The Art of Diablo

by: Jake Gerli (0)

For more than twenty years, the artists behind Diablo have conjured new visions of the heavens and the hells, built nightmarish corridors filled with monsters and demons, and unleashed swarms of malevolent creatures upon tens of millions of players worldwide.

Featuring never before seen content, The Art of Diablo plunges into the concept, design, and environmental art that has defined the world of Sanctuary and the Eternal Conflict at the core of Blizzard Entertainment’s action-packed dungeon-crawling game.

Features all new art from the upcoming Diablo 4!

The Reviews

This is a great book filled with amazing Diablo art! While a lot of the art can be found in other Blizzard books, this is a great edition for any collector or anyone who doesnt own the collectors edition art books (art of D3, art of reaper of souls). I love the larger scale printing, the book is well made with strong binding and thick glossy pages - the art looks incredible! Theres also a decent sized section on Diablo 4 concept art all of which is amazing and so well done, arguably worth the cost of the book on its own.Also just a note addressing the complaints that this is solely D3 art. First of all, its not, at least a quarter of the book is D4 art. Also there are some complaints that there is nothing from D1 or D2. In one of the introductory sections, there is a quote from Samwise describing how there wasnt really concept art for either game and that basically the only art that was created happened at the end of the process when the instruction manuals had to be drafted and they needed to include some art to give the players an idea of how the game was supposed to feel. So essentially its not that the D1/D2 art was left out, its just that there wasnt much to include in the first place. Furthermore, those old manuals only included a handful of images by Samwise and Metzen - almost all of the images done by Samwise actually are included in this book, they are just peppered throughout and not explicitly noted as being from the older games. There is a significant lack of Metzen art which is dissapointing considering he wrote an introduction for the book. Definitely a bummer as the nostalgia for those old games is strong, but those images can be found elsewhere.Overall, great book! Highly recommend!

Grew up playing the Diablo series since I was in the fifth grade, and with a pretty amazing Diablo 4 premiere I was pretty damn hyped in all honesty. I bought this book because it’s not often you can get 200+ pages of high quality artist sketches n renderings but boy oh boy was I disappointed. It’s all Diablo3!!!Why the hell would they call this the “Art of Diablo” and have MAYBE a dozen (if that!) of pages of Diablo 1 or 2 Art I will never know. ESPECIALLY with how totally un-Diablo the art is for D3. Regret buying this in all honesty.

"With Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 there was no real art done for that game, in terms of concepts" recalls Didier. "The main art that everyone associated with it was from the manual. We were working on the game, and when the game was done, we had to put together the manual, and that's when we did the art that would help sell what the game would look like in your mind." Fast forward 20 years and video game design evolved dramatically- page 15 the art of Diablo. With that out of the way the book is fantastic! The quality is really good and is really well put together. Shipping was overnight, I ordered it Friday morning with 2 day shipping and got it on Saturday. The snippets of information is always welcome and seeing the thought processes behind all of the final art was amazing. All in all it's a good purchase fore any Diablo fan. Also if you like darker art styles this is a must for inspiration.

Dont get me wrong, this is a beautifully illustrated book!! You definitely your money's worth at 200 plus pages. The " but" is because a lot of the pages is Diablo 3 artwork from the artbook of the same name. That's my only gripe. You do get Diablo 1,2, and a few teasers of upcoming Diablo 4 artworks. I suspect because the Diablo 3 artbook is EXTREMELY rare, that's why so much of it is in this one. But it's awesome art , so a very minor gripe. RECOMMENDED!!

You should know this is basically the same book as that really expensive collectors edition from Blizzcon. I know because I bought them both lol. Great quality book and a must have for Diablo fans. Looks great on my shelf along with all my other Diablo books, games and figures :)

Phenomenal art book for Diablo. Very large, very high quality print, pages, and bind. Yes, it focuses more of 3 and 4, but as other reviewers have pointed out, this is explained in the early pages. Great to flip through to get a glimpse of the lore from the artists perspective.

This is definitely a must have if you are a Diablo fan. It runs through all the games all the way through Diablo 4. It takes in depth about their designs and what they were intending/planning. It's nice having the concept notes alongside the art. The book is well put together and very durable.

This barely contains anything from D1 or 2. The books starts by showing you the playable characters. Amazon, druid, Paladin are enterely missing.I guess it's not a bad book if you like Diablo 3 but by no means this should be called "The Art of Diablo"

The Art of Diablo
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