2023-2024 Monthly Planner: Two Year Planner Calendar Schedule Organizer - 24 Months | January 2023 to December 2024 with Notes, Inspirational and ... Friends and Family | 8.5*11 Large Planner

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This 2023-2024 Monthly Planner is All you need to Keep things Organized!
It will Help you Schedule all your Appointments and Daily Activities, Set goals, Plan Events and get Things Done! This is also a Great Gift for Birthday, Christmas or any other Occasion.

January 2023 to December 2024 Calendar - 1 Month spread on 2 Pages Personal Information Page Place for Notes Contacts Birthday Celebrations Yearly Overview Important Dates, Goals, Notes and Ideas Page before Every Month

More information:
Slim and Light Planner - 8,5 x 11 Size 104 Pages - Includes All Important Notes Premium Matte-Finish Cover Monthly Spread View - 1 Month on Two Pages.

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The Reviews

I am pleasantly surprised by this planner! I was not expecting to like it this much. It is aesthetically clean and simple. I think the font used inside is a nice size. At the beginning of the planner, there is a place for Yearly Goals which have square boxes next to them for checking off. I think most people enjoy checking off a box! The squares that make up each month are a great size for someone like me that does not have small handwriting. Another nice thing about the squares is that they are also lined! This is a really great feature that I think will help with my thought organization and help planning the day. After the month there are a few pages for Notes which have nice-sized circles that could possibly be used for check marks or coloring in for a color-coded note system which is something I can see myself doing with this planner. This planner is also a really great bargain because you get two whole years. This can help keep up with important dates and have an easy reference when to set appointments and things of that nature. Also, at the beginning of the planner, there is a place for contacts and important contacts so that will be nice to be able to have for the next two years.One con to this planner is that my kiddo accidentally picked it up with something on their fingers and it shows the fingerprints. This is not a deal breaker for me though.I am looking forward to 2023 to be able to use my new planner. I am not sure if I have ever bought a planner this early, but I am really glad I decided to go ahead and buy one and try this one out!

I was looking for a planner that had both 2023 & 2024 along with some other features. This particular one stuck out to me because it was priced within my budget. I wanted something that was reasonably priced, sturdy and had features that I was looking for. This particular planned checked all of the boxes. It came very quickly and was packaged well. Once I opened the package and took the planner out, I looked through it and was very happy with my purchase of this item. It had a very sturdy cover, a page that showed both 2023 & 2024 completely, it had pages to add both contacts information as well as important dates, the monthly pages were of a good size print even if someone had difficulty with their vision and couldn't see small print, that isn't here with this one. Also after each month there is a page for notes, which is usually very helpful. And towards the back there are several pages that are blank for other areas that you might need to write something down. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase because it did not break the budget bank when purchasing it, arrived very quickly from date of purchased, packaged very well and has features that are necessary when using a planner. Definitely a great buy.

I bought it for my wife, and she loved it! She said it organizes everything in a way that just makes sense to her! I love the macro of it all, in an easily accessible format that seems familiar. About the size of a normal magazine with a sleek, modern, and un-assuming design, this planner is easy to carry with you anywhere and doesn't take much space if decide to keep it stored. I'm glad I purchased it and my wife even more so!

I was looking for a planner for next year as you know the year is over before you know it and getting a planner ahead of time is always good. And this planner is great for the price. Definitely something to get if you’re on a budget.

Daily squares are large and allow multiple entries across a fold out spread for each month. Great room for notes.

Will work well for keeping track of my vacation rentals schedule.

Nice gift for next year

2023-2024 Monthly Planner: Two Year Planner Calendar Schedule Organizer - 24 Months | January 2023 to December 2024 with Notes, Inspirational and ... Friends and Family | 8.5*11 Large Planner
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