101 Most Popular Excel Formulas (101 Excel Series)

by: John Michaloudis (0)

Learn the Most Popular Excel Formulas Ever: VLOOKUP, IF, SUMIF, INDEX/MATCH, COUNT, SUMPRODUCT plus Many More!

With this book, you’ll learn to apply the must know Excel Formulas & Functions to make your data analysis & reporting easier and will save time in the process.

With this book you get the following:


✔ Easy to Read Step by Step Guide with Screenshots

Downloadable Practice Workbooks for each Formula with Solutions

✔ New Excel Formulas For Excel 2019 & Office 365

✔ You get a FREE BONUS downloadable PDF version of this book!

✔ Exclusive to Paperback: You also get a
FREE BONUS 20+ Hour Excel Course with 77 video tutorials!

This book is a MUST-HAVE for Beginner to Intermediate Excel users who want to learn Excel Formulas FAST & stand out from the crowd!

The Reviews

Although this book is a little out of date I found that 99% of the formulas and functions within were very helpful and I am confident that it will help me do my job better when Working with my Excel sheets

This book written from ‘training ‘ perspective, not from ‘book’ perspective. So it is easy to follow and feels like its giving hands on training!I highly recommend this book.

I'm reviewing this for my wife. I know she won't. She bought it for reference and review. I'm sure it's fine? I bet she never opens it though. I hope it wasn't expensive.

The title of the book is Excel Formulas, but it's really about all the amazing built-in functions that Excel has or virtually anything you can think of. I haven't counted whether this book has exactly 101 functions, but it certainly seems to cover them all. The pages are big and the explanations thorough.I really like the layout. The functions are grouped logically, and for each function it gives the syntax, and then builds formulas showing how they work in practice using different data. This allows the reader to pick an area, like text functions, and just survey them all. Then later, when you want to do something with text functions, you can go to the section and (presumably) find the one you're looking for and be reminded how it works.

not what i thought this would be

The book is well organized and structured well. However, this book is not about advanced/complex formulas. This is essentially a re-hash of Excel’s built-in formula help. It’s useful for users starting out in learning formulas but one can learn the same, and for free by using tools available in Excel or online.There is a section on advanced formulas, like using index/match with multi-criteria, but it is a small part of the book. Again, most of these can be found online.

This book is a must have for all excel users! Its a wonderful book to easily recall or reference excel formulas

This book is amazing! I have often searched online for formulas to help with a task and sometimes was still confused as to how the formula worked. Now, I am able to use this book to provide not only the formula, but also what the parameters of the formula do as well as examples of how the formula works. It also provides downloadable workbooks for me to practice using formulas on! It is great to have so many useful formulas in one place and the ability to access them while offline.

I love Excel and learning formulas will make things easier - the table of contents is FAB! - as it is now, I know less than a hair's width - so I'm looking forward to learning more!! There's a Practice Workbook!! So cool! I learn best by doing. I'm very excited about this book!!

101 Most Popular Excel Formulas (101 Excel Series)
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