Dog Training for Kids: Fun and Easy Ways to Care for Your Furry Friend

by: Vanessa Estrada Marin (0)

Children Will Take the Lead with Fun & Easy Dog Training Techniques

Every child wants a dog, yet not every child--or even grown-up!--is equipped to take on the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. But with the help of Vanessa Estrada Marin, the director of a sought-after dog-training program for kids, your child will have fun being in charge!

Dog Training for Kids breaks down lessons and tutorials in simple steps and easy-to-follow instructions. Kids will have everything they need to be caring and responsible dog owners:

  • Basic Training Lessons including Stopping Unnecessary Barking, Potty & House Training, Obedience, Leash Training, Crate Training

  • Essential Commands including Sit, Stay, Heel, Drop It

  • Clever Tricks including Roll Over, Speak, High Five, and Leap

  • Super Fun Games including Obstacle Course, Frisbee, Tunnel

  • And More -- Equipment List, How to Train Your Dog to Be Calm at the Vet, How to Dog Proof Your Home

Whether young dog lovers will be raising puppies, adopting rescues, or getting their first dogs, this all-in-one book will give them the confidence and knowledge to properly train, take care of, and establish a lasting bond with their well-behaved furry friends.

The Reviews

This book breaks things down in a very organized manner. There are also helpful safety tips throughout which I think is something that's often left out of training books. I especially loved that the book touched on what to do with city dogs—I don't have a spacious home or a big backyard as a New Yorker, and the fact that the author took this into consideration made this book even more special. Can't recommend this enough. I've purchased a book for my parents who are thinking of getting a new pup, too!

I got two books, one to keep and one to give away with my foster pup. so far it works! I’m a dog foster so I like to teach them more than to potty outside or on a pad. have one that is a lil more hard headed than others. But we are now sitting, shaking and speaking on command.

My daughter is 7 and is able to read this book and understand the concepts with ease. She is feverishly attempting to train our terrier. The only thing I haven’t seen her do is to work on one thing before moving on to the next. She also tends to use too many treats which upsets the tummy. Perhaps she overlooked that part in the book. Either way, both she and the dog are having tons of fun!

Great for my 7 & 12 year old boys who are training a new puppy. Honestly as an I adult I like the ease of this book and the directions too. A must for kids training a dog!

Well I think the content of the book is okay but the book is literally falling apart and the pages are coming out. The book construction is terrible, so the book is really hard to read.

I'm so glad I got this book it just refreshes my mind. I haven't had a dog around in a while and I will be getting a puppy soon but after reading makes me feel a little more confident.

Cute book but pages are falling out of the binding.

purchased as gift. My great-niece recently got a new puppy and she asked to this book for Christmas. She found this book easy to read and helpful with training her dog.

My great nephews and niece justgot a goldendoodle puppy. They have been absorbed in the training info in this book

This book is a fun step-by-step guide to helping kids train dogs. Summer is here and it is fun helping the kiddos use the steps to teach the dog new tricks. It is also a fun way to sneak in summer reading without them realizing it. Double win!

Bought for my 11 year old nephew. Seems easy and simple to understand. Even has housebreaking info and games to play with your dog!

Great book to teach kids about how to care for and prepare for a puppy, many helpful hints and this has been a great help for our 10 year old

Cute fun book. Got for new puppy owner's kids so they could feel like they were part of training before the puppy was old enough to go to classes and they could do some of the early lessons and also understand what they were doing in class as well.

This is a great book to help a child learn how to train their puppy. We've been trying several of the techniques with our new puppy. He is only 3 months old but is learning several basic commands already.

My granddaughters love this book! They just got a new puppy and they have their parents read it every night.

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I really liked this book. It has all training aspects clearly mentioned and with illustrations so keeps the child engaged and interested. My kid really tried as the book said. Worked in some aspects some he still needs to work on. The most ideal was the chart of potty and walking. It was great. Helped keep my puppy and kid on a schedule

This is a wonderful book on how to train your new friend and/or someone else that has a new edition to their family. This book is very organized in the steps that are taken and for any living setting you are in (rural, urban etc.) The book is worded in language for any age to understand. The examples of methods of training are clear and detailed so this would be an excellent aid if a certain incidence would occur in our training processes. The illustrations and safety tips (shaded in yellow so you can stop them right away), makes this book a pleasure and exciting in the training of your best friend!

I got two books, one to keep and one to give away with my foster pup. so far it works! I’m a dog foster so I like to teach them more than to potty outside or on a pad. have one that is a lil more hard headed than others. But we are now sitting, shaking and speaking on command.

Dog Training for Kids: Fun and Easy Ways to Care for Your Furry Friend
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