The Consistency Pill: The 7 Step System to Increase Sales and Transform Your Business

by: Simon Chan (0)

Watching online videos, buying courses, attending conferences, or using the latest app may give you a short-term business boost, but these aren’t the answers to unlocking extraordinary and lasting results.

The missing supplement to increasing sales and profits is not more personal development. It’s simpler, and without it, you won’t smash any of the sales goals you set—nor grow your business to the level of success you want.

Simon Chan reveals that Consistency is the ultimate business-development strategy to power up your productivity, increase your sales, and make more money. Featuring a unique seven-step system and insights from entrepreneurs and successful small-business owners, this guide shares the secrets you need to support your goals and create the mastery that will change your business—and your life.

You’ll discover:
  • Seven components of the Consistency System to help you overcome procrastination, battle your fear of rejection, and reach maximum professional and business achievement.
  • The three C’s to create influence and get customers to buy from you, no matter what you’re selling.
  • Smarter social media habits and content-marketing tips to grow your brand across every platform.
  • A simple way to prevent unfavorable events from hijacking your emotions and your consistency.
  • How to get more done every day in less time—and tips to get back on track if your consistency slips.

Willpower isn’t enough, no matter how high your ambition. Take
The Consistency Pill to transform your business and achieve the success you desire.

The Reviews

Finally I can hold it in my arms. Thank you to my mentor introduced me to MLM nation back in 2019, that’s how I know abt Simon and I’m grateful for Simon for consistently LIVE streams his morning pep talk. … Simon have show me what I need to do for me to be successful in MLM. I hear Simon mentioned consistentcy every day and his action have show and prove to me if I want to be successful I need to be consistent.I remembered last years, just a little thought 💭 hopefully one day Simon can write a book abt it . And 2022 Simon announced soon he'll have a book coming out . Wow 😯 god hear my prayers. I’m super excited for the book and I brought extra for my team. This is a best gift I can gift to anyone.Thank you Simon and I appreciated your time for writing the book.If you feel stuck , don’t worry 😉 this book and exercise booklets will help you just like how its helped me hit my first 6 figure in just 1 years.

This is a must read for anyone who wants to change there business, life and achieve their goals and dreams! This book encompasses Simon’s years of experience in building a 7 figure business, coaching, mentorship and MLM Nation. It’s not only information but an action plan broken down to help you succeed. If you truly want to achieve your dreams and goals, this is it!

THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ!As a leader in direct sales, the information Simon teaches in this book is simple, and doable!I will be implementing his systems within my personal business and as a leader!Simon is truly dedicated to helping others, and it shows in this book! As well as all of the other things he does!

I love this book. This book is written in simple language anyone can understand. It helped me see where I was wrong and opened my eyes to the whole industry in a much better way. The book is honest, clear and tells the truth, because it is based on Mr. Chan's experience and lessons he learned from being active and successful in this industry. I recommend the book to anyone, who wants to be active and successful in this industry, including myself and appraise Mr. Chan for coming up with this book for so many of us who watched the miracles of success happen in front of them, but so far, fail to answer the question: Why?! After reading the book, they will be able to answer the question at once.

Phenomenal! Not only does Simon share step-by-step strategies you can use today in your business, he does it in a way that is simple to break down and implement immediately. This is a must read for you and your entire team!

I’ve listened to the audio book already simple listening. The book-audio book is a must for anyone who is new to network marketing.

This is an excellent book about consistency. I like the step by step consistency plan and workbook. The author is an expert in consistency. This book is a game changer for anyone that wants to improve their business or personal life.

This book is a must read! Simon has put himself in on every page. I believe to follow his advice is to find unavoidable success. The book is well written and easy to understand! I love the story about the forgotten soy sauce. I've been there! Thanks, Simon, for putting so many proven strategies into this work for us. Bravo!

The Consistency Pill: The 7 Step System to Increase Sales and Transform Your Business
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