Happier Hour: How to Beat Distraction, Expand Your Time, and Focus on What Matters Most

by: Cassie Holmes (0)

Learn how to reframe your time around life’s happiest moments to build days that aren’t just full but fulfilling with this “joyful guide” (Eve Rodsky, New York Times bestselling author) that is the antidote to overscheduling.

Our most precious resource isn’t money. It’s time. We are allotted just twenty-four hours a day, and we live in a culture that keeps us feeling “time poor.” Since we can’t add more hours to the day, how can we experience our lives as richer?

Based on her wildly popular MBA class at UCLA, Professor Cassie Holmes demonstrates how to immediately improve our lives by changing how we perceive and invest our time.
Happier Hour provides empirically based insights and easy-to-implement tools that will allow you to:

-Optimally spend your hours and feel confident in those choices -Sidestep distractions -Create and savor moments of joy -Design your schedule with purpose -Look back on your years without regrets

Enlivened by Holmes’s upbeat narrative and groundbreaking research,
Happier Hour “is filled with loads and loads of practical, evidence-based advice for how to live better by investing in what really matters. It’s the kind of book that can change your life for the better” (Laurie Santos, Yale professor and host of The Happiness Lab podcast).

The Reviews

I read a LOT of behavioral science books. This one is among the best! It hits that sweet spot: interesting, useful, science-backed. So many eye-opening things that I can apply right away.

I can’t unsee the examples and metaphors Cassie Holmes uses. They’ve already changed my life for the better!

This is an amazingly actionable book filled with great science that's also a treat to read. I can't recommend it enough!

I can anticipate the skepticism of readers. Hundreds of books have happiness in the title and are chock full of references to scientific articles. Well, this book is different. It's focused. The exercises are original. The narrative flows. And you will leave with a better sense of how you are letting the most valuable currency in your life, time, slip away toward unfulfilling activities. Most importantly, you will gain access to a better approach for extracting joy and meaning from moments.I really enjoyed this. And I read way too many books on this topic as someone who has been teaching The Science of Well-Being for over two decades.

There are many self-help and behavioral books about happiness and spending your time wisely, but nothing like Cassie Holmes' book. It is filled with useful insights for deeper reflection and actionable tools to transform our relationship with time. I can't recommend it enough!

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When I was growing up, I imagined myself as a superhero whose power was to freeze time--which would allow me to do all the stuff I wanted to do instead of homework. I never got super powers, but this book is the next best thing. Packed with so many ways to save and manage and optimize your time, allowing you both to succeed AND relax.

Holmes has a friendly and engaging writing style that pulls you in and gets you thinking about how you spend your time. The research findings are interesting but don’t overwhelm the very readable narrative. It’s a must-read for anyone curious about best ways to carve out more fulfilling time in their day.

This well researched and accessible book provides practical wisdom about beating distractions and curating a less chaotic approach to life, work and wellbeing.

I am a pretty happy person, but there are things I do (e.g., accept too many requests out of obligations) and do not do (e.g., reach out to friends and family) that have been scientifically studied and shown to affect happiness. Cassie Holmes presents a lot of these concrete steps in her book and explains why and how they can help get more out of the time we have with this life. Definitely a worthwhile investment in your life to read this book!

I loved this book. Professor Holmes shows how small changes in how we perceive and invest our time can have enormous impact. And she offers personal, relatable examples that go a long way in making the book practical, especially for those with significant responsibilities outside of work. Well done!

this book is a pleasure to read, fascinating if you're interested in psychology, and gives me hope about getting a handle on some of these things in my life! it's crazy that we focus SO much attention on how we spend our money, and so comparatively little on how we spend our time. it's worth making time for this one--your investment will pay dividends.

This book is fantastic - so accessible and helpful and positive. It gives practical guidelines and tips for optimizing your time for a happier day/week/month/year, and it's a pleasure to read. It has personal anecdotes as well as academic studies that both help further your understand of the suggestions. Highly recommended!!

Not only is Dr. Holmes's book entertaining and engaging, it is chock-full of practical, bite-sized tips and tricks. Through the book, I felt as if I was sitting in on a master-class from an accessible professor. Rarely does a work of non-fiction have such an immediate and positive impact on my life. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in spending their time in better and happier ways.

I read and listen to a lot of research about management truths and techniques. An important shift we are seeing in the workplace is employers struggle to keep staff happy, not just paid. This book is a treasure trove of helpful tools to guide our teams and ourselves.

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Loving the book so far! Author’s content deserves 5 stars.However the kindle ebook transcription was poorly done. Any time there are two f’s or a “fi” it’s shown as a blank in the text. If you read the screenshot carefully you’ll notice some examples (nd instead of find). The entire book is like this which is kind of annoying to read.

Amazing read with really helpful tips to see how you truly spend your time.

Such a fantastic read and the exercises are great. The author’s writing style is approachable and she uses personal stories to make her research relatable. I bought this book for family and friends after reading it given the impact it had on how I’m thinking about the ways I spend my time. I highly recommend it.

If there were problems with the early Kindle edition, they have all been fixed. Kindle format looks good and appears error free. Book does a great job of pulling together recent research on happiness and related subjects.

Such a terrific book, on such an important topic. Couldn’t recommend it more strongly. Only wish there were options for more than 5 stars…

I enjoyed both reading this book and following along with the author’s own voice on Audible.Though I was already familiar with some of the research, I found this book to be a breakthrough because it shows how to put the the theory in practice against today’s back drop of business and societal expectations. The author made it an enjoyable read by putting in personal vignettes (her own and other’s) that made the story itself enjoyable and fast-paced. It also gave me the sense that the approaches were sustainable… for real people.One area where I’d love the author to follow up is how this works for people of lower economic means. Is time poverty experienced (or manageable) in the same ways when there is also financial poverty?All in all a great debut effort. Can’t wait to read / heard more from her.

Loved this book! It offered easily accessible exercises, perspectives, and reminders for how to find the joy that is all around you. I've already implemented some of the strategies and found they have an impact. Thank you Cassie for putting this out in the world!

This book is chock full of very useful happiness action steps that are backed by research. We followed several of the processes in our family that everyone is able to do (including our 10 and 12 year olds) with great results. The tiles have been very helpful for helping us plan our schedule, and the golf ball, pebbles, sand metaphor has stuck in our kids' brains, making it easier to plan time for homework, time with friends and family time.

I picked up this book a year & a half into retirement & wish I had read it in my 20’s.

Practical, honest, and optimistic

I enjoyed reading this and got a lot out of it. However, if one has older kids (and all that brings, especially if your kids are in public school), pet(s), elderly parents, is a single parent, and/or doesnt have the money to outsource cooking and cleaning and petcare, eldercare, or pay for private schools, the whole thing might fall apart. How does she do all the "household to-dos" in 2 hours?! Definitely got some Cheryl Sandberg/ not a normal mortal vibes, but like I said, I still got a lot of out it. Feels a bit aspirational for me, but sometimes it's nice to pretend things like getting all the household stuff done in 2 hours is possible! Appreciated the emphasis on time as a finite asset which thus makes setting your priorities paramount.

I love this book! It helps you to organize your life doing more of the things you love! Thank you Cassie Holmes!

Overall extremely seamless transaction which I truly appreciate!

The downloaded Kindle version is missing letter and parts of words. It is also poorly formatted. The content is excellent. I hope you can fix the format problems.

I really liked learning about assessing my happiness through each activity I do as well as reflecting on what is my purpose. It brought me a sense of self validation and has motivated me to continue doing the things I love in life. Totally recommend this book!

Good book. Easy to implement and understand. Great ideas to change mindset and ways of thinking and prioritizing. I recommend and will refer back to the book in the future.

We have limited time, but there are tools to help us use time in much more meaning ways. Holmes gives us those tools and questions to ask ourselves. The answers are surprising and liberating.

I picked this book up on a whim and I’m really glad I did. The book flowed really well and the author was relatable. It’s packed with lots of great ideas for thinking about your time, how your spending it and the best ways to make it count. There’s even several helpful exercises throughout the book that offered some surprising results when I finished them. Really glad I found this! A big thank you to the author for writing it and sharing her knowledge.

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