The Rogue Artist's Money Guide: Making Art and Making Money (The Rogue Artist Series)

by: Rafi Perez (0)

This book is for Artists and creative human who want a realistic way to view and manage their money. The Rogue Artist's Money Guide helps artists and creatives figure out a sustainable system for managing their money in a practical way.

Award winning artist Rafi Perez is back with his unique experience and insight of creating a sustainable career in art without having to cater to the gatekeepers. In this money guide he discusses the mindsets and techniques he used to manage and make money as an artist.

This unique book helps artists navigate the financial crisis that we can all run into as artists. Finances are one of the biggest roadblocks we can run into as creatives. Take control of your finances, and you will take control of your career as an artist.

This book:
• Features down-to-earth and encouraging advice from Rafi Perez • Examples and stories of his career as a full-time artist for over a decade and how he managed his money.
• Techniques and mindsets Rafi has used to help him succeed financially.
• Answers the question, "can I make money as an artist?"

What does it take to manage your money as an artist? It's not as mysterious as you may think. This book is an honest approach to demystifying making money with art and showing what it actually means to be a full-time artist, and how to make that a reality. This book is all about blazing your own trail managing your money, and creating your career as an artist.

This book can be:
• A self-help book for those looking for artistic mindset guidance.
• Great for those who enjoy reading empowering material that motivates them into action.
• An excellent gift for aspiring artists, musicians, writers, creatives, serious hobbyists, art students, makers, teachers, budding creative professionals, and fans of Rafi Was Here On YouTube.

The Reviews

Being a professional artist is financially challenging. That is an intentional understatement.But like any other small business you are essentially a full-time freelancer. There is no salary to fall back on, and you are at the mercy of your commissions and sales - which can be sporadic. It's feast or famine in this world. Managing your money during the peaks and troughs is exhausting, and it's important to plan for the chaos.The Rogue Artist's Money Guide provides and excellent roadmap for you, to help you manage your money in a way that will allow you to continue making art for a living. I've followed Rafi and Klee's YouTube channel for years and they are honest and forthcoming about their own struggles as living examples of professional artists. This book contains a wealth of information for anyone who seriously wants to become a working professional artist.Not only is it a practical reference, it's entertaining and filled with stories from their own experiences. As a professional artist myself, I'm the first to admit that I was terrible about handling my own income. I was used to salaried jobs where many of these issues are nonexistent. Having now switched entirely over to being both a professional artist and helping to run another small business with my family, we've had to learn the hard way about managing income and expenses when you really can't rely on a steady paycheck. This book does a great job walking you through the problem areas and how to build a long-term financial strategy to get your career as an artist running well.I highly recommend this book to anyone considering a career as a professional artist.

Love the down to earth non-stuffiness . Great book

If your looking for run of the mill business advice or regurgitated “art business” advice this is not that book. As refreshing, practical and sincere as Rafi himself, you’ll get real world, no bs tips and know how to chart a course for making and managing money as a creative.

It's not a myth, [before they die] artists CAN make money!Rafi is the one who can teach you that money comes to those who create!

This is my favorite of Rafi's three books on becoming a self-employed artist. This one is the nuts and bolts of "THE MONEY". What to do with it, and how to manage it. Clear and well-written. Most useful!

Easy to read, well written. Very useful information for the aspiring or established artist. Highly recommend.

I liked the way it’s written. It’s easy to read and is helping me develop a clear plan.

The Rogue Artist's Money Guide: Making Art and Making Money (The Rogue Artist Series)
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