How to Read Music for Any Instrument: Daily Exercises to Understand Music in 21 Days

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Discover Easy Way to Learn How to Read and Understand Music in Just 21 Days and Apply It to Any Instrument.

Would you like to:

  • Learn how to read music for any instrument?
  • Discover the secrets of notes, keys, music scales, and chords?
  • Become an expert in rhythm and melody?
  • Master the basic concepts of music and understand advanced ones?

But you:

  • Are beginner with no prior knowledge?
  • Tried different guides that are tedious and complicated?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," then this complete guide to understanding music is perfect for you. Perhaps you are here because you want to start studying how to play an instrument or get serious about singing.

Even if you beginner or are a more seasoned musician looking to brush up on your musical knowledge, this guide covers every notational aspect of music on the page needed to understand music for any instrument

It is designed in such a way that you won't have trouble understanding any of the concepts. Everything is laid out in easy to digest and step-by-step manner.

With this approach, you will be closer to mastering the necessary skills to become an incredible musician with every conquered step, and you'll do it in just 21 days.

Here's what this complete guide can offer you:

  • 21-day course: Discover a comprehensive guide conceptually divided into three weeks and twenty-one days.
  • Graspable concepts: Learn through a conceptual guide where each week focuses on an overall topic, and each day focuses on a subject to analyze and practice.
  • Step-by-step exercises: Discover daily exercises included in the guide so you can apply and practice knowledge as you gain it.

If you are looking for a guide to learn how to read and understand music easily, then this guide will teach you everything you'll need to know in just 21 days.

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The Reviews

This book is definitely for music lovers and people that are interested in improving their sight reading skills in reading music. Not only this book is highly imaginative and Adventurous, but it's a fast, easy, & comprehensive guide as well. Overall this book is very Descriptive, Informative and Educational and I highly recommend this book to read.

A good resource for new musicians. This book piqued my curiosity and was chock-full of musical theory and information. This book provides a clear and concise explanation of musical notation. After completing this book, you will know how to read sheet music. It's excellent that the lessons are broken down into weeks since it offers the learner a clear sense of direction. Moreover, this book provides excellent ideas and exercises to help you overcome your frustration.It's a well-designed and filled with simple, easy-to-understand information. People who want to train themselves should pick this book up.

I picked up a saxophone recently, after several years of not playing, and wanted a primer/refresher on reading music. This worked just fine, I'm going through the exercises now.

A simple but to the point guide for a beginner player. The only problem for me was that the drawings of music were very small and difficult to see. Otherwise, I intend to use this guide to play the ukulele. A new passion of mine.

I gave it to my granddaughter for Christmas,

This book has really helped me better understand reading music. I'm older and thought that this would be tough, but this book has made the experience of learning how to read sheet music very enjoyable and practical. Thank you!

If you need to know what music notation means and represents, this book has a clear guide that will walk you through each step all while giving you exercises to practice. Easy to understand and quite comprehensive for any beginner in music.

This is not a book for First timers who are trying to self teach. Not at all similar to what I imagined as being the How to Read Music for Dummies equivalent.

How to Read Music for Any Instrument: Daily Exercises to Understand Music in 21 Days
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