Mastering Nim: A complete guide to the programming language

by: Andreas Rumpf (0)

Nim is a general-purpose programming language inspired by Python, C++ and Lisp. Its most important features are type and resource safety, meta programming and combining readability with syntactic convenience.

Learning a programming language is a huge time investment. Why should you learn Nim?

Nim rewards you with a single coherent language that can be used for everything and it works well on everything:
It runs on virtually every operating system and on web browsers, as well as on tiny embedded devices and even on GPUs.
Nim's complexity is still very manageable, this book tries to cover Nim completely in less than 300 pages.

Some describe Nim as a "better Python with types, macros and C's speed".
But please dive in and be the judge!

About the author: Andreas Rumpf is the designer and original implementor of Nim. He received a diploma in computer science from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. His research interests include hard realtime systems, embedded systems, compiler construction and artificial intelligence.
Mastering Nim: A complete guide to the programming language
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