Independent Artistry: A How-To Book for Independent Music Artists

by: Allen Floyd Perry (0)

Independent Artistry is a DIY how-to book for aspiring music artists pursuing a career in the entertainment industry independently. After reading this book, artists gain the know-how of establishing a music career by applying the fundamentals of: Songwriting, Brand Development, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Business Incorporation, Business Finances, Small Business Taxes, Artist Management, Music Publishing, and Music Distribution - the 10 skills of Independent Artistry.

The Reviews

If you have some musical knowledge and want some practical information on the business side of the music industry, this book is for you! With this book you could become your own manager and label :]

This Book is the next knowledge of Hip-Hop itself, As an up and coming Rap Artist (as myself) didn't know what to think about the book because it brings out every layout of what every artist needs. I wanted to improve myself and my music, so I took some time to read this book every carefully and this book is a must have for any new or established artist. It has a vast range of artist guidance and input. It also breaks down the music of hip hop to instruct/guide artists and listeners to better they're way of understand the music. It's very detailed and thorough. I'm dissecting it now and learning something new every page. I know that my music will go to the next level because of it. I'm not speaking as a family member either (Definitely a Good Book Cousin!), This Book has what it takes to Build-A-Artist. Buy This Book invest in yourself.

I read this and have adopted the principles of creative artistry already. I had no idea where to start organizing myself as an artist, and now I have opened my own LLC, joined ASCAP, registered all of my work with them and the copyright office, and released an album with 5 music videos. I have had success in my efforts, winning competitions, getting national press, and fearing not that I won't be compensated for the work that I've put in. And I can credit all of these steps I've taken to position myself for success in music to Independent Artistry.

Amazing for people who want a career in the music field!! From aspiring artist, to song writer, to producer, to manager - this book has detailed instructions on how to succeed on your own. We have all heard stories about how young aspiring artists want to make it so bad, that they sign over everything to record labels without knowing their true worth. This book has all you need to avoid this and the tools to lead you to success. One of my best purchases, A+

For the independent music entrepreneur or the talented kid striving for a big break with a major publisher; this book has all the information, all in one place, that one could ever need to get to know how the industry works. If you're trying to be successful in the music business, this book was written for you; it's a must read for every aspiring performing/recording artist! Do I dare call it the "Musicians Bible!?" * * * * * A++

This book is a great read for anyone trying to get into the music business. It's very informative from beginning to end. This is a book that if you have your heart set on getting into the business you need this book. Very easy read and to understand. I would recommend this book to anyone of all ages.

Havent even gotten through the whole book and I feel like I've learned so much more about the industry already. Its a very well written book and everything is broken down to where you can actually grasp the knowledge.

Amazing Book!!! So good I had to buy one for my Best Friend/Business Partner!! I would recommend this book to any business minded person with a goal and dream!!

Independent Artistry: A How-To Book for Independent Music Artists
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