Python Programming for Beginners: The #1 Python Programming Crash Course for Beginners to Learn Python Coding Well & Fast (with Hands-On Exercises)

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Have you always wanted to Learn Python Programming but you have thought it to be too difficult for you?

Are you a beginner or maybe you master other programming languages and you want to Learn Python Coding fast and efficiently?

Are you looking for the best Python Crash Course?

If yes, then this book is for you. You no longer have to lose your time and resources learning Python from long books, costly online courses, or very complicated Python tutorials.

This book offers you a great opportunity.

Complexity is reduced thanks to easy step-by-step guidance so that you can progress easily with the Python language even if you have never programmed before.

Best Order and Selection of topics to Learn Python Fast
Topics are selected and ordered to give you the best knowledge of Python in the lowest amount of time without overloading you with information.

Selected Practice Exercises and Examples
Exercises and examples are selected to show thoroughly all concepts and the results of the examples are shown right away so you can see the result even when away from your computer

Why is this book different...
Unlike other books, this is a complete book for beginners with all the concepts you need and you will have the opportunity to test thoroughly your knowledge!

Are you ready to enter the exciting world of Python? Then this book is for you.

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Here is a tiny fraction of what you'll learn:
- What is Python
- How to install python and what is the best distribution
- What are data types and variables
- How to work with numbers in Python
- What operators there are in Python and when to use them
- How to manipulate Strings
- How to implement Program Flow Controls
- How to implement loops in Python
- What are Python lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries, and how to use them
- How to create modules and functions
- How to program according to the Object-Oriented paradigm - How to create classes
- What are and how to use Inheritance, Polymorphism and Abstraction and Encapsulation
and much more...

Across the entire book, you'll be helped through practical exercises that require the application of all the topics covered.

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The Reviews

Python is said that be one of the easiest computer programming languages to learn. This book will help walk you through how to write the code as well as plenty of hands on examples that will help you learn the language. The author also goes over the different types of Python programming. This is a great book for anyone who is wanting to learn to code.

One of my brothers-in-law studies programming and, although he manages others programming language, he must know about Python. So, this book has all he needs to know from the beginning. It teaches the basics, with clear examples. It is perfect for him as a newbie.

I’ve always wanted to learn Phyton, but never found a way to do it. This guide is perfect for people like me that no programming background, it is very clear and useful. I highly recommend this book if you really want to learn this.

This book provides the necessary tools to learn programming with python in an easy and practical way. You do not need to have any previous knowledge or experience to lean programming. cool way to learn.

I purchased this book to help me refresh my skills in Python programming. I was not disappointed. They outline great Hands-On exercises you can follow to help you learn coding fast. They explain what Python is and how to install it. They go over the data types and variables. They outline the numbers and operations and so much more. By the end you will have the confidence you need to start out programming.

The book is good for learning the syntax and basics. Like most people, I use and have a decent website bookmarked for python libraries.

So many typographical and grammatical errors, inconsistent tense, voice and I found myself looking for the next error (there are a ton) that took away from the content.

Good read and easy understood

If you are looking for how to learn programs in this language that is so demanded today such as Python, this book will help you a lot, it focuses on the essentials, it has a super useful selection of practical exercises which will allow you to develop skills, in the same way it instructs you from scratch if you had never programmed which does not make it a limitation, I learned to correctly master the definition of variables, terms and basic libraries in a more efficient and functional way...

This is the time to learn Python. Many jobs ask you to know the new programming language and this book is very useful because this reading is a step by step with many meanings, examples and exercises that are teaching me to do big data, data analysis and desktop applications.

The media could not be loaded.  This book is really what I needed and gave me a head start to learn Python well and fast. It covers all key aspects, from how to install Python to Data Types, Variables, How to Work with Numbers, Operators, Strings, Loops, Lists, Modules, Functions etc…Very easy to follow and very effective! The formatting and code snippets are very cool and well arranged with space to take notes. I believe the design of this book was done having in mind the needs of those who want to learn Python fast without getting lost. It is on another level compared to other books and resources I have tried. I highly recommend it!

This is a great book that shows you the basics of coding, it also helps you understand the most important functions , you should really buy it if you just started programming

I have to be honest, I'm not the best with computers and programming is not pretty easy. However, this book explains everything step by step, in a friendly way to stuck the concepts on your head

I really like this book, it teaches you all you need to start using python, it’s easy to understand and also the examples and exercises are very useful! I fully recommend it.

I was apprehensive about trying to learn programming. I was apprehensive that it would be difficult and complicated because I am an adult learner. I felt like I needed to know everything as a complete beginner, but YouTube videos, Udemy courses, and iPhone apps couldn't teach me that. So I gave up each time. I was still filled with questions, and they weren't the kinds of questions a beginner would want to have. There are typically numerous "whys" and "hows" at play. Because I couldn't understand how I could proceed when I wasn't even sure what I was doing, I would get discouraged and give up. Recently, I have had the impulse to try again. Because I've always heard good things about this book, I got it and happy since!

This book can assist you in remembering the principles if you read it carefully. Although the book is aimed at Python beginners, there is still a lot to learn and practice with. Even though Python is far more complex than C, it's still enjoyable to learn if you're an intermediate C programmer like I am. This book contains all the information required to begin programming at a more intermediate level.

Excellent book for those who are just learning programming concepts and languages in general. Python is a scripting language that is both beautiful and strong, and it has a promising future, making it a necessary skill in the current technical job market. This book is highly recommended as a crash course in syntax or as a way to review how to write code in Python.

With the help of this book, I was able to learn Python without any prior programming experience. The extensive examples and step-by-step explanations that cover everything from the principles to importing modules are great, despite the book's size. This book helped me establish a programming foundation that allowed me to study Javascript, C++, and C#. In general, this book is a good place to start for anyone who wants to learn how to code.

This is a fantastic book for beginners because it clearly and simply introduces Python. The book includes a brief overview of Python's history. You may find instructions for installing Python and using the application in the book. You gain knowledge of things like variables, data types, functions, modules, and lots more.

This book is outstanding. The basics of programming have been effectively explained by this book in general.I'm only on chapter 5, but I'm already in love with this book. I'm far better at understanding code today than I ever was. Exercises based on those lessons are available. fantastic reading.

To study Python, I first tried online classes, but I soon discovered that they frequently contained knowledge gaps. This book is amazing, and I've already begun reading it. takes the time to explain why you do certain things in Python and provides useful examples.

For those who want to thoroughly study or explore Python programming, this book is ideal. The book does a fantastic job of explaining the core ideas needed to learn Python.

It is advised for newcomers! Each Python operation was illustrated and described. It gives me the willpower to persevere and keep learning to program. If you want to start a new job, this book will be helpful to you!

Since I have never studied computer science and have never written any code, I am new to this. Beginners like me are considered in the writing of this book. I'm about halfway through it, and so far I've been able to understand every concept and develop small programs. Python seems to be a popular programming language all around the world, so I'm glad I can start learning it on my own. Very content so far.

It is advised for newcomers! Each Python operation was illustrated and described. It gives me the willpower to persevere and keep learning to program. If you want to start a new job, this book will be helpful to you!

Washed before use, 2 of 4 towels seams were torn. I didn't notice before washing but didn't inspect them. Very soft, wish they didn't fall apart before being used.

Starts with the fundamentals of Python and gradually explores more complex topics, essential reading for both beginning and advanced programmers. The language in the book is straightforward and simple to understand

Reading this text is really necessary. This is far superior to many other courses, in my opinion! I feel like I'm learning and growing so quickly because of this book!

I've purchased a few books on Python, but as a newbie, this one has the friendlier explanations. I'm also pleased with how many exercises there are.

I am a homeschooler teaching our teen daughter Python. The book is great for demonstrating code that is simple and works. We have Python 3.10.6 installed, and most of the code works in the book with our version. However there is mention of using a code editor PyCharm, but no links to it or instructions on how to install it. There are methods listed for things like dictionaries, with no examples or explanations. There is mention of methods we supposedly learned for the string class, but we didn't learn about them until we learned tuples. There is a lot of discussion that is obviously written by someone whose second language is English, and though I am a proofreader as part of my job, I can not figure out what the author is trying to say.If you want a quick and dirty set of instructions for learning the basics of Python, the book is pretty good. However, you should augment heavily with W3Schools Python or Python documentation. Otherwise, No Starch Press has great beginner books for kids and beginner adults which have been proofread and are a lot more comprehensive on each topic. I recommend starting with a kids book even if you are an adult because they explain the basic elements of programming in plain English.

It’s a good Calculus book in my opinion. Of course I’m sure most customers will probably understand that the title is a little misleading - Calculus is not for dummies!

I was hesitant to attempt to learn programming. Being an adult learner, I was worried that it would be challenging and confusing. As a total newbie, I felt as though I needed to know everything, yet YouTube videos, Udemy courses, and iPhone applications couldn't teach me everything. So each time, I gave up. I was still asking myself a lot of questions, and not the kind a novice would want to ask. Usually, there are a lot of "whys" and "hows" at work. I would become disheartened and quit up because I was unable to comprehend how I could go forward when I wasn't even sure what I was doing. I've recently felt the need to try once again. I've heard great things about this book, so I purchased and it is a top resource!

This is a fantastic book for beginners since it clearly and simply introduces Python. Python is a popular programming language because it is flexible, easy to learn, and offers a large selection of third party libraries. Beginners may use it with ease. The book includes a brief overview of Python's history. You may find instructions for installing Python and using the application in the book. You gain knowledge of things like variables, data types, functions, and modules.

Very nicely presented Python foundations; I truly like it. Before this book appeared on my library, I detested Python, but I ultimately grew to like it. I can assure you that Python is much simpler as someone who has worked with Java before.

Without any prior programming knowledge, I was able to learn Python with the aid of this book. Despite the book's size, the detailed examples and step-by-step explanations that cover everything from the fundamentals to importing modules are excellent. With the aid of this book, I was able to lay the groundwork for my study of Javascript, C++, and C#. In general, everyone who wants to learn how to code should start with this book.

I initially attempted taking online programs to learn Python, but I quickly realized that they typically had knowledge gaps. I've already started reading this fantastic book. explains in detail why you should do particular actions in Python and offers helpful examples.

I discovered this book after purchasing several Python books and taking numerous fruitless online classes. Step-by-step explanations of Python ideas are provided in this book, along with examples and exercises. I think you should read this book.

The content of the book is much simpler to read than in other programming books. The topics are highly clear, the terminology used doesn't strive to appear technical when it isn't. in my opinion, top.

It is clear the author did not use an editor. If lazy typos make it hard for you to read a book, this one isn't for you. Even in the same sentence, they'll say "compiled" and "complied" interchangeably. Umber instead of number. I'm 5 minutes in and debating whether to continue.

Nice little tutorial, covers Python basics but not in great detail; a lot is left for you to figure out for yourself. Assignments solutions are not provided. If you are stuck and can't figure out an assignment your are SOL; you can try Google or YouTube for assistance.

Reads like an Indian YouTube video

Python Programming for Beginners: The #1 Python Programming Crash Course for Beginners to Learn Python Coding Well & Fast (with Hands-On Exercises)
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