Anger Management Skills Workbook for Kids: 40 Awesome Activities to Help Children Calm Down, Cope, and Regain Control

by: Amanda Robinson LPC RPT (0)

Help Your Child Learn Anger Management Skills for a Lifetime.

While some children instinctively know how to regulate their emotions, plenty of others lack the skills they need to express their anger in healthy and effective ways. This warm, engaging workbook helps children ages 5-10 develop strong skills for managing their anger through 40 fun activities.

From identifying their feelings and challenging negative thinking patterns to practicing healthy coping skills when angry feelings arise, kids will learn to feel calmer and more in control--and to form better relationships with family and friends and ease problems at school. A bonus section at the end of each chapter encourages kids and their families to practice the skills they've learned for even greater success.

Here's what you'll find in the
Anger Management Skills Workbook for Kids:

  • SIX ESSENTIAL SKILLS everybody needs to find calm and control.
  • 40 AWESOME ACTIVITIES that help kids develop these important skills.
  • BONUS GAMES AND EXERCISES at the end of each chapter to practice the skills learned with family and friends.

This positive, interactive book will help your child calm down, cope, and cool a hot temper with skills that will last them a lifetime.

The Reviews

My son would often get very very frustrated if he couldn’t get something right the first time. I decided to try an activity workbook out and it’s actually great.

Very cute! I am adult that works with kiddos and this book is perfect! I usually do these types of books myself and then present it to the kids. My only complaint is that I wish the book was longer...because I loved it soo much!

My 5 year old grandson kept getting in trouble at preschool for losing his temper and hitting others. Nothing seemed to work to correct this behavior. We bought this for him about 3 weeks ago and he really likes working in the work book and talking about his feelings. Also he has insisted on bringing it to preschool with him so he can "remember what he's suppose to do" instead of hit. We are very happy we got him the book as it seems to be helping him give more thought to his actions and do other things to get his anger out instead of hit!

Bought this for my 6 year old. She loves working through it. The activities are engaging, and on the days we do the book, I notice a positive difference. I definitely recommend this book.

Fantastic book! My son loves it and it has helped a lot.

We have only done a few of the activities, but they are easy enough for my 8-year-old to do, and some of them we can do together which is a really good thing. She is also in therapy so I got this book as a supplement to help support the thing she's learning at therapy. So far I do think it's a good investment.

The media could not be loaded.  So far I'm loving this book and my son is doing pretty well in it. My son has a diagnosis of autism level 1 o d d sensory processing disorder ADHD with a possibility of OCD. We have lots of meltdowns anger issues throwing things in upsets. Sometimes it's hard to get him engaged in anything and he doesn't like this either but he will set through it and injure it. He enjoys that there are coloring activities. I bought two books at this time both are really good books but I will say that my son personally likes this one better and it's more of age appropriate for 8 years old. The other one seems more pointed towards teenagers and it seems like a lot of the books like this are. I'm really happy that this book is something me and my son can do together and actually help him work through his anger issues and see it on something else. I posted a photo and a video to help give an idea of some of the stories that are in here they're really nice and not too long or Too Short. If you can get your kiddo to set down they're going to do better after sitting with this book.

The language was easy and it gives realistic examples and real life practices for kids (and adults) to use to help handle their emotions. I loved this book and reference back to it!

Purchase this for my 7-year-old gifted learner, who is occasionally resistant to workbook style learning. Since opening the package he was excited to dive in. Every morning he asked if he could do more pages than we had to do for homeschool so highly recommend. Also in excellent parent child activity for bonding and the intended social emotional learning (anger management). Great as a first book for feelings emotions and learning how to deal with them and is very thorough in the way that the chapters are set up so be sure to have your child complete them in order start to finish instead of skipping ahead.

Very nice quality and comfy to sleep on! Great value.

arrived fast. nice sheets.

Anger Management Skills Workbook for Kids: 40 Awesome Activities to Help Children Calm Down, Cope, and Regain Control
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