The Battle Hardened Developer

by: Fiodar Sazanavets (0)

Unaware of the battle…

…the secret enemy destroys careers.

Do you know the biggest threat to your job?

Fiodar is a lead software engineer, technical author, and mentor to coders. He knows the struggle and has compiled take the lessons learned from mixed martial arts and endurance sports in this book.

The mentees he’s worked with have 10x their careers.

Would you like to know how?

Modern society is addicted to dopamine. It comes from us at every turn. The likes, loves, comments, and shares of social media are a drug that quietly ruins our focus. Dopamine leads to procrastination because we all want that next fix.

Is social media designed to make you fail?

You’ll learn the answer to this along with:
  • Attaining Flow State for Deep Work
  • Detecting and Overcoming the Inner Saboteur
  • The Dangers of Echo-Chambers in Your Career
  • Extreme Ownership: What Programmers can Learn from Navy SEALS
  • How Monk Mentality can Lead to Success
  • and much more…
Even if the project is boring, Fiodar has a way to help you through. The Shisa Kanko technique will have you enjoying your work again.

You’ll love this guide for developer career advancement because you’ll learn how to turn the table and trick your brain into achieving a focused state to accomplish more than you thought was possible.

Get it now.

The Reviews

It’s really a great book really easy to read the writer has a good amount of information and analogies to help understand some topics like social media additions and how to be more productive this is not only for developers I think it can also help people in other areas trying to up their game in becoming more productive

I'm a software developer consultant, and I can definitely say that this book has solid value. It's not about hard skills, or soft skills, but those meta-skills that you need in order to really take your craft to the next level. While I wouldn't recommend this for being the first programming book that a developer reads, it should be within the mix of books that a software developer reads their first year on the job.

I found this to be a creative approach to what seems to be an ever-worsening struggle against the many sources vying to distract us from staying focused and being productive. It includes and highlights some interesting and helpful techniques already promoted in the area of I.T. productivity. But it goes even further to incorporate some new, creative techniques, while focusing more on a change of mindset rather than simple productivity hacks.

A compendium of insight, tips and advice on mindset, habit forming, time management, procrastination, the hazards of social media and more. There's also a strong emphasis on the value of proper association (virtual and physical) as a means to goal attainment. While there is advice on advancing one's career as a developer and various means to put oneself "out there" to be seen and heard professionally, much of this book can be applied to any aspect of self-development--fitness, learning, entrepreneurship, etc.Each chapter ends with a list of sources and resources for further reading and exploration and best, the book can be read piecemeal from whatever topic/chapter you feel drawn to if you're under time constraints. Overall, very valuable and a book I expect to consult often as I try to attain various goals.

This book is worth reading from cover to cover. The author shows you how to become a better developer, not by learning a new programming language but by being more effective. The techniques the author shows you will make you a more effective developer.I put into practice one of the techniques discussed in Battle Hardened Developer and I noticed an improvement in my mental stamina.Read this book if you want to improve and outperform your peers.

The author does a great job of identifying the true meaning of success in the programming field.My worst enemy is procrastination because I'm such a free spirit that it's hard to focus on what'simportant. I do get bored very easily and this book points out all the reasons why and how to goabout addressing these issues so you can become more productive! I highly recommend this book!

Besides being an easy read. The chapters are focused on different techniques that make you more productive and efficient. Honestly you could use this in life in general but also to make you a much better developer. Chapter 8 is my favorite and would recommend this when you have a lot to do. The other chapters are great as well.

I've been reading John Sonmez's books in the past for software developers. When I found out he was publishing this book, "The Battle Hardened Developer", I honestly had no clue what it was about. I had ideas that this might be a fiction book about a modern day developer... going through battle at the enemy's front?After reading a few chapters, this book is exactly for me, a regular software engineer. Having worked in this profession for 8 years and been promoted a couple times, I'm still facing most of the issues that the author, Fiodar Sazanavets, himself ran into during his career. The battle is an internal one, and is real, where we need to overcome distractions and other problems that arise when we simply want and need to spend time to get the hard work done.I've read various books such as "Deep Work" and "The Power of Habit" in the past, and a lot of concepts are also covered this book. However, it's put together nicely to apply the concepts and practical tips to our daily work.It already has helped me understand why I'm being challenged by social media and other distractions, and I can't wait to apply the other strategies later on in the book. I only wish this book was available earlier on in my career, so that I could revisit it from time to time to continually improve my productivity and skills.The bonus is this: the skills and advice in this book works for all knowledge workers as well-- it's not limited to software development!

I wish I had this book when I was first starting out my programming journey. It's so much easier to build the right skills from the start rather than unlearn bad habits. This book is full of so many good ideas for getting into the right mindset and setting off your career the right way. It teaches the tools to block out the noise and learn the focusing skills to be an elite programmer. It discusses the importance of getting out of toxic workplaces and into a job where coworkers share a similar self improvement mindset. This book had me really thinking about things I could start implementing right away to immediately become more productive. There are really helpful tips to prevent getting distracted by social media and how to manipulate it to use it to your advantage. This book is so helpful to programmers starting out, but anyone at any stage of this career can really start using this book to start growing the right neural pathways and build great habits.

It can be said that this book is a curation of productivity "hacks," but it is also definitely more than that. The author provides depth of understanding -- the principles of psychology -- to use these productivity hacks effectively. The author weaves them together and brings it home. I found myself applying the principles immediately, chapter after chapter.Let me put a little meat to this and give you two things that really helped me:He explains how **pre-planned** micro-tasks help you avoid context switching and procrastination.He explains the principles behind the Pomodoro technique to equip a person to use it **effectively**, **where needed**.Not to overstate the value in this book, because you can find all these productivity tips and methods without the book if you just start searching the Internet; yeah that information is out there. It's not like the information in this book is a hidden jem, but just realize that he's done the work of thoughtfully organizing these and adding depth of understanding. So I would say, get the book, read it, boost your productivity right away, and the time you end up saving will be well worth the cost of the book!

This is a unique book with a different perspective on how to have a successful career in the software industry. Given his background in biology, Fiodar shows how things like social media can be a negative influence and even addictive, holding you back from reaching your career goals. He then goes on to discuss deep work and how to get into the state of flow. After discussing the negative, he goes into topics related to boosting your productivity, which will help you send your career into the stratosphere. There are a few later chapters on how to set up a workflow to become more productive. Overall, this is a good read and definitely different than any of the other books I have read on the subject of having a career in the software development industry.

The Battle Hardened Developer
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