Storytelling with Data: Let's Practice!

by: Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic (0)

Influence action through data! This is not a book. It is a one-of-a-kind immersive learning experience through which you can become—or teach others to be—a powerful data storyteller.
Let's practice! helps you build confidence and credibility to create graphs and visualizations that make sense and weave them into action-inspiring stories. Expanding upon best seller storytelling with data's foundational lessons, Let's practice! delivers fresh content, a plethora of new examples, and over 100 hands-on exercises. Author and data storytelling maven Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic guides you along the path to hone core skills and become a well-practiced data communicator. Each chapter includes:

Practice with Cole: exercises based on real-world examples first posed for you to consider and solve, followed by detailed step-by-step illustration and explanation ● Practice on your own: thought-provoking questions and even more exercises to be assigned or worked through individually, without prescribed solutions ● Practice at work: practical guidance and hands-on exercises for applying storytelling with data lessons on the job, including instruction on when and how to solicit useful feedback and refine for greater impact

The lessons and exercises found within this comprehensive guide will empower you to master—or develop in others—data storytelling skills and transition your work from acceptable to exceptional. By investing in these skills for ourselves and our teams, we can all tell inspiring and influential data stories!

The Reviews

Cole's refreshing approach to communicating data clearly and quickly is incredibly powerful, making data analytics and data interpretation understandable for everyone. This book is pure gold, especially when combined with Cole's first book, "Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals." If you want to communicate data effectively or teach others how to do so, then you will find this book invaluable. It's a data storytelling workshop in a box that you can easily use with your own team!

Given how much I loved the first book, I had high expectations for the second one. Cole somehow still exceeded them. Her writing style is accessible and straightforward yet always very informative.  Are you debating between buying the first or second book? I recommend purchasing both as I learned so much from each. I still refer back to the first book and will add this second one to my desk. This latest one includes more tips, examples, and thoughtful questions to help take your learning to the next level.

YES! Something more from Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic. As a lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, I've been teaching with her first book, Storytelling with Data, heavily for the past three years and the new Let's Practice! is the ideal companion to use with my students and clients. Her ability to simplify the complex without 'dumbing down' the message is second to none. I am so glad this book is now available. JD Schramm, Stanford Graduate School of Business

I *love* Storytelling With Data (the original book), and was so excited to see Let's Practice come out. I lead a team of survey researchers and data analysts, and I always recommend this book - and now this duo! In fact, they're both sitting prominently on my office shelf. This books gives very concrete examples of what visuals to use for which kinds of data, and walks readers through the hows and whys of data viz decision making. Definitely an invaluable resource to anyone using data in business.

I'm a huge fan of the original book and was really happy to see that Cole has done it again! This book is straightforward and packed with applicable examples that are real world. I love the three sections of examples - where she provides her direction & solution, additional ones for you to practice and ones to do at your desk in the workplace. Whether you are a seasoned professional at creating graphs or someone who's being asked for the first time to create a chart, you will learn something from this book.

As a teacher and a phd student, this was a great book filled with tons of examples. I love how the excel files used in the examples are available online and that there is R code that goes with many of the examples for recreating the images.

The best way to learn is to practice and teach others. Cole Nussbaumer Knafflic has provided a book that will be used by information designers that are interested in enhancing their craft and teaching others. Cole shows designers how to learn and teach, and I thank her for producing the book that all of us in the visualization field need.Don't just learn make sure you go out and share the knowledge you will acquire in this book and Cole shows you how. Thank you Cole for teaching us.

It's an awesome book, with a lot of sensible tips and step by step exercises to develop meaningful charts and presentations. Great reading.

Amazing examples. Tool/technology agnostic. Apply good visualization and communication best practices in any tool.

Storytelling with Data: Let's Practice!
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