Total War: Warhammer - The Art of the Games

by: Paul Davies (0)

Explore the world of all three Total War: WARHAMMER games in this stunning compendium, packed with concept art, final designs, storyboards, and artist commentary.

Total War: WARHAMMER is the award-winning PC strategy game trilogy from Creative Assembly. Set in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, it combines grand campaigns of epic empire-building with battles of breathtaking scale, brimming with the warriors, wizards, and monsters that fans know and love.
  Delve into the rich lore of Games Workshop’s world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, as viewed through the Total War lens.
Total War: WARHAMMER – The Art of the Games offers Creative Assembly’s insights into the development of the series. Pore over concept sketches, texture studies, character art, and fully rendered paintings, accompanied by commentary from the artists themselves. Featuring artwork of iconic characters and scenes from parts I and II, as well as never-before-seen art from the trilogy’s thundering grand finale, this coffee-table tome is an essential collector’s item for any Warhammer or Total War fan.

The Reviews

I was very excited to receive this book. As an artist myself, studying concept art of my favorite games is a huge source of inspiration for me. This book talks about the immense undertaking Creative Assembly managed when creating the Total War: Warhammer series accompanied with beautiful concept art for its development.I give three stars however because there are errors and strange choices made. Several of the descriptions are mismatched to the wrong pictures, and oddly enough the Ogre Kingdoms section is entirely absent of unit or character concept art. I suppose it could be because they were DLC but the book released well after the games release date, it seems odd to have a section about them that only shows off environmental design. You don't even see what an Ogre looks like in their section!Overall I'm satisfied.

Such amazing book 👍🏻

I bought it for the artwork and I was not disappointed. What a beautiful set of paintings of a lovely war-torn world of perpetual battle between orcs, elves, humans and blubbering monstrocities.The guys who painted the little toy soldiers photographed for this book are masters, absolute masters. Highly recommended.My 3 favorite Amazon purchases:- Icon by Frank Frazetta- Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set by Gary Gygax- Great Fighter Jets of the Galaxy 1 by Tim Gibson

Total War: Warhammer - The Art of the Games
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