice for the money

This planner is adorable and hilarious and helped me get my life together. I'm confident that I won't forget a single birthday or important event in the next year and I even got one for my daughter.

Has lots of space to write. Fits my bag perfectly.

This book is so cute and great quality and funny! I look forward to using it all year! Get it- you will be happy you did! The pages are easy and big nice print!! Love love it!

I love this planner and the fun stickers!

Sometimes you need an F bomb for that extra push of inspiration! Made me smile all the way through. Little messages were a super awesome detail. The stickers were the cherry on top! If you have a strong personality like me, and a girl who’s rough around the edges, this planner is for you honey!

My first review was declined because I dared to use a censored version of the title lol.Let us see if this works lol.I LOVE thisThis is the best F ing daily planner I've ever had. I can't wait to use it all year long.

This is the best desk planner I have used in a long time - good for a random chuckle and still plenty of areas for notes, lists, appointments etc.

So unique and awesome!!

Lots of room to write in everything, and the stickers are a perfect touch!

This planner was perfect for me. I hate those cutesy motivational planners that for some reason companies think women want. I love sweary planners. It is the perfect balance of feminine and IDGAF. I love the stickers too. Some I would never use, (like when would I ever need a middle finger sticker in my planner) but the planner is functional and funny. Just what I needed.

She believed she could and so she @%%%% did! This planner is amazing! Highly recommend! It comes with 4-5 sheets of stickers all hilarious! I bring it to work everyday and many of my co-workers bought themselves a copy!

This planner is super funny and The Stickers in the back are even better. it is very vulgar, so if that bothers you, this is not the planner for you. I have gotten this planner 2 years in a row and ill buy it again next year. I really love the organization and design.

This is the best planner I’ve come across in forever! It’s hilarious with some of the expressions on certain days. It is not for the easily offended by curse words for sure but for me, I love it!!

I love this planner. Well made and enough room for me to write. It's motivational in a saucy way and reminds me that I'm the same. I think I'll buy it every time as long as it's available.

I LOVE this calendar! The only issue I have is that there aren't enough stickers to mark my dr appointments!

This is my second time purchasing this planner. I fell in love with their Paris/France themed 2022 planner. Tried going into 2023 without using a paper planner because hello technology…buuuuut turns out I still need to write & use stickers! The “She believe she could so she effing did” version is gorgeous - I get so many compliments on it THEN the laughs with the swearing. I love it.

I love all the phrases and dividers in between each month. I feel empowered and all the words make my laugh to myself. Love it!

Sometimes you need an F bomb for that extra push of inspiration! Made me smile all the way through. Little messages were a super awesome detail. The stickers were the cherry on top! If you have a strong personality like me, and a girl who’s rough around the edges, this planner is for you honey!

This is my second year ordering this and I LOVE it!

For that person jut trying to get thru the year😅 bought as a gift for my best friend couldn’t resist. Got me one too now several people I work with have one love it. Hope they come out every year. I’ll definitely be buying more.

Tons of funny stuff written, great stickers!!!

This is my second planner like this and it’s the perfect size and has a great layout. I love this planner.

Love all the sayings and graphics. Good quality planner

I bought this since I’m starting grad school this year. It fits comfortably in my backpack and I enjoy all the little stickers.

2023 She Believed She Could So She F*cking Did Planner: 17-Month Weekly Organizer for Women with Stickers to Get Shit Done (Thru December 2023) (Calendars & Gifts to Swear By)
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