51 Unique Python Projects For Developers

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Are you looking for python projects to excel in your career, You are at the right place!!

This Book consist of 51 Unique Python Projects for developers or student to practice different projects and scenarios. Use these learnings in professional tasks or daily learning projects.
At the end of this book, you can download all this projects by using our link.
All 51 projects are divided into different modules, every project is special in its own way of performing daily task by a developer. Every project has its source codes which learners can copy and practice/use on their own systems. If there is special requirement for any projects, its already mentioned in the book.

The Reviews

For those unfamiliar with Python, it is a general purpose programming language that was first developed in 1990,and has grown to be one of the most popular programming languages around the world. It can be used for web and mobile app development, mathematical analysis, desktop apps and software, processing big data and data science, writing system scripts, video game development and more.The authors of this valuable book further define Python – ‘Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and a powerful programming language with dynamic semantics…Python helps with the modules and packages, which inspires program modularity and code reuse.’For the captive audience, this book escorts the reader through 51 projects, with definitions and instructions in a step-by-step manner that leads to successful adaptation of this learning experience. For those who need to learn Python, this book is a true value! Grady Harp, February 22

First things first: the book is purely a technical read and it holds much value t for the technical geeks out there. There is no captivating writing or creative twists in it; it’s all coding related, so very straight and to-the-point.If you don’t have a computer background, please know that Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages and Python codes are the building blocks for websites and apps.This book is a wonderful resource for anyone who needs to learn Python. It provides 51 different projects, with definitions and instructions on how you can successfully adapt this learning experience that will lead the way into your future endeavors as a python expert or developer!

I work in a business systems IT related company so reading this book 51 Unique Python Projects For Developers by Edcorner Learning is very refreshing and a whole new learning experience. In fact, this is the kind of book that aspiring computer geeks can really profit. There were a lot of things that were too technical for me at times and I wish they were explained further but in the end I still learned from them and got familiarized with codings. It is very generous of the author to give ability to the readers to download the projects presented as well.

A good book. Very informative

51 Unique Python Projects For Developers
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