The Artful Manager: Field Notes on the Business of Arts and Culture

by: E. Andrew Taylor (0)

What if we fundamentally misunderstood what it meant to run arts organizations "like a business"? What if our management metaphors actually contribute to the problems we hope they will solve? In these 50 "field notes" from his first quarter century of teaching, research, and consulting in arts and cultural management, E. Andrew Taylor reframes and reimagines the ways we think and work in the arts.

"Andrew Taylor has an uncanny ability to find the small things that make a big difference and provokes his large readership to think outside their own areas of expertise. Doubtful there is anyone blogging on the arts who is more respected and beloved."
Barry Hessenius

The Reviews

Andrew Taylor has been writing his Artful Manager blog since long before blogs became popular, and I’ve been reading since the beginning. Andrew is one of the great thinkers in our field; he is on top of innovations, sees important trends and comes at arts management with a wisdom that has been very important to me in my career. I’m so thrilled to be able to read his micro-gems in one convenient volume!

You can dip into these short pieces whenever you need concise wisdom or inspiration on wide-ranging art management topics. Attach it to your calendar and read one every day!

The Artful Manager: Field Notes on the Business of Arts and Culture
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